• Ham

    its weird seeing a rapper without tattoos

  • Stunna

    Crazy how Ross looks the gayer of the 2 lol

  • quapinmybackpack

    Black Big Bird?

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    William is the WINGSTOP mascot.

  • me

    2nd year in a row for the Rozay.

  • NuJew

    Rick Ross looks like he wants some of DJ Khaled genitals.

  • Ross

    Ross lookin like big bird #weoutchea

  • Chris Searl

    How is Big Sean “rookie” of the year? He wasn’t even the best “rookie”, and how can you classify him > Cole, Kendrick, etc? If we’re talking “rookies”

  • Wakka Wakka

    this nigga ate big bird.

  • Black Shady

    lol @ both covers

  • Sean Babiii

    I <3 Big Sean so much!! He deserves it!!

  • Sense

    So much wrong.

    Rick Ross dressed as big bird looking like a 1920’s Jazz flapper-Bette Davis-Paris is Burning confused negro. And they put him next to the byline “Rap’s Health Crisis.” But he’s doing his thing.

    Even more of a crime is Big Sean. As someone mentioned higher up, what about Kendrick Lamar? Asap Rocky? I don’t even like J. Cole but he has more of a claim to Rookie of the year. You could pick Danny Brown. Has Big Krit been rookie of the year before? If they haven’t been before, all of those guys have more claim to rookie of the year. Everyone knows The Source’s history of shadyness, I guess in the case of Big Sean you look at the label he’s on and then follow the money.

  • PAP

    Man/rookie of the year?!?! is Benzino back running The Source again???

  • oj Da Cornball

    Cover 1= CO. Big Bird
    Cover 2= DJ Clue

  • John
  • Donn


  • Dr. Dre’s Ass

    Come On Ross Even I Can’t Defend You From That Cover…

  • res1

    we are talkin about 2011 right??? rick ross? what the hell did he do this year in terms of music?? he hadn’t even an album out!!! i bet kanye, jay, wayne or even Em had no time to do the shoot…

  • Jamel

    Officer William is still the biggest joke

    The new Vanilla Ice

  • Joeycrack

    Big Sean is rookie of the year if you talking about mainstream success..it’s simple obviously he isn’t the most talented but that’s not how the source does things dumbasses…putting asap or Kendrick won’t sell the magazine…SO obviously big Sean is more popular

  • kayandgee

    i think this is 2 years in row now..why im i not surprised

  • the void

    ross looks mad homo

  • the grammy nod solidified J.Cole as R.O.Y.

  • Acapella

    Congrats to Big Sean!

  • graffiti bandit

    Jesus effin’ Christ… just when I thought The Sauce couldn’t possibly stoop any lower…

  • A Fat Nigga


  • Bangers N Mash

    This is why no one reads the source anymore…


    U lamez talk’n bout dog looks but fail to recognize this so called “fake” is on the motherfucken source cover as the man of the fucken year so next you call someone fake analyze who fuck you is first and what moves you den made ROSS REPPIN DADE COUNTY TO THE FULLEST SO SALUTE THE BIG HOMIE FUCK NIGGAZ ps cut that gay shit out faggots

  • Devil


  • Dirty Charles

    real niggas stand up

  • ImLaffinOutLoud

    Congrats Ross… Only other for Man of the Year would be The Throne as “Men if the year” the cover would have been EPIC. Like Big Sean & I’m proud of him, he’s actually been on more tracks & has had a #1 already however, J.Cole would have been a even better selection just because his album just went Gold, he has had major remixes & a Grammy nod his first album, that alone should have made him the prime choice. Last Year when Wiz was it, it was fitting because he was doing major things. Again, I love Big Sean & thing that his best is yet to come, (I even played his al bum out, its good) but this could have EASILY been J.Cole’s cover. Hell Mac Miller is an indie artist that made Forbes, even he broke records & could have been a contender too. Congrats all the same to them both.

    SN: Kendrick put a mixtape that was probably one of the best hip-hop compilations this year, yet he still has a way to go. Alot of people still don’t know about him & has yet to TRULY grab the mainstream yet (however 2012 will be his year).
    A$AP Rocky still has away to go all around, after this tour with Drake their appeal would be even bigger & with their official freshmen album they’ll be good contenders next year. Big Krit as well even though on the production side he has really blazed up & his own music stay on point.

  • Loaded

    My condition was basically extreme exhaustion,

  • Jaymalls

    J. Cole is no were near a rookie… nor is Wiz!!! Kendrick Lamar, Danny Brown, Mac Miller, etc. hasn’t achieved no were near the same amount of success Big Sean has this year.
    “My Last” (Ft. Chris Brown) > “Marvin Gaye and Chardonnay” (Ft. Kanye West & Roscoe Dash) > “Don’t Tell Me You Love Me” > “Dance (A$$)” > “High” (Ft. Wiz Khalifa & Chiddy Bang)

    Wiz Khalifa “GangBang” > Wale “Slight Work” > Kelly Rowland “Lay it On Me” > DJ Drama “Oh My (Remix)” > Travis Barker “Big Nut Bust” > etc.

  • Good shit Sean you deserve the recognition..All the way from the West Side of Detroit to the cover of the Source. God is G.O.O.D.

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  • Berklee


  • Shady 2.0

    That’s about right Muthafucker about as gangsta as Big Bird

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