T.I. Says Trouble Man Is Almost Done

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T.I. tells MTV he’s 75% done with his new album and has recorded 70 tracks. He says he’s bringing back the vintage TIP sound and plans to get back in the lab with Dr. Dre during its finalizing stages.

We plan on getting back in and coming up with a few more, so you never know what could become of that.  We got one with Akon, did a few records with Rico Love. Man, I got records with just about everybody.

We just putting it together, we done did about 70 records. So now we’re in the narrowing-down process. So we’ll narrow them down, we’ll do probably about 15 more.  

We got a lot of hot, old-school, vintage T.I. records on there. I’m talking like gutter, gangsta, intellectual ignorance, hard-core stadium sh–, but at the same time we got those over-the-top crossover records as well, big features and whatnot that we plan on putting into play.”

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    should be expecting some wack pop crap… typical bullshit

  • uhuh

    tip was killin shit in ’08 – ’09. look at him now… who would’ve thought? sigh…

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  • JustMyOpinion

    @ SNITCHING IS MY MOTTO – hope not.

  • Smh

    Isnt saying you recorded 5000 tracks for your album played out? I remember 50 said he recorded 300 songs for the massacre haha. TI is wack

  • JG

    tip was killin shit in ’08 – ’09. look at him now… who would’ve thought? sigh…

    sad but true

  • dix

    dr dre got 10k tracks for detoxover-the-top crossover records as well


  • dix

    “over-the-top crossover records as well”

  • ric

    tip is ova he dont chek the stats mmg is winning bitch u wasnt with me shooting in the gym

  • Dman

    i didnt know there was such thing as intellectual ignorance…

  • Acapella

    This nigga ALWAYS does 60-70 songs per album and half them joints be ass…come on Tip…Break out that Trap Muzik Urban Legend Tip, not the No Mercy T.I. Vs T.I.P Tip.

  • Dr. Dre’s Ass

    T.I.P Just Bores The Fuck Outta Me…

  • poetic assasin

    what do artists do with all these songs, are they complete songs or just 1 verse records…. and who is just giving away beats and the artists aint doing anything with them? 70 songs? hr said he did bout 55 last album… so thats bout 100 songs just chilling? thats a whole lot of studio time and effort just wasted… I know when i go into the studio I know what i want and i bang out 20 tracks and im done- how do u do 70 songs and only be 75% done? smmfh

  • @poetic assassin


  • Mind-T



  • petey wheatstraw (@http://da-sauce.proboards.com)

    alot of time rappers will reuse the verse on a different beat that fits better or whatever.

    pac did that shit alot, so did snoop in the deathrow days.

  • John

    We got one with Akon, did a few records with Rico Love. Man, I got records with just about everybody.

    thats the trouble with hip hop now its not a compilation album its a t.i. album

  • RealHipHopBack

    Pop flops in my eyes t.i need ti get back to the good ole days

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  • veesky

    As long as it’s better than his mixtape…

  • Frontrunner

    TI > most rappers, including Ross…fuck the dumb shit…

  • RapMusic25

    Look at all the low life haters in here.Fuck The City Up was dope as fuck so this album will be good.And hope he get some Dre beats on there to really fuck a hater up.Lol suckas

  • Sweetre15

    Some of y’all tripping…all he’s saying is that there’s a mix of the street-oriented records he’s known for and the kind of pop records that were on Paper trail which ain’t exactly a bad thing if he knows how to balance it….Gay Z did this on the 1st Blueprint and most of his fans loved it.

  • the finishline

    Fuck Da City Up is bout 16 songs deep so dude been workin. U have record more songs than needed yhen pick the best joints. New cats record 14 cuts put em out and over half be ass, work!!!!

  • dodo

    locked up two or three times, wack tv show, why do people support this dude?

  • Tucq

    T.I.’s mixtape was harder than a lot of cats albums. Trouble man should b good

  • devante

    70 he throws this number around everytimes he’s working on an album.


  • TRUU

  • Frontrunner

    <Twerk Team

  • H-town

    It’s a lot of bitchass nigga’s hating on Tip all you fuck niggas need to suck a hippotumus dick

    KING album of the year and mixtape of the year!!!

  • TI needs an hit. Stop f’ing with rico love and get production from this: http://hulkshare.com/k19wtplqoxav Song sent to me from: Facebook.com/BaltimoreNolanRobinson I suppose he produced and rapped on this.


    FUCKING HELL… rico love the guy on your worse album ever ”NO MERY” lmao… tip u came with a hard mixtape … now u gotta deliver on the album…. no fucking pop ish… and seems like the albums rushed?? … take your time….RECORD FOR RECORD….

  • @ric check the numbers.Ross ain’t on Tip’s level.Ross never went platinum while Tip is multi platinum off every album damn near.Ross did 650K while Tip did almost the same in jail with average music

    Tip always makes great albums.No mercy of course was rushed.besides that Tip got classics

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  • Word

    T.I. my nigga but instead of doing 70 random as tracks, just do 7 perfect ones then add more. This 70 tracks bullshit is lame. 70 random ass generic songs but only 10 are prolly decent. Come on TIP.