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  • Kemosabi

    No way…

  • owww

    2 things funny about this.

    1. The picture used lmaoooooooo “sorry mr rule….we’re gonna have to push back your cd….you know…push back…like this …hahah”

    2, this is directly above 50 cent’s shit and theyre in exactly the same position. I remember when these two was on top of their game and going at it with eachother and now look at them..

  • Dr. Dre’s Ass

    Damn 🙁

    What Are We Gonna Do.?

  • rastamonsta

    his 4 remaining fans will be upset.

  • firealarm

    I’d like to place a bet that this doesn’t drop at all.

  • Black Shady

    lmao @ the first comments.
    Im not a Ja fan…but where is Irv??? why doesnt he promote it for Ja? LOL shame…

    nobody gonna cop that shit anyway

  • King of Diamonds Stripper Pole Sanitizor

    no one cares tho

    “im sick of blac chyna leaving her period blood stains on the stripper pole after her shift SMH”

  • NoSoup4Yu

    Lmao @ RapRadar.
    Y’all be clever with the pictures. That guy look like he giving Ja the ol’ heisman stiff arm

  • oj

    He pushing albums back since 2003,.

    Kids, this is the result of getting your career ended.

    50 you foul.

  • M.T


  • Luck

    If its not getting promotion now, how will that change by Feb?

  • Johnnyblack

    damn rule.. smh.. get out of jail and get to work

    Quick Question? Is this the video EVERYBODY been talking about??? –> http://t.co/tf50Sf7 ..if so its funny as hell

  • Kunta Kente

    I predict it will sale 1 Million copies first week.

  • Truth

    this album ain’t seein’ the light of day until at least the second quarter of 2013. mark my words.

  • True

    PIL2 will go a milli first week yall would be so surprised.

  • Pimpin Ken

    That album gon’ go triple platinum. Preach

  • ya boy

    I’m coppin! Paradise, never had time, black vodka….fuck numbers, real music.