• Mr Chub

    Needs moar of this

  • JustMyOpinion

    You know what I don’t understand: how is it *people pay to get in a venue THEN record (w/ cell cameras) post it on the ‘net? NOW, all the people who didn’t pay for the venue……see it for FREE. How smart are you? SMH.

    *Talking about the people in the background.

  • The_Dynasty

    Damn I wish I there makes me miss the old days of NY man. Type of music would’ve got a tight jean wearing motherfucker caught with a buck 50 lace with piss.

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  • X Is One Of Those Artist You Wanna See Win, But Deep Down You Know It’s Over. There’s No Room For Aggressive Content In Mainstream Hip-Hop Anymore. X Should Link With Pete Rock, Preeem x Swizz!

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  • Dat Ninja D B

    That’s my mah fah nucking DOG!!!! illest ninja to ever bless a stage nothing but energy ..CLASSIC never dies

  • Dr. Dre’s Ass

    Just Call The Album “Crack”

  • FredHampton

    Anybody who holds their iPhone in portrait mode to record should be executed.

  • nice to see X doin his thing

  • MegaMan

    Who? I hate gangster rap and gangster rapper, because they’re ignorant. This genre is dead… go retire already!