New Video: Sticky Fingaz “Rap Starr”

Move over White Bob. Playing two roles (a white man at that), the Onyx frontman takes aim at the industry with the typical stereotype of a rap star. Co-starring Heidi Marie.

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  • hazz


  • W Stylez

    Now This Is Hip Hop… VICIOUS…

  • this shit sucks ass

    Jus stop rapin

  • get bucks

    That was hot, but wasn’t this the same dude tellin people to throw ya gunz in the air??? Live Niggaz was the shit on the show soundtrack, but MTV boxing (50 Cent punchline) and them starter pistol stories on the tour bus or wherever niggaz got caught frontin bodied official nasty…#2012historylesson

  • @getbucks what happened with a starter pistol?

    Sticky got some great concepts.I wish it would have worked out at Aftermath when he was rocking with them.I like this.dope
    Loch Drake Headlines freestyle music video

  • JohnB

    Only the fool don’t change!!!!!!

    This is pure DOPE!!!! (funny and realistic)

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  • OmegaSun

    Dont sleep on the biography of Kirk Jones.

  • Dr. Dre’s Ass

    Dude Makes Mad Money From Royaltys

  • i like this


  • coco loco

    this was cool….

  • Dopest video of 2012, so far! God bless Sticky for coming with the REAL HIPHOP!!!

  • I Support

  • Brutally Honest

    Sticky was always the stand-out star in Onyx …

  • Good Video & Very True this Rap Game is crazy just 2 sell records , follow me @DooDoo_Brown101

  • lol i mean @DooDoo_Brown1

  • Negrito


    And Stickys debut was classic

    He classic