Pill Says He Never Signed To MMG

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And the plot thickens. A week after Pill let his fingers do the talking via Twitter, he tells MTV that he was never technically signed to Rick Ross’ Maybach Music imprint.

“I never signed any paperwork with Ross. It was just my deal was over at Warner already…I ain’t really got too much to say to somebody that ain’t got too much to say to me. I’m not a brownnose, I ain’t a punk ass nigga and I’m not finna go trying to chase behind somebody that ain’t sayin’ nothing to me.”

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  • D

    u weren’t sayin that when u were rocking that mmg chain

  • Tate

    Hmm… sounds like a disgruntled employee…

  • wow

    lame ass nigga was wack off top…. meek and wale grinded
    where ya music at fuck boi?

  • Donn

    Ain’t have a problem rocking that CHAIN though right or doing an album under the imprint though right.


  • The pyaah

    Ahh stop whinin! Meek Mill just stylin’ on’em. That’s all.

  • HeavenlyWatters

    Not that big a surprise it’s the same thing that happened to Game. He was on Interscope and they put him on G-Unit to increase his buzz.

  • vhingrhamesonyo’momma

    this is strictly because that shit you was droppin wasn’ t that hot. not hating but in comparison to the songs MIllz and Wale dropped “Pac-Man” was just okay. “I’ma Boss” was a huge record and Wale jus’ had consistent bangers versus just one big one wit’ “600 Benz” and “Bait” plus he already has a strong following. Outside of Atlanta no one is really checking for Pill like that, a few midwest states a couple country ass spots but not major market cities.Pill just need to sew up the mixtape market a lil more and continue to build on his momentum, you are a star but not a very well lit one just yet. use MMG to give you that leverage industry cats get but move like an indy nigga. GO Pill! GO

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  • andre 3k

    sounds like a win to me..he a free agent and got mmg to push him for a year with no paperwork…mmg just lost money on this one..and pill gotta larger platform for free 99…now lets see what he does now he has the attention of everyone…

  • yodaddy

    Grand Hustle!

  • Black Shady

    The thing is Pill didnt put work in like Meek and Wale. Them niggas keeps on dropping music/videos. I always wondered why Pill didnt do the same.

    This is the same formula Ross used in the last 2-3 years. every day there was a new rick ross song. every single motherfuckin day lol.

    Like they say … GO HARD OR GO HOME

  • Hermain co-CAIN

    Pill has a defeatist attitude.

    when meek millz deal with grand hustle didn’t work out…he didn’t quit

    when wale failed to meet expectations with interscope and they turned his back on him..he didn’t quit

    pill needs to buckle up

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    [email protected]”Pill Says He Never Signed To MMG”…Try to sign to YM they’ll take anybody i mean anybody.

  • yodaddy

    It’s just a case where it was too many niggas on one team. Pacman was as hot as any Wale song. Matter of fact, Pill had two of the best songs on the Self Made album.

    He’s also the best rapper out of Wale & Meek Mill.

    He was on Warner before he ever thought about MMG. It’s just another case of the label holding that man hostage. You can count on one hand how many videos PILL has been in and interviews attended.

    Look what happened to major artists like 50 Cent and Young Jeezy. With the label in the way you can’t really move like you want to move.

  • Tha Boss

    Rick Ross just dropped a New Years Eve vlog today! Meek Mill just had a video of him rap battling at 16 drop today. Meek Mill has dreamchasers 2 about to drop in about a month. Meek Mill has a mixtape with Wale on the way. Rick Ross has a mixtape dropping on Friday. These three guys have lit up the blog seen with videos all freaking year long. Stalley released a music video last week. He has been dropping videos consistently as well. All of this while Pill has done nothing.

    Some artist have no major artist or lable cosign and are making noise. In this day and age you have to determine your own success. For any artist new or old out there the best thing to do is pick up a college student who is majoring in film or someone who is good with a camera and have dude follow you everywhere doing vlogs and music videos. All of that while dropping mixtape after mixtape.

  • yodaddy

    Pill will bounce back




    GAYSON says:
    Wednesday, December 28 2011 at 10:32 PM EST

    ross only signed him cuz warner was pressin it on rozay…. they thought he was gone blow with that andre3k co-sign….. but pshhhhh……… they gave it another go…… if rozay got in the mix of his career… they felt like it would help him blow but nope…. so they (WARNER) dropped him and now he talkn about the WHAT IFS



    awwwwwwwwwwww ross wont speak to him, baby pill needs a hug

    come here boo boo 😀

  • Chosen One 11

    Keep grinding pill, look at what Wiz did!




    but this nigga been cool with gibbs before mmg and gibbs dissed mmg… so i guess he had to pick sides


    but this nigga is gonna get himself on the black list…. HE HAS NO LEVERAGE IN THE GAME AT ALL….


    double L… takes another L

  • M.T

    pill is irrelevant.

  • Acapella

    I mean, Pill is dope, but he doesn’t have that “IT” factor star quality that Meek & Wale posses. I always knew he wouldn’t get that much love from the public or the industry. He’s the Sheek of the camp. Dope lyricist, but nobody really pays him attention. Unfortunate.

  • herbsaac

    YOu guys are faggots

    This is a smart move on his part.. MMG won’t release a second cd

    Nobody bought the first one

    The commentors who were dickriding the two singles the CD had(im guessing they didnt listen to any of the other one since they are sknniy jean gangsters) probably downloaded the cd

    Nobody is checkin for a new wale ross or meek mill record..

    They come out and your like ehhhhh.. Nothing is ever astounding. Ross has fallen into the same two styles of rapping one is for tracks like B.M.F. and The other stupid ass songs that people liked for some reason

    And the style on Free Mason with Jay-z and the song “she crazy” with alliyah

    Ross only has these two styles and to anyone who actually likes the rap game and not the fucking internet youtube video sensations like mac miller(who also raps the exact smae on every fucking song) you understand how fucking stupid this shit actually is

    Good Job Pill.. Go sign with Jeezy at CTE get ya money with Gibbs.. Diss THE FUCKING SHIT OUT OF MMG and be one of the hundreds of reasons MMG wont drop a second CD

  • nzo


  • yodaddy

    Scottie Pippen, Tim Duncan >

    Send One Down ft. Trae Tha Truth >

    Cashin >

    I think I believe him. The Diagnosis was way harder than that Eleven One Eleven mixtape.

  • I Don’t See Stalley Complaining…

  • Milli

    People don’t relize That in the street no one is checking for these arttist Ross is a Internet rap artist. In reality no one is playing his stuff outside the computer. Pill neededs to sign to cte ( a street label) or jus do him. And go against Ross. Ross has no substance. He lies about his whole Carrer.


    Internet rap artist?? FOH!!
    Niggaz dunno half da ish ross rappin cuz dey not n da loop smh

  • kayandgee

    not good to see, i wanna see niggaz win, esp with my favourite team MMG, but this guy doesnt seem he belongs there if hes talking like that already, hes gona miss the boat

  • oj

    he got the real version of the fake glasses Rick Ross had on when 50 was F’n up his life. lol

    MMG is obviously a Warner Bros. hoax. Too early for fall-outs. Lol @ that so-called empire. lol

    Oh the low standard, a buzzing label with little units moved. lol

    You don’t see Stalley complain, oh but he will.

  • Mike Jones


  • If he was never signed, then Ross probably isn’t obligated to push his music…

  • Musikal

    He must’ve got dropped from the label.

  • Berklee

    don’t pull a cons. let the music speak for itself. u should be writing bars instead of ca-ca.

  • Your mother’s “friend”

    I swear niggas called it tho, i remember people(can’t remember who) on this site always saying he would be the first to beef with ross , but foreal what is it with rap niggas beefin with their labels ?? i say freddie gibbs is next


    stalley been complaining… go read his tweets from DEC 5TH… if he hadn’t deleted em


    ross been givng stalley attention though, cuz stalley is working and is hot.

  • Crew Love

    “lame ass nigga was wack off top…. meek and wale grinded
    where ya music at fuck boi?”

    Co sign wow



    lmao this nigga piLL made himself look stupid as shit though




  • Frontrunner

    Sounds like he is not as good as he thinks he is.

  • I wrote a editorial about this on my radio station blog. I really hope Pill pulls out of this with out being black listed.

  • Santa


  • John

    It is hard to build labels like No Limit, Cash Money 90’s era, Death Row, Bad Boy or even Wu Tang…it is just some politics, some meetings in a conference room trying to sell illusions.
    Duck Down is a real grass root label and they will keep going as long as they renew themselves, MMG is just an imprint…Masspike Miles, Magazeen, Triple C’s were the first artists and never blew…now Wale and Meek will use the platform and we’ll see, but MMG got so much to prove financially speaking and style wise so the ? remains…

  • king

    dnt quit pill…sign with grand hustle..u are an ATL native…they are on the verge of greatness..grabdhustle is under atlantic/warner…so it shouldnt be a biggie

  • FredHampton

    dis nigga mayne…

  • dogggggggg

    STOP! Now every knows dam fucking right that meek mill was the weakest in the pack frm the beginning ..if rick ross would have put as much input into pill as he did into meek than everyone knows pill would be twice what meek mill is at this point but who knows what ricky has against pill but if he woulda gave him the ima boss or tupac back beats from the beginning pill would be pretty huge right now

  • Coolo

    Pill just isn’t unique enough, he doesn’t bring shit to the table


    i bet he will sell more than Wale n Meek…..if he signs record deal to any other giant

  • Berklee

    This nigga needs to take a chill PILL! get it? ha!

  • Word

    Wow, ever since he started ranting against MMG, he has more comments on those post then he’s had in the 20+ post RR has made about him that relatively no one gave a fuck about. Every new track, new mixtape, feature, video, etc etc etc…no one cares. I have NEVER once met a dude that said “Pill is in my top 5 right now” or that Pill had best mixtape of any year. Never see nuffin bout him on Twitter or any media outlet on TV. So basically, this guy is non existent. And its simple why…hes such a generic dude. Any casual rap fan would confuse him with Ace Hood, Waka Flocka or the millions of other rap artist with dreads. Subject matter? Coke rap? Come on son.

    Point is, this guy isnt interesting enough for ppl to give a fuck about him. What is it about him that defines him as an artist that ppl would wanna hear? Im not even sold on Meek! Hes just as generic if you ask me. Only standout dude is Wale cuz of his sneaker game and subject matter. His delivery also and his hometown. Pill is from ATL. WOOOOW. Like there isnt already a billion artist based out of there. Dude should just stick to the underground scene if you ask me.

  • The Prophet

    Pill needs to realize that no one is going to hand him anything. Meek Mill and Wale weren’t handed a damn thing after their ventures failed. Wale started the #nodaysoff campaign on Twitter and his fanbase grew exponentially because of it. Meek Mill kept grinding after the Grand Hustle deal bombed. He needs to drop his OWN music, shoot his OWN videos and do his OWN shows even if it has to come out of his own pockets. The label isn’t going to do anything for you if you aren’t proactive yourself.

    Pill is an average rapper with no charisma. Mad because no one was feeling Pacman? Come on. Either you have it or you don’t and from what I’ve seen, Pill doesn’t have it. 2012 is going to be a make or break year for him. He needs to drop a tape with just his music and work on his grassroots. The A isn’t even feeling him.

  • mane

    or maybe this is a strategy to get attention and he has gotten some

  • I watched this twice and did not hear Pill say:

    “I never signed any paperwork with Ross. It was just my deal was over at Warner already”

    For the most part he was cordial, he made a few excuses but it’s not as bad as y’all making it seem. Maybe i’m missing something

  • Sportz

    That makes me wonder how many people over at YMCMB are ACTUALLY signed.

  • truth

    damn cuz how u let them clowns clown you. u had a bigger buzz solo


    This niggas name is pill Smh that says it all.. He’s better than Tyler the creator tho.. Which isn’t saying much

  • Maybe you should get off twitter and actually make some fuckin music….Wale and Meek were grindin every day throughout the year. Pill ain’t do shit. You can’t expect to get bigger just based off a compilation album. Ain’t got no substance neither. That “it” factor.

  • DAstan


  • Blank man

    Fuck dis nigga pill!!! Im from da miyayo n we never cosign dis nigga!! Breed way betta den dis country ass dude! gunplay need to drop dat bogota n show desecfuck niggas! Dis real dade county g shit! Ross may b ah Bitch but he frm da 305 n reconize dat splash n pill didnt have dat! Respect 2 meek cuz he lived dat life plus hez ah live rapoer

  • B

    “The Diagnosis was way harder than that Eleven One Eleven mixtape.”

    I cosign that.

    Pill still good in my book and will bounce back. Like cats been saying, he jsut need to use this as motivation/promotion and work harder. Really, hed be smart to build this up just a little further, then drop a hot record to prove all the doubters wrong, and prove he belongs more than ever.

  • Real Life

    ZoomZoomDad how many of these comments are yours?

  • steems

    This guy had the whackest lyrics in the MMG album, i FFWD his parts…he has NO EXCUSE cuz Wale grinded and dropped a album, Meek grinded and dropped a mixtape and is working on an album while doing features. Rozey is always in features, dropping a mixtape this friday and is working on his album….Now PLEASE tell me what YOU did Mr Pill??? GO somewhere, u make MMG look whack, get outta here. Whack boy……..Steems

  • ignant

    When keeping it real goes wrong.

  • X.Kalibur269

    Yall are buggin on Pill. 1st off all, he was hot before this move. got on the cover of XXL, & droped 3 fire mixtapes (the last of which didn’t really take because DJ Drama was screaming all over it. smh) Telling him to put in the work? let’s see here, since MMG start popping: All of them were on Self Made. Wale put out 1 mixtape, then his album. Meek Mill put out 1 mixtape. Pill put out 1 mixtape. I’m assuming Wale was 1st in line for an album, or else they’d all have only put out 1 mixtape. You really think Wale, & Meek Mill are paying for all those videos that are being shot? No, that’s Ross &/or the label. Pill got none of that. He has a right to be mad. Especially when he didn’t want to be there to begin with. They just threw him over there to try & get some money back from his deal. This is what happens when an artist signs a deal waaayyyyy to early in their career. Meek is popping because he didn’t sign a deal until he was on fire. Wale got a very, very, very rare 2nd chance (most people could care less about you once you flop). Pill should just say fuck em & continue to make his OWN mark in this shit (Wale, Nor Meek will ever get out from under Ross’ shadow). Get your money Pill. & Stalley needs to leave too. he’s not getting any help either… smh

  • herbsaac

    Understand that Rick Ross is not paying for any of this out of his pocket.. It is definitely whichever label is funding all of the studio time..

    The problem for music artists is they have to pay back the money..

    Sure they get there signing bonus.. and can keep that..

    But then they have to have studio time which the label basically fronts the payments for and the artist(any genre) wont re coup any of the money from his or her album sales until the studio makes its money back off the the sales of said album..

    Artists only reach into their own pocket if they feel they are being abused or some shit like that

  • Wack niggas is always whining…fuck outta here pill u’re wack as fuck…

  • John

    agree with X.Kalibur269

  • kayandgee

    wow pill more famous now than ever! get a mixtape out now show and prove son

  • DC

    This nigga isn’t going anywhere!

  • BIGBOY2011

    I work in the industry and its nothing more then politics in the game, he just has to get his buzz up and another label will come calling.

  • realtalk

    Pill should leave MMG and Warner, and sign to CTE. He and Gibbs could do one mixtape together, and then they could drop their individual albums. The real is on the comeback, and the competition will only heat up in 2012.

    All you hear the somewhat veteran rappers in the game (Jeezy, T.I. 50 Cent, Fabolous, etc) rapping about in their recent mixtapes is how they’re real and pissed off that there are so many fakes in the game. I think 2012 should be a “cleaning-house” year for the rap game, but maybe that’s just me.

    Cosign @ X.Kalibur269

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  • pap3rchazer

    damn we’ve seen this happen 7 years ago when interscope put Game in Gunit. that strategy worked cuz 50 did exactly what Dre n interscope fail to do which was give Game that PUSH. but Game got bigheaded when his debut sold 5 mil so turned his back n tarnished the Gunit brand all while interscope was still funding n profiting Game thru Geffen….which is still a win-win for interscope anyways. (Jimmy I. pulled a similar move with Death Row/Suge against Dre/Aftermath)

    If what Pill says is true, then I think Ross is smart for not pushing Pill for WB like 50 pushed Game for Dre n interscope in 05 becuz if Pill were to blow up then shit on MMG, then its a wrap!

  • ADot

    MMG is gonna self destruct soon, I’m willing to bet money on it. Wale had his run I doubt he ever reaches this height again. Meek is turning into Ross mini me by rapping the same on EVERY song. Soon all ths dick riders will see, Ross signed all these artists to ride their wave(s) so he can get more money. When he realized how the internet was poppin he tried to scoop Wiz, he wasnt hip to Wale met the nigga in the strip club prob & Wale talked em to def bout his label situation + stroked officer ricky’s ego about his music. He even said himself he wasnt hip to Meek until fans in Philly told him about em. Wale & Meek were gonna sign to Grand Hustle, Tip was locked up and in the mix Ross stole potential artists and producers from that label. Sucka shit, prior to those deals Wale was in Atlanta dick riding Dro & Meek was in Philly gettin scholled on the game by Young Chris & waitin for Tip to come home. This shit is all politics & MMG won’t last much longer, mainly because Ross is a rich hater and MMG is running the rap game during the weakest era EVER!!


    Bitches is like cte! jeezy! 50cent! grand hustle! shut the fuck up with all that bullshit dudes is the new bitches i swear anything to hate on ross.. get money or die plain n simple blogging like sum bitches ain’t about shit streets cant hear from the internet so pop OFF …

  • Chosen One 11

    Damn, ADOT just dropped alot of knowledge

  • rahrahrah

    I’m going to try and start a rumor, please help me by spreading this nonsense to all the other blogging hip-hop/rap sites.

    “Ask Pill who was real, bet he mentions me” “187” Freddie Gibbs.

    After Gibbs called out Pill on that song, Ross asked Pill to retaliate. And Pill refused to, this created a rift between the two and has led to the falling out. Pill is stuck in his present situation so he doesn’t know how to play it exactly, he’s agreed with Ross to part ways, but he needs out of his label situation. Just like when Ross and Jeezy were going at each other because they are under the same umbrella they couldn’t have outright war, other than a war of words.

    Okay minions take it and run with it.

  • MeLikey

    WTF Pill?
    Let me get this right…
    Rick Ross went out of his way to let you use his name, put U on a pretty big project, got your name out to a bigger demographic & you’re not even HIS artist (meaning he profits off of nothing you do) & you’re b*tching because he didn’t do more??????
    What did U do for yourself ALL YEAR????
    The industry threw Wale away & he came back hella strong. Meek on EVERYTHING killing. Ross is positioning himself nicely as a boss. So it didn’t make sense that Ross leave one of his own in the cold. Then I find out you’re on Warner Brother! Go b*tch to them!

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  • Pretty edited and chopped… Next…

  • Its Like When you Here MMG, Dem Fools Be leaving You out! but iAInt Gon Lie Yhu Myt As Well Leave Outta MMG! !#iSupportHipHop

  • yodaddy


    It’s clear Pill doesn’t get videos for shit. Before he started rocking with them he had hella videos and vlogs and shit walking thrugh Pink City and documentaries and shit.

    After he got on with MMG he had NOTHING. Check the records. Pill was only in the Pacman video and that was it. His mixtape had ZERO videos. He was not on tour with them and he wasn’t making the rounds with the interviews and whatever.

    Sometimes you can blame the artist but a lot of times it really is the label. Yo Gotti was held hostage for 3 years with Live From The Kitchen, 50 Cent is complaining, Young Jeezy had all kind of label drama, Lupe Fiasco, Saigon, Wale’s first album etc. etc.

    Don’t act like he was sitting around chillin all year. He was dropping songs and freestyles all year, The Diagnosis mixtape was 2011. He was on Self Made album. But it was clear he wasn’t a priority like Wale or Meek Mill.

  • Derek

    what kind of name is pill anyway? what a biggity bitch.

  • WetBack

    Having a Rap name like Pill makes it difficult to brand. With such a name it’s very easy to get lost in the shuffle. Yoou should add another name to ‘Pill’.

    Now that you’ve got our attention, go in the studio, make music, virals, blogs, vlogs, the whole nine…

  • Trouble Maker

    Before the association with MMG I didn’t know who Pill was. Downloaded The Diagnosis mixtape, and think it’s decent. The DJ was annoying at times but the music itself is pretty good.

    So u weren’t not signed to MMG but they still gave you more exposure, put u on the Self Made compilation. U R complaing because…?!? The money spent on u should have been invested in Triple C’s or somebody else.

    U’ve been getting our attention in the last few days so use this opportunity and grind some more.

  • wutzgoodie

    OH SHIT. I just got some free nfl gear from modell’s

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