New Video: 50 Cent “They Burn Me”

[vodpod id=Video.15863866&w=540&h=350&]

50 got burnt. And as a holiday treat, Curtis Jackson finally releases the video for his track “They Burn Me“, which was shot during his drastic

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  • PrincePolo

    DOOOOOOOOOOOPE .. Merry Xmas everyone .

  • dmc

    classic, bout time he dropped the vid


    i’ve seen and heard people talk bout this joint for like 2 years i believe and this is my first time hearing it…..DAMN THAT SH*T DOPE!

    We need more painful songs to help ease the pain niggaz is going thru. I know that sound cray but when Pac spoke bout pain it help relieve some of mine. To know that others may have a story to match your struggle.

    The make up on Fif was dope also. Kinda scary honestly.

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    real talk this that 50 i like to hear and he didnt mention no hollow tip shells lol


  • TheRealBigHomie


  • CBH

    Love this 50. Video was well done and interesting. Take notes rappers

  • MHarstad

    Great song..great video

  • mane

    ohhh my God 50 killed this song 50 cent is so untoucable right know he keep making hitsssss hitssss

  • RedRocBoy

    50 my dude, this that shit we need. Pain and hunger in the mudic. Even though he caked up. This shit so dope. G-UNIT 4 EVER!!

  • chan

    dope song!!!

  • saez

    O so when he com @ chu wack you jump off his dick ! FUKOTTAHERE!!!!!

  • zezzoi

    Siiick song. Loved this shit when it dropped, still do. This is the type of shit 50 needs to rap over more. Soul sample shits. That’s when he’s best and most inspired to the concept he’s writing to IMO.

    That Wait Til Tonight shit off Big 10 is a good example.

    I wanna see 50 work with Kanye/No ID on his album man. Would be 100% crack rocks.

  • gwadaboy

    Damn this the the 50 we need
    Straight Classic !

  • JustMyOpinion

    WOW, that was very creative on Fif’s part. Great song and video concept.

  • mane

    @zezzoi true talk

  • RealHipHopBack

    wanted this song to get more push and now it has that. fire song

  • chan

    50 working with kanye would be FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Vince

    one of the best songs in the last 5 years. real talk.

  • Black Shady

    This is the type of shit we want from 50!!!!!!!!! nobody at the G-Unit office got the guts to tell him? shit…

  • Tru Talk

    Classic Vid

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Classic song from FIF. Its the UNIT !

  • Converse


  • E Money

    HOTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!! its about time he put a video to this song. Alot of ppl slept on the song

  • Kunta Kente

    SPAM. SPAM.SPAM. Every post we get 50 Cent PR’s to Spam comments.

  • mane

    cant stop seeing this video

  • get bucks

    @Kunta Kente

    Stop Hatin’!!!

    I ain’t been feelin 50 music for a lil’ while, but this shit is CLASSIC.

  • Lux Aeterna

    Dope. Period.

  • FIRE!! (no pun intended) ….50 fell off? I dont think so

  • Truth

    i’ma need fif to keep comin’ with the material and make that ol i rap about sellin weight, but i really didn’t ass nigga crawl under a rock. how can you be exposed for being fake SO MANY TIMES and still be relevant? the game needs change. a 50 x Jeezy collab would be ideal.

  • kaoz

    truth, ur a smelly cunt

  • This and his latest mixtape is what 50 fans have been waiting on

  • SugarShane

    Bump this track daily. Nice vid too