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  • wow

    this niga too dope so much life and awkward but hot energy…. sign this niga philly got so much good energy out there…. na and i aint from philly

  • That was pure gold on Drake’s beat, Peedi’s got some skills.

    I couldn’t hear it all ’cause the mix/recording was a bit rough but I like this:

    “Brush my teeth,
    keep ’em white
    like a kilo”

    @wow : agree about Philly’s talent lately 😀

  • peedi kills every beat he gets on. when is state property going to put out an album as a unit again?

  • shawn porter

    i fuxs w/ crack


    cant front couple yrs ago Peedi was actin a lil erractic like a sherm head….BUT DA NIGGA IS BACK LOOKIN FOCUSED AND SOUNDED BETTER THAN MOST DA NIGGAS PUTTIN OUT MUSIC….GET’EM CRACK!!!!!!!!!


    yo Peedi always goes in, love this dudes style when he rhymes. wish he got more burn

  • matrix

    somebody need to locc this nigg in the booth for a couple months bet u have pure heat he come up outta there…for real jay u fugged up not puttin this nigg and chris on the forefront smh…

  • Wolf floW

    Word! dude did that beat innnnn, This business is crazy, sooooo much talent out there but these robot heads running the show, P-Crack is entertianing dude wayyyyy better then lots of dudes getting paid for wack asss records. I suport as long as he keeps working and stepping it up.