• darealness

    dam Rapradar SLACKINNNNN i read this tis morning on hiphopdx!!
    this is how youre tryna be “great”??

  • Kreayshawn’s secret admirer

    Here comes MegaMan riding Ross’ dick to this post when it’s not even a song or nothing.

  • Converse


  • a

    his glasses are too small for his fucking head, fucking idiot

  • Black Shady

    Jeezy made it!!! 200k+ first week

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    beef is beef nigga… twitter or the streets… 2012

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    If dudes are BEEFING on twitter is Asinine.

  • fish

    like a nigga said on here the other day…. niggas get to acting like saints when mofos get murked

  • fish

    live by it and die by it… fuck feeling sorry for you niggas… you brought that shit on ya self
    rest in piss niggas

  • fish

  • fish



    lies on the lips of the rapper

  • Word

    TM 1?0?3

  • JustMyOpinion

    Respect to Jeezy to putting ignorance aside for a minute and being intelligent. Don’t be upset with him because ya’ll want to hear ignorance 24/7.

  • 30k for xmas

    Ignorant shit..the move^^^^

  • MegaMind

    I’m a Ross fan,but I fks with the Snowman, heavy…he really reminds me of a new school Ice Cube…less lyrical but but keeps it real and direct….cop TM103!

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  • MegaMan

    MegaMind copies my swag.

    On topic – stop bitching over Titter Young Jeezy. It isn’t going to solve your problems. On TM:103, Young Jeezy delivers one of the worst albums of his carrier. I didn’t notice any passion or hungriness in the voice that Jeezy is known for, and truth be told his rhyming comes off as lazy on TM:103.

    he never really had that crossover appeal that Rick Ross, Drake or Lil Wayne had, and at this point in his carrier, Jeezy couldn’t afford to have a lackluster album, given the numerous delays.

    Pick up the MMG album or ‘Teflon Don’ instead.

    Rick Ross ended Young Jeezy’s music career.

    Rich Forever!

  • ^^ Career*

  • No

    @megaman nigga, what? Tm103 outsold Teflon don and self made first weeks combined, he ain’t ended his career. 230,000 is one of the biggest openings of the year in hip hop! Does Rick Ross even have a platinum album? And don’t say Rick Ross is on the same popularity level as drake or Wayne. They sellin 950 and 650, Ross sellin 150. Fuck outta here

  • @megaman You said Jeezy doesn’t have crossover appeal?He’s sold way more than Ross and the same as Drake.He sold like 2 and 3 million off his 1st 2 and Recession platinum.Check the numbers.Ross has never even gone platinum.He does strong gold units and he took a big dip when the CO story dropped he went from 700K to doing 400K and he just got back w/ doing like 650K this last album.Not really feeling TM103 but, Jeezy is a big artist and he’s still doing his numbers
    Loch Drake Headlines Video http://artists.viewhiphop.com/?p=2190