Jimmy Kimmel “Donda” Commercial

A couple nights ago Kanye West announced his new company, Donda. Jimmy Kimmel helped spread the word on his show last night with a lighthearted commercial. Don’t be mad, Yeezy World Peace is hiring.


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  • Truth

    i’m a kanye fan, and this nigga just can’t win. he loses even when he wins. shoulda stayed in your seat! white America got their foot on your neck and they ain’t lettin up

  • Ricky Retardo

    I got this strange feeling Ye’s gonna spaz on jimmy for this.

  • In Your Fucking Face

    LOL Nahhh Ye Tolerates Kimmel Making Fun Of Him Look At This

  • NuJew

    The World just doesn’t fuck with you Kanye…

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  • belly

    that last part was hella funny

  • dll32

    can’t wait for ye’s respond. this is just effin disrespectful and not funny at all -_-‘

  • Mankind

    kinda sucks when a person wants to do anything positive for the world, the media would automatically laugh at their face and make ‘funny’ videos about it. the media would never encourage people to do anything positive thats why people always tend to hide themselves when they do good but show off when they do bad, thats how the media wants it to be.

  • Whatever

    ^Nice run-on sentence. Tell it at parties.

  • Timofey d

    It’s messed up how all of those tweets Jimmy referenced weren’t even in the “rant”. You guys should read Ye’s actual rant…it’s super motivational and thought provoking actually…

  • I dont see this as funny. I see it as kind of disrespectful and distasteful. RIP Donda West


  • get bucks

    Funny as hell!!!