C-Murder Appeal Denied

Early last year, C-Murder planned to appeal his LIFE sentence after claims of being denied a fair trial. However at the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals yesterday, a three judge panel denied the rapper’s appeal. Ugghh! Murder was convicted of second degree murder stemming from a 2002 nightclub shooting.


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  • DJ Game

    Good! You killed someone you rot in jail. Life is to valuable for someone to just take it and live a free life.

  • mob

    murder by name, murder by nature. Lol.

  • Black Shady

    smh @ this nigga

  • ItsLuRocK

    They ain’t never gonna let this dude out. Done records.

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  • DAMN!!

  • Damn I forgot that was that long ago. I mean the dude was on videotape.

    [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GgtqftW0sd8&w=420&h=315%5D

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    since 2002. He’s coming up on 10 yrs in this whole shooting situation.

  • Devil


  • zezzoi’s arsehole

    c murder…..not commit murder.

    he was in a rap battle on the club dancefloor when some 16 yr old kid was being ocky n mouthy…someone from corys camp didnt like it and shot the kid…plenty of eye witnesses were there to tell the place that cory was not the shooter….but it didnt matter.

    because they had that one guy that said he was the shooter…cased closed…

    watch the company you keep…..r.i.p cory miller

  • Kunta Kente

    Don’t drop the soap moutherfucker.

  • Gond

    C-Murder… How ironic

  • get bucks

    @zezzoi’s arsehole

    That’s the word I heard back when it happened. His man who did it should’ve fessed up to it. I probably would’ve told and I don’t even condone snitching, but LIFE is forever.

    Somebody said it was another rapper from the NOLA that killed the kid anyways and then somebody killed him before he dropped a banger w/Juvenile back in da day.

  • Anon DCPL

    @get bucks

    soulja slim?

  • get bucks

    @ Anon DCPL

    Those who know don’t say and those who say don’t know Young Grasshopper…

  • Tysonz


  • Stayin Paid

    Hey DJ GAME, and couple of you other bitch ass niggas on here talkin dat shit. How bout we lock yo maggot ass in a cell with a life sentence? You niggas probally wouldnt know shit about these streets if wasnt for da internet. Were you there? How da fuck do you know what occurred? This man could possibly be serving a LIFE SENTENCE for some shit he didnt do. And just like da silly bitch ass niggas dat you are, you hop on da internet leaving comments indicating that you are glad that the rest of his life will be spent in misery and makin fun of da shxt. Shoot yo self in da face twice for even comin wit dem lame ass comments.

  • JJ

    DJ Game is a bitch nigga

  • Haitianpapi

    Free c murder all i have to say