• Dr. Dre’s Ass


  • @toad_ffblife

    why would tip lend his vocals to an official track featuring Curt who has publicly called him a snitch?

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  • mane

    50 cent is a beast have u seen girls gone wild the damn thing is so hoooooooooot

  • dmc

    sounds good, fuck all that other shit,it was probly just for promo.

  • E-Hustle

    Shocked T.I. is on a track with 50, and on top of that it’s considered an official remix. btw, WTF is LoveRance? o_O

    I think the collab is cool. Always wanted to see 50 work with other top artist. Just too bad he has issues with most of them which burns alot of bridges.
    As long as the day never comes he ever does a track with Officer Ricky or Ja then I’m cool with that.
    Song it actually a good listen.

  • Black Shady

    Awww shit I had hope for 50…until I heard the full “Girls Gone Wild”. Ive always supported 50..but this is too much : GARBAGE!!! I just cant….I cant! this is NO GOOD. 50’s going in the wrong direction

    on the LoveRance remix ; this is aight

  • Fuck Ya Life

    Damn after hearing Girls Gone Wild(fucking wack) then hearing this I kinda wished this was Fif’s song.

  • Awesome

    black shady, GGW is just a single. dont judge an album from the first single. plus, most singles suck

  • Awesome


  • Ghetto Techno

    50 CENT FT. JEREMIH – GIRLS GO WILD (MASTERED) http://hulkshare.com/0rgneou8nuon

  • PrincePolo

    @ Black Shady where did you hear that shit ?

  • dumb dumb

    @ ghetto techno that shit ain’t mastered you tell how it’s how the beat is copied and pasted and how it slows down and the producer on twitter said it’s not the mastered version.

  • mane

    music lovers could tell that the song ggw is good not for hardcore rap fans but the song when u hear it even unmastered is a hit in the making

  • PrincePolo

    Ok ok . i found that shit . GGW is trash im not buying it . its always the same with fif . fif releases some dope tracks and then some wack shit follows after . like GGW . wtf ? GGW is not a total trash but its not something fif should make .

  • fuk waka

    Big Von is sooo fucking annoyin!!!! fucking piece of fat shit!!! talking through out the song!!

  • mane

    @princepolo any way me am feeling that song GGW good it is not a 50 cent hardcore fans type accept it times hv changed he need it mainstrem will jump on hit wait and see big 10 was hot but were is it?

  • room2roam

    tip did the song bc yo hero apologized haters…lol…and jeezy > 50…no comparison between tip and fif

  • pap3rchazer


    Girls Go Wold sounds like some iish people can party to tho. I know its not vintage 50 but it fits the current state of music along with the other joints from Pitbull, LMFAO, Flo Rida etc…why cant everyone just let 50 rock

  • Dre

    Cosign @ mane , big 10 was doep but it aint make no noise outside of the blgos. yeah hip hop heads loved it but hip hop heads dont buy albums.
    that ggirls gone wild aint the full version btw


  • Kreayshawn’s butt slave

    Can we get a uncut version?

  • Joeycrack

    My question is did he make this song after hearing j coles “can’t get enough” or before..
    Cuz j Cole says the hook on his bridge…that’s kinda funny

  • Joe

    Would of been better if that fuck Von would shut his trap. fattty fuck talking over tracks..

  • Luke

    Both this and Girls go wild are dope, plus 50 just needs a radiosingle. Im sure his album will have some classics on it

  • westcoast

    They shouldve left YG on this song. Hom and Su had the best verses

  • SUSE

    FYI the ORIGINAL came out in the 1st quarter of 2011, YG added himself on the song, and if yall want the NO TAG REMIX with 50, Jeezy & TIP you can now download it from bigvon.com

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