• Truth


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  • Mike S.

    although I swear by my NI Maschine and my MPC2500 is in the corner collecting dust… I will probably own one of these.. just cause! LOL

  • Dark Nyte

    oh word this can emulate the sound of MPC60? ill just see about that.

  • Q Tip seems like an asshole. I dont know for sure, but thats always the vibe I get from that dude. Seems cocky.

  • atcq

    Q-tip can be cocky…..dude is a genius PERIOD

  • No!! Being cocky is never cool.

  • poison i

    OK… please tell me somebody is using this beat!!!

  • Tone Def

    No matter what controller or “maschine” i bought, i could never get the MPC out of my mind. Since moving to sequencing on my computer nothing has been the same. What a relief!!! I was so excited to see Akai’s new MPC Renaissance. I am most def buying this. I just sold Maschine to have the extra loot to get this. I always missed the timing control of my beats with the MPC. Now I will be able to get that control, feel and recall my previous seq and sounds from my mpc’s 2000, 3000 and 4000 songs.