The Making Of Drake Take Care Photos

Photographed by Ruben Rivera, here are some photos during the creating process of Aubrey’s sophomore album. More stills via OVO after the jump. Take Care in stores now.

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  • Dr. Dre’s Ass

    Drake’s Friends Look Like Bums

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  • Sam I Am

    Cosign @ Dr. Dre’s Ass

    However I will say its pretty dope to see these. The weed shit was unnecessary propaganda though.

  • jo

    Ovoxo , take care platinum , the album iz better than c4 even tough its rnb

  • Dr. Dre’s Ass

    I Know Why They Drake’s Producer Calls Himself “40”

    Fuck a Forehead This Nigga Gotta 40Head

  • Cali

    Fucking haters

  • MegaMind

    I’m a casual fan of Drake’s…he has some song I really like “We’ll Be Fine”, “UGK”, Show Me A Good Time, etc…But on the REAL this cat want to be Kanye West so bad man its not even funny. For him to get some much acclaim outside of the fact that he sings/raps…nothing else is original about him, it all seems so contrived. Whatever i guess…lol

  • uhuh

    40 head hahahahah

  • I got to school at Metalworks Institute in Toronto. They were in the next room recording Take Care while I was sitting in class.

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  • relhm

    @ Devo I go there too! Everybody could smell the weed smoke in class lol. What term are you in?

  • herohiro


  • changis

    Hey big homie wat is you stand on SOPA?? the stop online piracy act just wondering since it relates to the music biz!!

  • @relhm first year. Professional Sound & Business. you?

  • i would kill this fool in fifa12 no lie step your game up drizzy

    real niggaz getting money

  • Truth

    co-sign @MegaMind this nigga stalks kanye’s entire life.

  • oj Da Cornball

    Goofnut r&b sucka

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Drake reminds of me Mark Sanchez “Look guys im cool look at me”. Him dissing that tattoo artist came off so corny ass fuck. Making them phony threats.

  • fastflipper

    he diss him first

    thats cool to see the process

    and why people are so obsessed with heads these days

  • jacobJ

  • All yall sayin Drake wants to be like Kanye are smokin somethin..and it aint this shit in these photo’s. Drake got kanye schooled homie. Kanye’s shit cant even touch drakes shit. Drake is original as hell, and kanye played out. This new Drake album is better than Kanye’s 808’s CD and his new beautiful dark fantasy CD.

  • Shade

    @MegaMind: Everything is original about Drake Hip Hop has never seen a dude like this

  • Donnie_Dark

    sweet mother fucker, sweet ass bitch mother fucker

  • relhm

    @devo first year, Professional Sound.

    Metalworks stand up!

  • Word

    Drake is the first guy that turns me on NO HOMO. I’m not gay I just find him a little attractive. When I see him on tv I’m glued to the screen.

  • Sin

    Youre in denial

  • Ali X

    ^^nigga u gay^^

  • whaaa…bitch

    @word damn u a homo…..dig taker lol

  • Y U MAD

    @Word.. If you had said he is good looking I could have negotiated a pass but attracts you is just taking it to another level. But I will not judge because I understand cyberbullying is on it’s all time suicide trigger point. So Peace to you bro

  • Mr. Dollar and A Dream

    That picture of the weeknd is illlll

  • Word

    Yall uncomfortable with yall sexuality. I fucking love WOMEN. I’m just sayin must people Drake is for woman and he only appels to woman. Most of yall closet. All I’m saying is there is something about Drake that attracts me to the screen when he comes on.

  • Tremaine

    @WORD… Dawg you just another man attracts you to him so I’m sorry but that make you gay I’m not judging you either but you seemed to be bit confused… Damn this man Drake got hood niggas bumpin his shit, woman tatt his name on there forehead, and turning out straight men. I guess Drizzy is winning.

  • Geez

    Internet gives dumb niggas the ability to speak. Aka All ^ those hating ass comments.
    Where’s your producers? Where’s your friends? Where’s your shirts you got for all your friends or the weed you got them or the drinks that were on you? Oh yeah…

  • He buggin for fucking with the “other” Gold bottle. Say no to Cris’

  • Jaymalls

    Got all that except shirts…. My niggas can dress themselves you herb!
    Anyway, Drake is talented but he just doesn’t have the “IT” factor.. nor is he original with anything he does. N yes… him & 40 stole Ye’s style and sound… and they BOTH admitted it!

    @Word Any man that has to say they “LOVE” women with all caps is gay in my book… and aint nothing wrong with that. Just dont pull a “Drake” and keep going around acting like somebody ur not!

  • Original Will

    Bro I cheif I can barely drive stoned how do these niggas make that good of music zooted like that every other pic is weed lol im not understanding I wonder what these niggas are like sober if they go like this stoned

  • Geronimo Supreme

    The person posting as Word is obviously a troll. the writing style is completely off. i hate how there’s no moderating system here. Watch someone start impersonating my name in 3…..2……

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  • Man Eff Rease!

    Nice shots.

  • joe nasty

    Michael Stipe from REM is Drakes pilot?