Lil Wayne “Weezy’s Sports Corner” Vlog

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Who needs ESPN? Tunechi interrupts our game day by kicking off his new weekly sports commentary series. More clips via

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  • Kresyshawn’s period blood licker

    bandwagon fan!!!!!!!

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  • Collar Cali

    Pretty Cool. Wayne has a kind of a boring voice, he can stand to brighten the room a little & connect his phone or computer to an entertainment system so we could hear his callers on surround sound if he wants to do interviews via phone or even computer. Other than that I say do well, & garner enough viewers (Which shouldn’t be too hard for tunechi) to set up an ESPN deal :)

    It’ll be cool down the line to have round table discussions with other people too & set up ways for fan interaction… But this is cool for the first go around.

  • Jesus Heist

    lol hes a clippers fan now… just like everyone else bahahahaha

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  • ZoomZoom




  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Besides shouldn’t Wayne be at the North Pole making toys for all the good kids this year? Lets go RAVENS !

  • Money33

    I am excited for this. Now that I know he is Man Utd fan.. I’m in on Weezy Sports Corner every weekend!


    Still haters, haters and haters. Lil Wayne got too much money. Stop jealous him, start to pray jesus if you wanna like him.

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  • The Realist

    hahaha wayne is soooo raw, he can do anything, and fuck yalls hatin on band wagon hopin, i like winners if u wanna fallow your shitty team no matter what have fun, i dont fallow teams cuz someone happen to bust a nut in a bitch in that town and then i live there so now its my team, fuck that! Winners like winning ect :D ha!


  • racka

    i think this dude cant find anything better to do with his time now that he cant smoke and drink cause this is like a fucking conference call

  • IM730

    I can listen to dude talk about sports but i couldnt do the skateboarding. i been skatin since i was 10 im 26. call me a hater (i dont hate that he started skating.. i mean its cool he got into it) i hate the kids that ride his nuts and gonna be walking around with boards “claiming” to skate. that shit is whack. cause this dude is also part of the reason all these faggots went out and got meaningless tattoo… makin me look bad..

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  • Sean C.

    someone needs to steal his skateboard and give him back Carter 2 so that he remembers how to rap again.

  • fuk waka

    Man U bitch! thats wats up! he betta be talking about man on da next vlog!

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