• shane

    Good track
    Ja Rule!!
    http://hulkshare.com/9gqi15ucjkow shane – motto remix (uk)
    3mins of your time check it out,

    also Shane – Leeds city (Tyga rack city remix) – uk!!


    I’m from UK and you have just made a mockery of the whole country. Leeds is full of pussies. London all day.

    Don’t ever put a track together again. You’re shit.

  • DR

    WOah!!!!!!!!!!! this is nuts!!!!!!

  • CarreraLu

    Ja Rule?
    Always reminds me of: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W6VsuCddzF4

  • Sanji

    Rule is the truth

  • Stunna

    That LEEDS guy was the worst thing ever haha

  • Nuff Said………..

    “Watch me paint an empty canvas
    empty handed, freak of nature; simply mannish
    yet the plan is reciprocated thru honest living
    plan on winning I visualize, don’t dim the vision
    what kinda linen or denim they make 4u to swim in
    I come from different jeans, can’t help but mention dreams
    is inspiration thru constant hating n ghetto prisms
    nigga tried to steal so I had to let metal hit em
    damn, I’m going over your head again
    whispers in the silence of the soldiers that’s dead, the wind
    blows, oppose foes wit immaculate flows
    I got a gang of potential, pain in my mental
    tear drops falls like the rain on your window
    from my eyes, legitimize ashamed of my kinfolk
    cain and the indo, flames from within show
    scars, faith in God I can heal like an insole
    peep it, the caged bird sings
    too late to understand all the rage hurt brings
    so I sing with ghetto dreams, displayed on the scene
    follow streams of eternal sunshine, son rhymes
    wit a purpose, perfectly surfaced
    beneath the skill of my verses, the game full of clowns
    feel the thrill of the circus, yield to the curses
    hoping you survive when the situation worsens don’t fuck wit me….”

    Feel my takeover in the 2012
    Download my free mixtape Scattered Abroad and album M.I.L.F. (Music I Love Forever)

  • wickwickwack

    i m tired of all these “white people hooks” on rap songs …its soo 2011

    ja verses good though

  • gee


  • bengy

    best ja rule song in a long long time.

  • Derek

    I love the sarcasm from everybody, lol it makes me weak.

  • D


  • Love


  • dekito

    Can’t wait for his album , great fucking song this is ART