• BK James

    RR takes dickriding to an unheard of plateau with this one…


  • Money Team

    Dick sucking at its finest…. lol

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    When is the wedding?

  • Black Shady

    damn I thought that MMG jacket was gone….got fooled by that Jeezy interview. HA!

  • King of Diamonds Stripper Pole Sanitizor

    YN is the EPITOMY of A D!CKRIDER


  • Rap’s Radar

    Ross pays this nigga’s bills.

  • BlackAnastasia

    A lot of these fake niggas in this industry don’t really approve of Ross with the whole C.O. thing and behind his back they call him a fraud,but since he’s winning right now they all pretend everything is Kosher.People are Phony is fuck!

  • JustMyOpinion

    What’s wrong with YN showing luv to a cat that is lyrically strong? It’s about time we endorse lyricism, how long can one dance and make a fool of themselves when a song comes on? SMH @ illiteracy.

  • It’s funny, how faggots still sign off on this (Rick Ross) shit, my interpretation is that these studio gangstars and the faggots that support them. Are scared of the real OG’S like myself that really know what hustling is all about…You can always pay (Studio Gangstars) less than real gangstars…lol

  • BK James


    I agree with what you are saying, but lyrically Ross is decent at best. His subject matter is extremely limited and his wordplay is quite basic. I’m not saying he’s a bad lyricist, but he’s far from strong. Sure, he’s not making club/fucking music, but he’s not doing anything deep either. See Aesop Rock and Cannibal Ox for true lyricism. Cats currently keeping the tradition going strong include Kendrick Lamar and Tech N9ne. The problem is the industy as a whole is stagnant lyrically, which makes the uninformed think that Ross is a great lyricist because he’s better than a lot of these young guns who are just all around bland (J.Cole, Drake, Ace Hood, ect. ect.) when historically he can’t hold a candle to the competition.


  • JustMyOpinion

    @BK James thanks for giving a intelligent response instead of just saying “^ hater” or some other off the wall response. I see where you coming from, can’t front ASAP Rocky flow is ill. EXTRA thank you for putting out those THREE bland rappers same formula: POP(PY) music.
    @ BigHomie re-post that interview I caught the last 10 mins, where Ross was talking about writing most of ‘Rich Forever’ after coming back from South Africa.

  • Lucky P

    niggas are too dumb to realize that ross is cornering the market and aligning himself with all the right people.

    its friday but you niggas NEVER think regs of the day of the week.

  • lol

    that pictures hilarious son. giggles and giddy. tryin ta look like he family. funk flex ray j sndrome. ‘tee tee hee! we are laughing together! in case yourr wondering, YES its an inside joke! me and roz are SO close y’all OMG frrealzzzz ‘ hash tag for the team nut huggers

    mixtape is dope. but this is funny

  • lol

    i forgot a ‘ha!’at the end.

  • fuk waka

    YN’s face looks like he just got out off Rozay’z ASS!

  • Fuck Swag

    Oh here we go, let the MMG dickriding begin. I mean continue.

  • WOW

  • I understand that this is your site and you want to do whatever with it, cool.

    However, can you inform your readers about the SOPA act? Because trust and believe, if it gets passed, sites like Rapradar can and maybe will be taken down.

    Spread the knowledge, fam.

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  • Fernando

    First off, Rick Ross is lyrically strong? 99% of these mainstream cats are lyrically bullshit and have cheesy punchlines…Lloyd Banks, Fab, there are a few who are gifted lyrically.
    Then I wanna see all these Rick Ross dickriders when his wave is falling he hasn’t had the impact to stay relevant enough. He always talks about money but he is soo much behind other artist like Diddy, Jay, 50, Birdman…He will never be mentioned in Hip Hop history, he just has momentum and it will end sooner or later.
    Im out!

  • Fernando

    Ohh and another thing!
    ya’ll can hate all ya want. ya’ll motherfuckers are not even wearing the real gucci ya’ll making that shit, so stop that fat boy ’cause that shit don’t come in 4X – Sha Money XL

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  • MMG Newbie

    yn shoulda stayed on vacation n passed the torch to someone who cares. fuck payola!

  • WOW


  • Big LG

    2 hours of rick ross to commemorate a mixtape?? i have to admit, thats a bit outrageous…

  • Sin