Slim Dunkin’s Mother Speaks At Funeral

Family and friends said their goodbyes yesterday to slain rapper Slim Dunkin at the Christian Church in Atlanta. HHE was on hand to document the service and speak with Slim’s mother, Janet Hamilton.

Last Friday, Dunkin was fatally shot at an Atlanta recording studio. No arrests have been made, but police have named upcoming rapper Young Vito as a suspect.

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  • RN (( Real Nigga ))

    What’s with this psuedo journalistic voyeurism?!

  • Ben

    50 shots from the chop left his face puffy. Merry Christmas

  • James Bond

    People acting like this nigga was a saint or something

  • me too

    sad shit …aint no way around it

  • smitty


  • Gotti

    R.I.P. Slim Dunkin my condoleances go out to his family and friends.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Just plain senseless how Slim Dunkin died i feel sorry for his family and friends. Its crazy how theses dudes are “so tough” do a crime and go run like a little mouse to hide. Hope the police find this punk young vito and put him under the prison. R.I.P. Slim Dunkin.

  • I’m smashin ur babymama


  • king pp

    its a sad story but i hope young vito beat the case if slim dunkin tried to steal his candy in his face……
    niggas aint obligated to run rampant cuz u got some fame…. taking what’s not yours…. fuck outta here….. stop stealin and you wont get murked

  • he didnt have to kill slim dunkin who ever did shit sad
    over some damn candy smh it wasnt that serious rip slim dunkin!!!!!!!!

  • Lucky P

    i swear i hate some of you motherfuckers. its not mandated you leave a comment, especially when dealing with death and you know youre going to say something ignorant/ridiculous.

    RIP homeboy

  • devante

    Its sad that her son had to leave this earth over candy. Matter fact theres no good reason to take another person’s life other then self defence.

  • Dr. Dre’s Ass

    This Is Proabbly The Only Buzz He Had.

  • Mike Jones

    People keep all them so called goons around themselves and still get popped and nobody in there circle bust back.. A Waste….

  • ….

    he was a thug…hung around around trouble and conducted himself like a gangster…so now that hes killed everyone is suprised and sad? theres difference from innocent victims being killed and people like this nigga getting killed…

  • censored ip


    Let this be a lesson, dont steal.

  • saez

    Niggas kill, if you don’t fuck them they won’t fuck you. He died cause he disrepected the code. And fuck this white/wrong justice system.


    I don’t think i ever seen a black person that as no faith, they have it all of them.

    La Foie

    RIP SLIm Dunkin

  • ppppp

    no one cares spoke at no one cares’ funeral.

  • Its interesting to see that non of the so called fans that fill up dudes shows mainly white kids are at the funeral , this is interesting and sad to note it just goes to show how fake this hard persona rapper thing is really .I hope this goes out as a lesson for young rappers to start keeping a real message around them , its really not that hard look at Talib Kweli for example … The only way to know who your real people are is at your funeral normally your fam and close friends RIP Brother may they learn.

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