• herbsaac


    Of course its tight.. P wasn’t a fan of rap in the 90’s like the majority of faggot, skinny jean havin half singing rappers that we are forced to deal with.

    he was a MAJOR FACTOR of rap in the 90’s when it was fucking good

    Now we gotta put up with T Millz Drake Meek Mill Wale Drake Ross Big Sean..

    /////// Master P’s first feature on this songs rap was more inspirational than all those fucks listed above.. Wish he said ounces instead of pounds though..

    The amount of rappers saying they stay with Pounds is a fucking lie.

    Oh and to the kids who are going to say that Drake gets money and shit and hes on top Read Below:

    If Drake get close to P money.. Shit ill give him some daps..

    And to the Drake Stans? He ain’t got P money.. Member the Gold Ceiling P had in his house on MTV CRIBS?

    Fuck outtta here any RAP fan born past 1991.

  • herbsaac

    I didn’t mean to list Meeks Mills in my list of faggot rappers.. I just saw his name in the title and typed it..

    My bad Meek Mill..

    Dont kick me out of MMG or somethin.

  • This shiiii is fire! Meek killed again… P trying to make’em say uhhhh again!

  • John

    This hot

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  • mob

    lol. trash.

  • VoyceOFReason

    lol, That shit was garbage. Meeks alright though.