Young Jeezy Debuts High On Billboard

After seven days in stores, Young Jeezy’s TM103 Hustlerz Ambition lands at #3 on Billboard with 232,938 units sold. Congrats to Da Snowman! Damn you, Micheal Buble and Adele!

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  • @tshiamofs

    Fuck! Who is stil buying Adele’s 21? U wud think anyone who wanted it must have bought it a long time ago. Anyway…good look Young Jeezy, i dont see Rick Ross doing this numbers

  • kayandgee

    thats good for jeezy but there was no other major hiphop/rnb/urban albums dropping on that week, and it was a good week to drop, people are out there shopping. This a good sign for what rozay will do, i guarantee he will sell more and land his biggest album thus far. Congratulations jeezy nonetheless


    i wus one of those pppl, i fuks wit dis album heavy

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  • How did he sell dat much????i copped it and the album was ass….havent played it since the first time

  • In Your Fucking Face

    Imma Rick Ross Fan And Shit But He Maybe Does These Numbers In A Good Year. Jeezy Has Done It 3 Times. Still No 1’s Do Matter…

  • imsobrooklyn


  • Lucky Lefty

    Common’s album dropped the same day, and I personally preferred his album over Jeezy’s… not to say Jeezy didn’t drop a dope album. I still think The Recession was better. But Congrats to Jeezy though. I’m just gonna assume that Adele is number 1 again this week because of Christmas. Lol

  • Jeezy got a great fanbase.They held him down through all the set backs.Not really feeling the album, but Jeezy is cool.Common has a classic album

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  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Congrats Jeezy im proud of you of homie. CTE !

  • Kingmaker

    Common >>>>>, but TM103 was a lot better than I thought it would be. It’s probably worth pointing out that the other major gangsta rap album that dropped this year (Game’s RED) sold 98k first week and still went #1.

  • yup!!!

    Man that 103 is where its at especially “OJ” jeezy never failed me real live he moved them units regardless of the doubters rick ross cool i listen to ross too why sumbody gotta be compared all the time? Let them niggas get money wateva is between them is between them niggas be acting like theyre their girlfriends an shit superfans an shit lmao rozay gon do dis cuz jeezy did dis wtf? They shudve never made the internet lmao niggas is too funny

  • rastamonsta

    Damn. I thought Jeezy was done. I was wrong. Common may be done. He is coming in at only 60k first week.

  • rastamonsta

    with that said. Jeezy’s album is not good. Nowhere near his forst two. But his fanbase is loyal. What the hell happened to Common’s fanbase. 60k first week for a classic dude like that is sad.

  • Black Shady

    Jeezy proved everybody wrong. damn….including myself. congrats

    and yes Rick Ross does 200k on a GOOD day…but its 2012…he’s at his peak. I dont see him do less than 400k first week with his next album to be honest…

  • Congrats to Jeezy. Even after the pushbacks he still moved units.

  • Ross Radar

    He has a no. 1 Hip Hop album tho. If it was Ross Rap Radar would had been screaming he had a no. 1 album. More subliminal s from Ross Radar. Just like when they combined 2 threads about Ricky’s mix tape from the week before to make it look like he had over 100 post, but if u read them they were the same ones from the week before.This is the same marketing scheme that got yall thinking Ross is real but in reality he’s marketing at it’s best.

  • &$#@!

    ^Hey little guy… you must be new here. Rap Radar updates previous posts all the time. Snippet + Radio Rip + CDQ, Album Cover + Tracklist, Shots Fired + Beef Deaded, etc. Quit with your conspiracy bitching.

  • MegaMan

    I got half way through the album and cut it off. Young Jeezy cannot rap, his style would put you to sleep and his lyrics are basic like a fools brain. Don’t waste your time with this garbage album if you know what good for you cause if this guy thinks he the best thing out. Hip hop is dead cause of people like this guy.

    Jeezy provide a negative influence for kids. Jeezy doesn’t explore other topics other than trapping, pimping, and killing. He rhymes like pre-school, a step before basic education. It has nothing to do with him being from the south for me either.

    Put him in the cipher with some verbalist like Rick Ross, Drake or Lil Wayne and they will treat this stud like a punk behind bars.

    Rick Ross >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • Your Life Is a Lie

    Strong fan base, maybe enough to go Gold but no Platinum this time around but nobody at this point is expecting Jeezy to go platinum.

    If Ross doesn’t get another ‘BMF’ type record he will to better than Jeezy but still won’t break the platinum mark because he has more industry muscle than he does a wide-scale following.

  • CoolC

    u white on here are stupid jeezy is for the streets and ross will never do this much in a week look at jeezy first week sales they are always this high then look at ross first week sales they are always low… if ross hasnt did over 200k in his career yet so why would he now

  • if she aint fucking adios

    HAHA rick ross will never do this numbers…. !!!!! lmao

  • if she aint fucking adios

    jeezy provide a negative influence for kids.
    yea so when he have his charties street dream etc he talk about trappin killin etc 2 the kids? OK… dumb ass check out nigga been doin positive things for the kids/streets since 2001 when he wasnt nobody… so gtfo with that bs…
    JEEZY RAPPS ABOUT HIS FUCKING LIFE N PAST… ok if it wasnt his past life then it would been another thing but now i dont see it being negative

  • Fosho…CTE WORLD…

    ross last album did 160 or something first week? teflon don.. and that album had bmf and mc hammer biggest songs of last year and still he did bad… LOL HE WILL NEVER BE BIGGER THAN JEEZY !!!!!! maybe better lol but not bigger and he will neva have big fanbase as jeezy,, jeezy got all type off fanbase kids,white ppl,black ppl,weed smokers. real street niggas etc so thats why he will always sell good …CTE & GRANDHUSTLE >>>>2012

  • damn

    rick ross formed his group mmg and they sold fucking bad jeezy and his usda click WENT platnium with their album… lol the world loves jeezy fuck yall lil haters

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  • Word

    SHITTED on Ross. Niggas said Ross ethered Jeezy or whatever, but Snowman had a better opening week than that nigga Ross. Jeezy outsold Wale, AND the MMG album also. Why come at Snowman if you not even on his level tho?

    TM103 > Rick Ross Discography (Well, maybe not Deeper Than Rap)

  • dan

    since when did rap fans care about sales

    ross >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>jeezy

  • james

    amd jeezy keeps winning. and why the fuck you rick ross dick riders keep mentioning rick ross on all young jeezy posts? that shit is annoying.

  • John







  • Sweetre15

    As furious as I am that Common ain’t getting these numbers……If Jeezy is doing this well after this hiatus, I want T.I to do even better when he releases “Trouble Man” since IMO he’s the better rapper of the two.

  • Rich Forever>>>TM103 just watch.

    TM103 was below decent and it sold more than “Cole world” and “ambition” smh at the rap game

  • when yall gone realize ross not fuckin wit jeezy his life is talkin about another nigga life

  • …wowzer

    @professor Oak ^^
    u dumb fuck jeezy fanbase is loyal and strong… and back him in upp and downs not some fucking gay ass people who buy a album beacuse the artist is hot at the time… u need to learn everybody have diffrent fanbases… this shit might even go platnium by late next year and jeezy will always sell good so what the fuck are yall kids bragging about? yall aint know the hiphop industry smh

  • …wowzer

    im done for today… yall people that be on here and know shit and have a brain… good luck with them IGNORANT people that comments here….

  • MegaMan

    @dan @Professor Oak

    Co-sign my niggas. For years we have been looking for the new Biggie! Rozay is the closet to it! Bar none, his presents and swagger reminds me of B.I.G.. I don’t think he’s trying to sound like that, but I will say that when I hear him, B.I.G. flows in the spirit of his songs. He is hot right now and regardless if you like it or not, the fact remains that he will be a problem in the rap game. Now that he is with Drake and Lil Wayne the rap game will be under siege for awhile.

    Young Jeezy is the new Falva Flav.


    Ross ethered Jeezy.

  • yup!!!

    If u say so

  • james

    wtf are you talking about megaman?! you needa be slapped for real

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  • John

    Album is fire in my opinion, also note to rappers… Release an album near Christmas and extra copies will be sold for great X-mas gift. December’s the month of retail, econonmy fluctuates,.. I bought Jeezy’s album as a x mas gift for someone’s name I drew in my family.

  • CoolC

    kill this nigga megaman ross is the new biggie but he has no movement nigga jeezy has a movement cause the streets really believe him. They also believed biggie and PAc but no one Believes ross thats why his album sales are always low and he will never be anything more then a rapper that wanted to be biggie, Freeway Ricky Ross, Jon Gotti, Big Meech, Larry Hoover, John Dough instead of really telling us william roberts story he lives through others.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Don’t worry about megaman its not his parents are really brother and sister.

  • CoolC

    Ross once said he knew the real norega.. Then he took it back and said he knew someone who knew him foh… Then on the same song Jeezy say I kno Big meech the real big meech then U look and see meech in all of jeezy videos before he was signed and even in a couple of tm101 videos so yall tell me who would yall ride with. Come on this shit is sad tht niggas really fuck wit ross over Jeezy yall need to go watch jeezy doc the tht come wit 103 i bet yall stop fuckin wit ross then.

  • damn, Common only sold 69,000. guess that “beef” wit Drake aint help him

  • mane

    @megaman stupid fool for saying jeezy has nagative influence on youth what of ross that sell dope through iphone or blow money he stole ross id the detionary defination of FAKE

  • dan

    i like jeezy too… but ross makes the better music of the twp

  • Milli

    jeezy that nigga >>>>>>>>>

  • MegaMan


    Shut the fuck up already! My parents are cousins problem? My title you will never get, I’m too intelligent.


    fuck yesssss CANT WAIT!! AND i FINALLY found CDQ version of Ease Your Pain (Her Lies)

  • mane

    snowman KILL the FAT boy with just two chess moves ross the fat faggot

  • mane

    let me go play 50 cent put ya hands up

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  • SnowGoo

    All am gonna say is Trap or die Nigga

  • Berklee


    stop being stupid custies

  • Win, Win, Win, Win Win.

  • M.T

    Congrats to Jeezy. Albums alright.

  • BlackAnastasia

    Jezzy stole Ross shine and Momentum with his 1stWeek Triumph.Ross is somewhere in private shaking his head like damn!I thought this niggas was done.What the fuck am I gonna do now?!

  • mac DIESEL fanbase


  • ROCK

    ross loss

  • Kreayshawn’s secret admirer

    This nigga said Ross is the new biggie!!!! Fuck outta here! That must mean Lil B the next Tupac?

  • Kreayshawn’s secret admirer

    MegaMan probably beats off to a shirtless Ross
    And if Wayne, Drake, and Ross best rappers alive where does Eminem, Nas, Jay Z, Kanye, ect. go?

  • the void

    somebody please get megamans IP. that madness needs to stop.

  • the void

    i liked the ablum but it could have been better. this ones for you with trick daddy was my favorite song.

  • Kreayshawn’s secret admirer

    Let’s Get It: Thug Motivation 101
    RIAA: Platinum
    US 1, 220, 000 sold Worldwide 2, 220, 000
    The Inspiration
    RIAA: Platinum
    1, 352, 000 sold
    The Recession
    RIAA: Platinum
    Port Of Miami
    RIAA: Gold
    345, 000 sold
    RIAA: Gold
    645,059 copies sold
    Deeper Than Rap
    RIAA: Gold
    434,000 sold
    Teflon Don
    RIAA: Gold
    682,000 sold

    “3 platinum chains to match my platinum plaques, I ain’t got nothing gold but some gold chains”

  • deirdre bentley

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  • OHokIcU

    LodyLucci Lil Lody
    By the way just found out them 233k we sold 1st week was only hard copies no iTunes sales included


  • King

    undeserved whack album….Common>>>>>

  • ahmed
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  • Converse