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  • “That’s like $200,000 a word”

  • sck

    this nigga gettin’ money!!

  • http://www.hardheadglobal.com
    ya’ll enjoy the free music………..

    much love………….-Highlight

  • Swag

    Nigga sound like a middle aged white woman

  • Dr. Dre’s Ass

    He’s Not That Rich…
    70% Of That money Goes To Lawlers…

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  • I’m dream fan but off the mic son is a weirdo face nigga.. He look like a pedophile or some shit

  • ocreppinn

    FUck this NIgga

  • ridalen

    It goes to ‘lawlers’? 70%? Man shut up and give me my fries. You obviously dont know shit.

  • http://www.myspace.com/onepercentfree

    He learned a way to talk that when he say’s it it sounds wrong but when he get’s someone else to repeat what he say’s it sounds good/// it looks like a trick he tough himself and everyone wants it but only The dream knows how to do it.

    That’s what makes him a great producer…

  • The_LoveCult

    Follow The-Dream ( @MrTeriusNash ) The Single 4 the New Album #TheLoveIV Dropping early 2012 #RadioKillaRecords TheLoveCult

  • the great zeee

    this whole interview was gay.

  • fuck this shit

    this nigga is beyond gay

  • fuck this shit

    niggas like this should never see face time…. just stay in ya closet fuck boy

  • fuck this shit

    this nigga sweeter than a bag of fruit gushers