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  • Dr. Dre’s Ass

    Waka Needs To Stop Making Street Raps.

    Round Of Applause Is My Ish

  • shawn

    Salute me or shoot me?
    He shouldn’t be glorifying gun violence or another one of his friends will get murdered

  • Truth (The real one)

    @Round of applause for Shawn…Truth spoken. Also @ MegaMan you are correct…My thing is if you see your little brother about to run into traffic…Do you sit back and let him do him? Black ppl should act like family. Like almost every other race does. Not sit back and say it is what it is. Yes he raps about what actually goes on in the hood…we get that. We’ve had hundreds of rappers do that. The picture is painted clearly. Now is the time to make music to change it…not describe and glorify it…Right or wrong? You be the judge.

  • Southside

    @Megaman just because you dont like Wake does NOT mean you AREN”T from the streets it just means you Just DONT like him. It’s not hate if you do not like his music, it’s an opinion.

  • Akhenaten

    Megaman please stop with the malarkey, plenty of people like this non mc’ing avatar that the world call waka flocka and arent from the “streets”. if waka had only “street: fans he wouldn’t even be a semi successful artist. remember whitey buy albums and “street” fan are to busy doing “street” stuff like say killing over some candy.

    people don;t like waka because they (we) know that there are other people out there who can represent the culture better. Amd the jewish ran industry is pushing this bullshit called music on the youth that keeps them domicile and on their knees.

    He’s making money? no he isnt just like any other rapper he is making federal reserve notes, real money is silver and gold…

  • Akhenaten

    this nigga music is horri-fucking-ble

  • saez

    Wackafuckboi is a cum dumpster rapper. Nough said !

  • Brandon

    Im a street dude and i don’t like this kid… He sounds like a complainer… Doesn’t mean you should listen to me listen to him he is stressed and needs to sit his fat ass down

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