• ms 305

    i cant stand erica or kim. they both need to get slapped the fuck up by chrissy.

  • not

    jimmy must don’t remember she touched it in miami, free biggaveli

  • Gina Waters

    why is tierra marie on the show?

  • Twon

    Omg…I can’t wait until next monday…I love me sum Love & Hip hop

  • fuk waka

    so about that mole…. people just ignore it????

  • Brutally Honest

    @Not well said sir llllloooollllll

  • trisha

    I can’t wait for Yandy to get the beat down!!!! She runs with some crazy chicks who just want some publicity. Hummm….she is a manager – not a coincidence. I don’t think she is giving them such good advise to get stomped and dragged on national t.v. Now it is her turn to get a does of how it feels ( I hope) I can’t wait for next week. Chrissy is my girl….much respect for her – I need friend like that in my life. Regarding the rumours, so what I still respect her hustle!! Please, plese let Yandy get stomped next week – she got it coming!!

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