New Music: Bow Wow x Lloyd Banks “Yeah Yeah”

Bow Wow’s Underrated is still on the way. Earlier today, DJ Whoo Kid gave a premiere of a new record featuring Lloyd Banks during his G-Unit Radio show on Shade 45. Radio rip courtesy of DHH.

UPDATE: No tags. CDQ.

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  • KoldCase

    all seeing eye

    bow wow is ok tho

  • John

    Banks got his check killed lil bow wow and then laughed his ass off

  • 74×74

    Nobody can say RR didn’t try to help bow wow out…

  • RealHipHopBack

    Banks the illest. Bow dissapointed

  • Dr. Dre’s Ass

    Bow Wow Tryna Start a Buzz With That Pic…

  • DAstan

    Most random collabo!!! WACK!



  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    [email protected]”BANKS AINT GOT IT NO MORE.” Get off them pills. Banks got skills. Just jump to 1:45. For the Banks verse. You’ll thank me later.

  • Is it even possible to find someone who is anticipating Bow Wow’s project?

  • ric

    banks the illest yoooooooooo son

  • young

  • He says the same thing every song he raps on… “I drive this, I smoke this, ur girl this” cats don’t like his girl songs but at least they have more substance then these tracks — Banks destroyed him. the beat was crafted for him…

  • Sin

    the closest we’ll get to a gunit cash money collabo(busta rhymes dont count in this)
    wayne probably will but 50 too self conscious bout his image. Bet that shit would be hard as fuck tho.

  • Mru

    Banks and bow wow? Is this a mistake? Smh Banks better sue them for stealing his acapella

  • PAP

    I’d rather hear corey gunz n banks on this beat than bow wow….

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  • Hip-Hip Fiend

    “We walk around with gunz the size of Lil’ Bow Bow”.

  • U DUMB

  • Bam!!!

    Ah Man Bow Wow AND Lloyd Banks. I been waiting for this!!!

    NOT!!!! Kill this nosie

  • marko-v

    Fresh and unexpected

  • If banks was a real nigga then hed tell 50 to sign this kid: Song sent to me from: I suppose he produced and rapped on this.

  • swisha

    @Sin a 50 cent & lil wayne collabo would probably never ever happen, fif & weezy on a track together would be hella crazy

  • Joeycrack

    Why is banks any better then bow wow?
    I just listened to the song and nothing on it tells me he’s Better then bow wow people are just brainwashed to thinking it’s no cool to like bow wow..and you guys feel like your real hiphop fans cuz you like unsuccessful artist…

  • nzo

    2 garbage artist i think i’ll pass

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  • Black Shady

    did this nigga Joeycrack (3 comments above) really said “Why is Banks any better than Bow Wow” ?

    LOL nigga off yourself

  • King

    whack….as usual Black Shady can’t get Banks dick outta his mouth….Banks is trash Bow Wow is super trash

  • Kunta Kente

    This should get the streets on fire. LOOKING ASS!

  • ppppp

    peek-a-boo!! i’m still a faggot!!

  • ReadBetween

    lmao @ NZO … Comes just to hate.
    Fan of both. As a collaboration this was weak cause its just a banks verse in a bow song. a weak bow song at that. banks verse was decent.

  • Devil


  • Weird combo.Can’t believe G Unit is working w/ YM.Banks always goes in.Not sure why they did a song together.Sounds like a banks song they just put Bow Wow on.beat is’s alright overall.Banks made it official.When did Bow get all those tats?
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  • Sin

    go back to the studio and dont kome out til u got something harder

  • Foekist

    It amazes me that Bow even has a career. How anyone can take him seriously baffles me.

  • LDond

    Bow and Banks…..didn’t expect that. Bow Wow never really gets dissed by other rappers tho (like Yung Berg, Soulja Boy ), only people on the internet go in for whatever reason.

    Flow was iight, beat selection not bad. Banks didn’t outshine Bow and Bow didn’t kill Banks either.

  • AletaM

    This song is a #1 hit of 2012! Bow os beast at everything he do. #wizzle

  • DawgItCantBe

    Man, Bow really has grown. Bro been putting in work on his album since day 1. #Salute to you my bro. Track is dope! Coping that Underrated album fo sho.

  • Been a fan of Bow Wow since day 1 I love how his maturing with all the songs he comes out with.

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