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  • Aggie Pride

    LUV the hook something Wiz know how to put together very well.

  • mnka

    wow berner is a really good rapper! 2012 prediction = wiz falls off
    b.o.b. dies in a car accident (hopefully)

  • @toad_ffblife

    yeah this song is nice but eminem is the goat. drake’s emo azz is ruining hip hop. sike sike sike sike sike but that is the typical comment i see on every rr post

  • Dr. Dre’s Ass

    I Can’t Take Wiz Seriosully Ever Since I Seen That Pic Of Him Looking Like a Damn Scarecrow

  • Kreayshawn’s new year lover

    Juicy killed it

  • Nuff Said

  • dll32

    this sucks -1