Love & Hip Hop (Season 2 Ep. 6)

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This evening, Jim Jones cops a new whip which doesn’t sit too well with Chrissy. Yandy’s new client, singer Erica Mena, has an exchange of words with Kimbella, which ends in a physical altercation. Yikes!



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  • omg kimbella need to sit down some where she always tryn to b friends with some one let it go kick it with who u kick it with u r gttn punked on here what is ur baby gonna say !!!

  • shanta

    How that B**th goin call the cops after all that sh*t she was talking, she just jealous of Kim, if I don’t know a Female and I just heard about her but didn’t get the chance to meet her personally, how ima be mad at her, people do things for free to get there name out there and obviously it worked for kimbella. Erica have a baby by Raul from Terror squad so to me I see them as being the same. These Females are a trip. Emily is dumb as hell and need a backbone, she needs to know a man only do what you let him get away with, he will continue to cheat, and do what the hell he wants as long as you stick around and let him. Jim seems to love Chrissy but I think he is comfortable the way things are and seem is though, whats the point of getting married when we already playing house and things seem to be fine, I also feel he is scared to get married because he wants to be 100% truthful to her and know he is not, Chrissy also need to realize a man will only do what you let him get away with. Olivia is kinda two faced to me, she seem to be cool with people in there face but talk about them behind there back, she can sing, she’s a pretty girl, I think people just don’t like her attitude on this show, i understand trying to show your fans who you are but also show your fans you a down to earth person and as long as you make hits and get the people attention then you good, just show people what you got. Somaya may not be all that talented but people like her cause you see that she grinding, you see this is what she really wants, you see she sleeping in basements trying to do what she got to do to make it, thats what we wanna see from Olivia, instead of gossiping with the other girls, we wanna see you grind and work hard to get there, not so much sleeping in basements but show how much you really want it.

  • kesha

    Kimbella and Erica, that was crazy. Erica felt threaten by Kimbella. U just dont start a fight for no reason. Erica knew something about Kimbella that rubbed her the wrong way, Erica looks older than 24, its that hip hop life/groupie/money. But it was rude for Erica to come off like that towards Kimbella, like she was wating on her. Chrissy is right about her relationship with jim, life is too short to be wasting.

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