New Music: Rick Ross “Magic (Freestyle)”

Rick Ross Rich Forever mixtape hasn’t hit the ‘net in full, but today DJ Scream releases another track from it. Do you believe in magic?

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  • micah

    Future version still the best then ti then this. Ross need to stop bein a biotch and jump on that Jeezy oj beat rip it then. He get some respect again

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    More William = More crazy talk.

  • Fat Matt

    what a letdown… plz tell me this is a joke

  • Fat Matt

    oh…nvm this isn’t something from the mixtape…. i knew it… ross is better than this shit…..

  • Attack The French

    That sucks… I hate “freestyle” mixtapes, and that’s looking like it might be what Rich Forever is gonna be.

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  • The Guy


  • no name

    no.i don´t and this is garbage.

  • MOE


  • Jamel

    Still don’t know how people can listen to this wannabee after all the things that have come out about him REALLY

    In other news 50 has just done a deal with Pepsi For Street King

  • Milli


  • JustMyOpinion

    *thinking* How did Waka, 2Chainz and Future manage to enter the rap game?

  • Awesome

    This guy has NO hype for his next album.

  • Wall Street Empire

    Rozay…Man Of the Year

    #2012 Will Be A Very Productive Year For #WallStreetEmpire
    Support Us…We Appreciate The LOVE…

  • MegaMan

    I cannot ask for more. This man is brilliant! Like P. Diddy said he is the new Notorious B.I.G.! He has a great voice. He is talented. He is very creative! So proud of him!

  • M.T


  • Anon DCPL

    this shit is wack, it’s like this nigga is just rapping mumbo jumbo nonsense. There is no structure to his lyrics, he is just saying shit to rhyme just like wayne does.

    I bet you if there was ever a time that a Dead Prez & Rick Ross collabo would happen, & m1 woud be rapping some fire political shit and William would be talking about bitches and cars.

    who the fuck supports this guys music? how does he connect to ya’ll?? can someone tell me

  • Mru

    @anondclp They can’t relate… The people who listen to this are people who think that rappers live what they say in their lyrics but it’s all a façade or just want to be entertained by this nonsense. It’s all false and makes us African Americans look like idiots

  • M.T

    @Anon DCPL
    A lot of people like when rappers rap about bitches and cars. The fans dont have to relate to the artist. Rick Ross is one of those mediocre rappers who can make bangers and who rap about bitches and cars and people will still buy his music. There’s dozens of rappers like him.

  • CoolC

    TM103 233.000 First Week Sales Recession 280,000 First Week Inspiration 350,000 First Week Sales TM101 @200,000 First Week Sales….. Ross Best First Week Sales 170,000 Foh Wit tht Bull shit TM103 in stores now

  • i listen to elzhi and kendrick and i listen to rozay and flocka for different reasons. i have no connection or affiliation with the miami coke game and never will. i just rate the energy of their music, it’s entertainment. Section.80 was the greatest release of 2011 in my eyes, and I bet i’ll consider GFID a classic. People just take music too seriously, listen to what your ears enjoy, don’t force it.

  • iHustle

    the reason tapes like Albert Anastasia and Ashes To Ashes were big were because they were original music..if this tape is gonna b him doin a bunch of freestyles on other ppl beats on some mixtape weezy shit, its wont b a good look for the guy

  • mane

    men ross is fucking up expecially when everybody is releasing album worth materials as mixtape….. he is a good musician i only had issue with his CREDIBILITY he is FAKE but this song is worst ross song so far

  • Ross Radar

    @Mru I agree. This sh-t is being projected all over media and some of these rappers make black people look like dumb backwoods Negros. For example: George Washington owned slaves, but this idiot has him tattooed on his chest. On another note what the f-ck kinda name is 2 chainz. Anybody with any type of intelligence would never name himself that. It’s just a whole bunch of lames rapping now. Dude’s like that weirdo Tyler the creator, Lil Waynes Gay a–, soft a– whiny a– Drake and others just are mediocre at best and mostly funny style a– dudes. Can get wit these cornballs. People are programmed by programmed radio, that’s it.

  • Real Life

    @ZoomZoomDad-Otis; Dude do you need 4 hanlde names on one site

    @ZoomZoomDad-Otis aka @The Mak aka @Jamel aka @Anon DCPL – is one person trolling animosity against YMCMB and MMG. #ICallThemOut

  • I would LUUUV to make magic with Rozay and wipe n massage chicken grease all over his tummy

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    “In other news 50 has just done a deal with Pepsi For Street King”…BOSS !!!

  • Truth

    @RealLife orrrrrrr, they all just have the correct opinion about them?

    only people outta MMG that real is the OLD wale, and meek. i’m from philly. i been listenin to meek for years. all love for the nigga. he got bars/flows for days.

    YMCMB = the death of hip-hop, singlehandedly.

  • Real Life

    @Truth, Yep But who in their damn right minds replies to their own post? Dude does that all the time…

  • north

  • fuk waka

    this shit is shitttt

  • Anon DCPL

    lmao @ Real Life

    I am my own person, I ain’t one of these niggas w mental issues who gets off by posting under different handles and replying to their own shit. FOH

    and yup, only dude out of mmg I got respect for is Meek.

  • Dope or not, he wrote the rhyme and isnt a freestlye.

  • Mru

    @RossRadar right on… Todays hiphop is full of ignorance. Im not listening to it so i hope they continue to do what they want. I’ll stick to old school hiphop with the exception of a few of todays rappers. The rappers i like DO NOT get radioplay and dont sell a bunch of albums with the exception of Eminem,Kanye West & Jay-Z. Most rappers that are in the limelight are weak. All this new hiphop should be under a new genre “Copycat Rap”… Where are the innovators?…….. I’ll wait

  • AJP

    This freestyle is wack

  • Mru

    @advercity Originally Freestyling didnt have to be improvised… A Freestyle means no format and no topic, just random thoughts.. FREE-style. Thats when hiphop was in the early stages but like since the late 90’s its definition has been changed to “improvised rap”. How i see it…. it can be written or improvised just as long as its a FREE-style no format just randomness.

    • That’s bullshit because people who spit off the top a.k.a. REAL FREESTYLERS, get criticized on inconsistency because listeners compare their raps to people who label them the same, freestyles, when they wrote them. Random topics are FREE-VERSE raps. If you dont see things my way you are generic, and your opinion is as irrelevant as people who advocate for rappers who cross-dress. Improvised doesnt constitute premeditation. Freestyles (off the top) are not premeditated, therefore, writtens being premeditated are not impromptu because the performer knew what he would say. That’s why when Childish Gambino freestyle’d he got ripped because of his impromtu inconsistency’s, at the same, people label writtens freestlyes and get undue credit. Nothings wrong with writing, mislabeling raps, discredits the rapper as seeking undue credit and being a fraud in publications.

  • G

    Ross done ate eveything in the Chick fil a! He swallowed the whole store with his fat ass

  • I’m not advocating Childish Gambino’s freestyle; I think as an off the top freestyle he wasnt tight, still, I have a problem giving credit to people who write rhymes and call them freestyles.

  • young

  • Numbers

    its called a freestyle cause its not a certain topic its a freestyle, it doesnt have to be off the dome to be a freestyle boy go learn sumn

    • No, a freestyle’s off the top rap. Free-verse is random topic. Go study literature class, not what attention seeking rappers say.

  • Candy

    please get rick ross the fuck outta here