New Music: XV “#EndOfTheWorld”

It ain’t the end of the world just yet, but for the second day of the new year, XV lays down his new recording produced by The Awesome Sound. His new EP is coming soon.

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  • Jay $ Bagz

    Amazing wordplay on this guy! damn

  • Wall Street Empire

    This Dude IS CORNY…

    #2012 Will Be A Very Productive Year For #WallStreetEmpire
    Support Us…We Appreciate The LOVE…

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  • I think I’m biased cause of where dudes from. Either that or cause he’s never featured on artists that I like’s songs. Either way I’m probably not gonna listen to this. I heard one of his mixtapes. The one that had a cartoon cover, but I can’t remember what it was… Do more features XV. You stay on this website and I don’t know why.

  • Lol Omg

    Errol Games.. Maybe he stays on this site because he is talented? An artist does not need to do features to every rapper on this site.. And you won’t listen to him just because he’s not on some Wayne, Drake or pop song.. Ignorant mother fucker. XV > Your favorite artist. #Facts
    XV does another good song, bars for days.

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  • ^ talent ain’t got ish to do wit it. RR’s all about covering people who are “hot” or who they consider are hot. I was thinking about him working with up and comers more than that circus at YMCMB. I’m just saying the name XV alone ain’t gonna make me hit the play button. Features help get your name out there.

  • Drew Who

    Errol Games…. people like you are half the reason why mainstream rap sucks now, GTFO with that bullshit, hes got beats by J. Cole and Hes got mad dope features on his last mixtape, he dont need to be hopin on another rappers song every other week when hes makin his own dope shit. i respect him more for that. u should too.

  • MegaMind

    @Drewwho and others – Errol Games is partially correct.
    However, knowing the nature of RR, the dude is on this site bc his label is paying for placement OR his PR/Project Manager at his label (WB i think) has a relationship with B.Dot, Elliott, et. al
    I’m old school in the sense that I do need to HEAR something before I can just anoint a cat with promise or talent. And from LOOKING at this cat (old school approach as well) duke looks corny as hell. He has the avg joe look. Very rarely can artist pull this off and be special (Kendrick, J. Cole…)

  • ^ Sorry, but I don’t listen to the radio, and the only albums I buy are by Kanye West. Blaming me for half the reason of the fall of the industry is Ludacris. Everyone knows mixtapes are where it’s at today. Fuck the mainstream. I just don’t warm up to artists I’ve never heard of without a cosign. Like I said I heard one of this dudes mixtapes and I don’t remember it, which means I wasn’t feeling that ish. It had some Wizard of Oz type shit on it if I remember. You know what? I’m gonna bump this song and I’ll let you know what I think

  • 2 listens… the songs all right. The beat is growing on me. 3rd verse is nice. I’d get rid of the bridge and that bullshit chorus except for the “Is It the end of the world yet?” part. Meh. It’s not the worst song I’ve heard today that’s for sure.

  • Derrt

    Xv is dope. Errol Games he doesn’t need a cosign. But if you need one DJ Enuff fucks with him heavy. Or do you not even know who DJ Enuff is.

    #WallStreetEmpire yo that shit sucks, do something else with your life

  • hahaha course I know who DJ Enuff is. I heard the song by the way. It’s all right.

  • Ghetto Techno

    Creative song.

  • I cant say he’s authentic. I dont like to hear much about social networks when I hear raps.