• JG

    Even the haters know that the big 10 was hot it got great reviews and the views on youtube speak for themselves

    that tape is still getting spins over here more than albums i bought

  • King

    hahaha fif u done nigga….i mean look at Game’s numbers

  • fuk waka

    im sure he just sed dat as a joke.. this aint news… and personally i dont think interscope actually gives a shit if he puts out another mixtape… 50 jst wasting his money with this.. big 10 was just TRASH!!! he could have done better…. i have given up defending this guy just coz i am team shady!!

  • @fuk waka wasting money??? LOL!

    He makes more money with The Big 10 then you ever in ur life waka…

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  • @waka

    wtf wasting money????

    He makes more money with the big 10 then you ever will in ur entire life lol!!!

  • rastamonsta

    Interscope could care less. They r about $. If he was going to generate any more for them they would put him out. G-Unit & 50 r over. Free views/downloads don’t equal sales. 50/soulja boy have more twitter followers and 50 has that website with all those members and nobody purchased their last albums. It’s done. He is in Dame Dash land BUT 50 got that serious long $. Be happy with that. Your rapper days r as an indy.

  • no need to get emo

    desperate times call for desperate measures

  • Mind Terrorist



  • herbsaac

    Ya except this was some pretty wack music from 50.. To the featued song with that boring untalented female artist.. to the written verses for tony yayo.. To the facade he is still gangster but he himself ruined that image through putting out the bullshit known as ayo technology i get money and whatever other shitty pop songs he thought the females wanted to hear so he put it out..

    The bitches would have been there nayway 50.. sorry you killed your career over a couple of pop songs.

    Oh and IM a fifty fan.. So if this next album doesnt do drake numbers at least fir week 50 is officially over

  • Gboy


  • King of Diamonds # 1 Janitor

    hes joking

  • This is just for his own entertainment. People who says he’s done & all that doesn’t know business. Artist DON’T MAKE MONEY FROM ALBUM SALES! It’s an accomplish to go gold plus, but that doesn’t effect the money of the artist very much AT ALL. Second, this dude is richer than the two guys who put him on (Dre & Eminem, look up their net worth). Realistically, he’s not going to do Drake’s recent numbers. Drake is ‘of the time’ & his music is on point. 50 needs to create a fresh sound & dope visuals & he’ll do fine. 50 will definitely make more money than Drake even if he sells less albums because 50 is a business…MAN!

  • Acapella

    Can’t get mad at that.

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  • LKBZ

    50 & G-Unit are over. The Big 10 was garbage, only one track I liked i.e. Shooting Guns, rest is trash.

    Game put out an album, a great and quality album and did decent numbers for a Gangsta Rap album these days. And he’s putting out another album in 2012 “Soundtrack to Chaos”. What the fuck is 50 cents?


  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    FIF is mogul, hustler, boss. He’s what most of theses young rappers want to become. The Big 10 is a MIXTAPE and it was better then most of theses rap albums that were release this year. If he re-ups with Interscope that $$$ is going be to MAJOR. If Live Nation wasn’t about Bullshit that would be a nice partnership with FIF.

  • As long people are talking about you your relevant…! people say he cant rap that’s why they claim he’s not relevant.. but rakim can rap what mutil million business deals is he generating and blog stories being talked about him and doing interviews with the biggest names in the business just because he spits crazy and is a legend don’t mean nothing… some of these cats are on milk cartons!! he came out with an album recently and it didn’t do shit.. jada can rap and styles what sales and magazine covers and businesses do they got A juice bar ? you notice let there be something on here about them nobody says shit about them falling the fuck off—– 50 s just that brother people love to hate never talk about nothing positive when most of rap is in the same boat he is unless your A gay rapper with colored hair or tight jeans or your name isint eminem or jay z and even em had to do something he never did before and do a song with fuking rihanna and pink so he can get his sales back to were they once were because people wasint feeling the one before that but when 50 did it you see even people on here say thats were the problems started people just love to hate dude but he’s smart because the haters fall for shit the most they talk about him and click these jawns more than anybody most of rap fell off what big numbers is nas doing but 50 A step ahead of the game he keeps these haters spreading his name all the fuck over the place everyday and keeping his name in the mix jokes on you haters…….

  • Mind Terrorist

    @ ZoomZoomDad-Otis



  • TheRealBigHomie

    Im a 50 fan, but twitter followers and no. of views do not translate into album sales.

    50 needs to switch up the flow, the “agressive grr” flow has to go.

  • Black Shady

    Yall people crazy saying 50 is done and his career is over

    let him get out of Interscope. Lets see if DEF JAM and ATLANTIC and UNIVERSAL wont do their best to grab him. Yall niggaz dont know shit….

  • Mind Terrorist


    50 IS NOT HIP HOP!




  • Citylivin’

    being “dope” doesn’t matter anymore, u gotta have hits….them labels wanna see their names on Billboard charts even if your album bricks…Katy Perry & Rihanna don’t do high numbers on their albums they seem to be doing aight….
    ….unless you wanna take that “Mac Miller underground” approach…shit it worked for him..Ha!

  • to all the haters 50 did so much for hip hop and dont need interscope he creating a buzz and i think 50 is the smartest person in hip hop. and funny as fuck.

  • this is why i love 50, 50 will stand up to any body in this world and not break a sweat and he gone get hos shit done with or without you

  • @ boss that’s why they hate hahahahhaha good video homie…. haters wanna be him but there soft as doudle d tittys and broke but thats why you see them on every blog post watching his every move ENVY…..and if you say something to point that or show a video like this your a dick rider but there on every post to haha

  • John

    These guys post anything about 50 but only good stuff about william

  • R.I.P. 50 CENT

    fif stans out on full force but bitch asses NO NEED TO GET EMO-TIONAL just stick a fork in it LAMES

  • ^^^^^^^^ 50 lames what do you call somebody you takes there time to click lame peoples shit super mutha fukin lame …

  • Reprint— what do you call somebody who takes there time to click lame peoples shit super

  • melodicdemon

    50’s a mogul? Someone please get chris lighty out of bed cause without Chris Lighty creating these business opportunities for 50cent his career would’ve died before it got started..when you talk about rappers in general and their success at “business” its funny as shit to me that nobody gives props to the money men. Don’t give a fuck how big a rapper you are, ain’t nobody and I mean nobody investing $100 million in anything you do if you don’t have a money man with a decent resume and at least a mid level college education..which none of these “businessmen” rappers have..Jay-z, Diddy, 50, Luda, Drake, Wayne…all these niggas got a money man on their team..ain’t no rich as wasp investment banker sitting across a table from an uneducated rapper listening to him saying “nawmean I want this product to be the shit”..Don’t believe me then go read the chris lighty interview from like 10 years ago where he predicted he’d do the same thing he’s done for 50 but for LL Cool J..and if we want to be real about it..LL Cool J ain’t had a hit in all that time but is one of the highest unlisted in forbes earners in the industry.

  • PAP

    I know ever since fif yelled “fuck jimmy iovine” on that ‘southside’ track in 07, he’s been feelin interscope’s wrath (dropped gunit, no tos promo, leak on bisd). the only thing on Jimmy’s agenda is Beats, Gaga n Em! do what Jay did n buy out his contract n go semi-indy with another major! Jay tried to buy his masters to Reasonable Doubt but Dame aint with it. 50 is gon have to overpay Em, Dre n Jimmy if he wants his masters to GRODT…..im rootin for you fif!

  • Real life

    50 Cent and Jim Jones are the only two New York rappers I have no respect for whatsoever on the mic. No talent no honor no respect. And I don’t give a fuck what bloggers reviews day about them. I will just leave a negative comment and keep it moving…

  • PAP


    same with Lyor (Jay) n Paul Rosenberg (Em). the only hip hop figure who’s got the star power and true business acumen is Diddy

  • M.T

    “and I work harder then everybody in hiphop”
    lol. yeah…right. 50 cent is washed up. He had a good run and made a great impact on the game but he needs to just hang it up.

  • T.O.S

    This for 4 u haters that say 50 is done 😆 numbers dont lie

    The top ten money makers in hiphop from 2007-2011
    1.Jay-z 251 million
    2. 50 Cent 216 million
    3. Diddy 158 million
    4. Kanye west 100 million
    5. Timberland 81 million
    6. Dr.Dre 80 million

    check the rest


  • Andy

    This activity is the exact reason why dre and em dont fuck with fif anymore. Jimmy Iovine owns you for 1 more record, stop cryin and do the job and move on.

  • T.O.S
  • Y U MAD

    If I was 50 I will start saving all my royalties and call groupies to Mike Tyson mansion before I start getting negative balance on the income statement for investing in videos for a mixtape and shit. Em said it best: when you hot take as much as you can so when your run is over.. You just admit it’s the end!!!

  • A Fat Nigga

    anyone who still likes 50 cent is a L-A-M-E A-S-S

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  • who cares about what obese FAT NIGGA SAYS THOUGH SMH

  • Whowantwhat

    Niggas that hate on a nigga from the hood that made it rich has to be broke and pussy! #Fact

  • HR

    50 ft Eminem today :O

  • em

    did he mean 12 am or is it out yet?

  • the finishline

    Even his frenemies vouch for him. What’s more gangster than that? Gggg Unit

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  • Joeycrack

    People don’t know shit about music..he’s just doing this cause he’s tired of fronting the money for his music rightnow…he needs to get hot again then thr label will step in..that’s how it’s works..with his last album he lost all authority to call shots

  • Joeycrack

    if 50 was a more humble cat I promise you he wouldn’t be hurting so bad musically..i mean even em knew after his bad sales for relapse that he had to switch up the game plan..so he worked with pink Rihanna Wayne and drake…got outa his comfort zone for success

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    @Joeycrack 50 falls in the same category as Game…..n Game acutally worked with those YM fags but it didn’t work….EM is brand name it’s gon sell no matter what

  • jams

    drop him shady/aftermath. dre and em don’t no money from 50 cent and if they don’t jimmy will…

  • pope

    kinda like what your doin to buck. u disgust me.

  • County of Kings

    He is in no position to force anything. His mixtape isnt in demand or getting spins on the radio. I have plenty of music lovers in my click yet i dont really know anyone who has this big 10 mixtape. Niggas got fab shit, cam shit, tip shit came out today, niggas waitin for ross shit, niggas had luda shit, 2chainz shit, meek mill shit, even fuckin nelly just dropped a mixtape. There is no way he can gain leverage on the label wit this mixtape its not on anybody radar. Actually the mixtape hurt his arguement cuz it jusy shows the label how far back he has fallen. So like all the other rappers u gonna have to spend your cash on good guest features and decent videos to show the fans and the label u give a fuck about the product and not just the sales of the product.

    Amd keep it funky stans he is finished in this rap shit. I dont care how many millions of dollars he is worth today that doesnt mean he is on top it means he had a hell of a run. We all know this nigga on life support stop postin his entire album sales from 2007 on, that shit is irrelevant its over

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  • joe nasty

    50 is one of the smartest in the game.
    if you say 50 fell off you are lying to yourself

  • fuck u 50 its past your 12 oclock dead line to realse that heat you talk about ft em bipolar muythafuka!!!!!!

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  • Charle Luberisse

    Fifty Has Always Been Up On His Game, He Deserves The Credit
    [email protected]

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  • mike

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