• herohiro

    Mgk would be a prag in the pen and get his lungs tickled by them 5 dolla foot longs on jay pod wrapped in a mattres with that big jar of mayo….y’all might find it gross but for him its lunch

  • Anon DCPL

    dammit Doper, that ass made me click the video. No lie tho, them dudes killed that rack city beat better than tyga’s bitch ass. Who is this?

    anyway tho, back to the topic at hand. I couldn’t understand wtf X & MGK were trying to rap! is there an actual audio leak?

  • Edb

    This song iz old the original only has DMX on it without mgk itz called “Y’all Niggas Bounce”

  • BalladOfTheBlackGold

    Can’t run with the dog !

  • R

    Dmx fucking with them Crackheads again yep he’s back how long till he back to the cage

  • ItsTheTruth

    Cant imagine what this must be like. DMX dropped his debut when MGK was 8. Here they both are today, and X is tellin MGK, “I love you too dog, real talk”. To hear that from the same person MGK looked up to before he even thought about being a rapper himself. MGK has said himself that DMX and Eminem are the only rappers he fucks with, and I’m on the same page as him, I think both of them are legends and the realest rappers alive (Em/X). Props to MGK for how far he has come. Living the dream. Not even the biggest fan but I have to respect what he’s accomplished.

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  • SmokeYou

    Couldn’t understand a damn thing they said.

  • casper21

    that shit ain’t new X, you know as well as we do that shit was on the mixtape your people released like a year and a half ago or whenever, all they did was add an MGK verse, but whatever. It was mentioned in another news release that his first single was gonna be “Already”, that better not be the same “Already” that they put out like 2 years ago, it banged but the shit ain’t new, its recycled. I was really hoping that he would stay outta jail and record some new deep records instead of just throwing around shit they had in the vault.

  • MMG Newbie

    was hoping x would’ve knocked mgk out as soon as he started jumpin’ n just rocked out.

  • Acapella

    This shit was wack. Appreciate the effort tho.

  • dodo

    X is washed up. cocaine is one helluva drug.

  • beatmode

    this beat is old X did a song on it called Yall niggas Bounce.. way back in ’10

  • This beat is by J.R.Rotem and this beat was used by Clyde Carson featuring The Game & Sean Kingston called In Da Club.

  • They look production like this: http://hulkshare.com/k19wtplqoxav Song sent to me from: Facebook.com/BaltimoreNolanRobinson I suppose he produced and rapped on this.

  • Dmx is a hiphop legend nothing can take anything away from that..

  • FAH Q

    Cool track, they shoulda done it over an original instead of a mixtape beat