• Dr. Dre’s Ass

    T.I Gonna Get 5 Years For Fucking The City Up.?

  • Juice

    looks like CALL OF DUTY

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  • Black Shady

    With all the money u got…im pretty sure u can afford a better cover

    I mean shit…….im sure u could find some photoshop expert to do a better cover for 50 bucks son.

  • Converse



    illuminati aka 9/11 bullshit… just like all those fucking movies when they’re destroying cities smh


    this is very offensive



  • LOL are u fuckin serious.. This is my background i used for one of my clients covers nigga. At least edit the fuckin thing instead of using the original background http://a2.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc7/303992_987592699758_60700251_40912066_554586304_n.jpg

  • Dr. Dre’s Ass

    Your Cover Is Ass.!!…^^^

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  • M.T

    cover looks hot. Hopefully the music does too.

  • Saul

    dope ass cover! can’t wait to hear the tape

  • LKBZ

    Aye, ya sure this the official cover? And not a joke… An awkward one.

    This looks like garbage… Lol.

  • Word

    Why ppl hating on a mixtape cover?

  • The cover’s completely horrible. If he was a little kid, maybe; a 100% digression as a veteran.

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  • SugarShane

    There’s no way in HELL that THIS is the exact cover that will be used.

  • Eljay

    Doped cover uush shiii that best concept…..

  • MRJAY7

    Y’all niggas bitchin about a MIXTAPE COVER, that you will DOWNLOAD. Y’all act like y’all gonna run out to best buy and cop STFU. NIggas + internet = LAMES

  • T.I.P. is this a single or a mixtape? Cause I coulda swore we agreed on FUCK A MIXTAPE NIGGA!

  • IDK what yall seeing,but this shit looks hot to me.It makes since and the art is dope.Why would @gayson be offended? This is ATL not NY and them ain’t no twin towers.
    Loch Drake Headlines video http://artists.viewhiphop.com/?p=2190

  • thaillest

    Why r y’all bithcin over a cover? U know you’re downloading it still lmao. And gayson why would you be offended at this? Smh