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  • Sounds like some rappers who arent famous and will not succeed.

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  • Santa

    Everyone forgive advercity, he just started listening to Hiphop this year.

    • Yeah right, I been listening to RAP a long time and heard some juvenile he probably doesnt even have a copy of today. I’m saying the songs not decent like a long of rapper whos critiques are yes men.

  • man we aint happing in nigeria mutherfucker samplin legend BIG what the fuck is puffin doing man this is so whack we piised mane

  • Berklee

    i’d rather listen to 400degreez

  • Dr. Dre’s Ass

    I Remember This Nigga When I Was 9 Years Old.

    “You a Fine a Mothafucka”

  • dear lord. leave biggie alone. my god.