Tyler, The Creator Arrested In L.A.

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The Creator was arrested in Los Angeles last night on vandalism charges. According to TMZ, he was booked after allegedly destroying sound equipment at his show at the Roxy. He’s currently in custody. Free Earl Tyler!

Update: Tyler is free and tweets he was never bagged. Men lie. Women lie. Mug shots don’t.

Update 2: Club owner Nic Adler with a moment of clarity.

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  • shawn


  • Paid for publicity. 100% likely that Roxy will drop charges now that the photo opps are done. Tyler is the next Canibus, or Pras… or U-God…

  • Smh

    Yooo Herc, I was bout to say the same thing. I don’t believe it

  • The Truth

    Look at this clown… Look how ridiculous he looks. Number 1 – If this was for promotion, what a sorry way of getting it and I agree with DJ Kruel Herc, but Number 2 – If this was real than why is he acting like a complete idiot. This is an example why America has negative views on hip-hop artists. Look at these pathetic antics. Tyler The Creator is a herb. I think he deserves to get arrested and shown was REAL hard-time is like. He definitely won’t be making those faces.

  • matrix

    hideous pic this nigg is just weird i cannot eff wit him at all dont kno how yall do it….

  • Lock him up…maybe he’ll get some brains into that empty skull of his

  • The spirit of Jim Morrison lives in this guy.

  • Icy Boi!

    @L. Warlock: da spirit of Tupac Shakur lives in Tyler. swag

  • Converse


    dumb fuck alert

  • stupid

    too bad they cant keep him…fuckin dumb nigga…

  • Nigger Lips

    I was there last night and he went crazy while performing Radicals!

  • Baphomet

    people that complain about what he does can get their fuckin head severed. shut the fuck up and let this crazy nigga be who he is, i fuck with OFWGKTADGAF bitch

  • herohiro

    acting silly to hide the fact hes scared you can honestly see it now if they put him in a cell with big fig he gone punch them kidneys when he cum inside have tyler wondering how he got the whole thing inside

  • WTF

    This would be promotion for what? He doesn’t have a new album out yet and the white dude walking up to the cop looks like Clancy his manager trying to see whats going on. They got into it with people at the Roxy before they made big time tho soooo i don’t get it

  • !eswaB

    ^ Fan boy alert.

    Lets keep this wack nigga in jail, his music is shit anyways.

  • !eswaB


  • Golf Wang Amadeus

    Tyler on his twitter, 20min ago:

    “fucktyler Tyler, The Creator
    Whoa, Its Stories On Me Being In Jail? The Fuck? I Wasnt In No Jail Or Arrested Or Nothing.”

    Fuck rap radar, this is FAKE

  • WTF

    !EswaB Nigga yo bitch fans over my dick!

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  • IM730

    some of yall must not know much. READ THE POST. vandalism. and yall talking about dude being scared?? really no cell time no nothin. fingerprints (if that) and a release. dummys.

    I aint a fan but yall some stupid ass niggas. haha.

    These kids are def that group in highschool that was so disruptive in math class that you would be like “shut up nigga im tryin to sleep” and they would look at you with some weird ass scruched face but they would be quiet.

  • Good for the cops and the soundman. You are now a professional, stop acting like a dick

  • INGD

    This is FAKE! Tyler said so via Twitter! This is a photo taken for the “She” video shoot from Goblin! Go find his Twitter and he said it! Then go look for the “She” video and he’s in the SAME outfit & SAME gimmick! Rapradar fuckin LIES TO GET ATTENTION just like MediaTakeout! Fuckin lyin ass bitches!

  • Tyler did it morons

    Tyler is just fucking with people on Twitter by denying it.. lol

    He admits and tells the whole story on his formspring…. http://www.formspring.me/wolfhaley/q/274580364536580364

  • Swag

    makes Nigga look bad
    smh…fuck around anywhere else juss stay outta jail and dont try to look proud of it..that shit aint funny till tyler the creator end s up comin out the pin wit a new album wit lil b called im gay too..
    Let him fuck up the stackin the charges and pretty soon they will be 3 strikes


    Clancy probably told him to say that. business is business..
    tyler dont give a fuck lol

    ridin wit this nigga on dis, he aint hurtin nobody, from wat i know
    seems like a fucked up nigga n that wat he want to be but he grown in some kinda way so yea

    but that nigga slappin fans and shit that aint cool that shit gotta stop, voilence is fuckin wack

  • dannyc

    either way…..dudes a cornball

  • FugTyler

    I’m a little confused then….that was him in the back wasn’t it? Then he tweets he was never in jail? I guess that was old footage…?

  • lmao at herc. is it me or has the whole OF craze died down like the whole lil b craze?

  • The Mak

    He got arrested right because hes such a fucking rebel! … and did you see when the camera went up to him how he rolled his eyes back and stuck his tongue out?! OMFG that was so fuckin awesome ….

    fuck these fake niggas.

  • SugarShane

    Music for little kids who want to feel rebellious, so they listen to the new underground clown group of their time. Garbage ass lyrics about dinosaurs.