’11 Disappointing Albums: #2 Lupe Fiasco Lasers

It took a minute for Lupe’s Lasers to occupy stores. But to hear fans tell it, it wasn’t worth the wait. Unlike his previous efforts, Lupe ditched his lyrical wizardry for Top 40 appeal. Most of the backlash started from “The Show Goes On” and ended with the Trey Songz collaboration, “Out Of My Head”. But who are we kidding? Fans are fickle. So it’s hard to dismiss standouts like, “All Black Everything” and “Words I Never Said”. Lasers is Lupe’s most successful album to date, so really, who’s the biggest LOSER afterall?

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  • yeah that album was trash

  • Word

    EHhhhhhhhhhhhh this is another one where it depends on who you talk to. I definitely dont like the album as much as The Cool but I know casual rap fans that loved it. I enjoyed a couple tracks but I dont get that vintage Lupe feel im use to. Nice attempt at stepping out the box. And Show Goes On is my shit. I wouldnt put this on any other list (Best, Worst, Underrated) so I guess Disappointing is fine with me.

  • YN for claiming that it was never going to drop. In your face

  • Word

    ^ Cosign lol

  • ms 305

    Completely disagree. I think he had a lot of things to say on this album. He’s talking about things that no other rapper is worried about. He let another outlet show as an artist. Embrace it I hate that people expect to hear the same thing over and over again. Bad choice.

  • hello world

    you guys killed me with Nas having the #1 disappointing album last year. YN is too old to be nut hugging Jay man, jus saying .

  • M.T

    This album was disappointing but it shouldnt be at number 2.

  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    Blue Slide Park or Radioactive has to the most disappointing albums of 2011.

  • DJ Game

    are you out of your mind? even with all the mainstream success, this album was still top 10 lyrically. and performance wise? i saw this man at the roseland ballroom, and he is definitely an amazing performer that loves music and performing. i personally think this was neither a disappointing or a underrated album. it was an album that hip-hop needed. the production, and even the pop songs on it still were good.

  • M.T

    Tha Carter 4 should be at number 1.

  • jonnybizness

    tell me it’s wayne ain’t nobody still playin c4 it did it’s numbers but no real replay value

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  • Acapella

    This album WAS ass, but it should be in Wiz’s spot and vice versa.

  • Word

    If Carter 4 isnt number one than all of the RR staff can go kill yourselves. Theres no other list that album should be on unless yall put it on “Worst Album of the Year”

  • jonnybizness

    Second guess the Wayne comment it’s got to be Tyler after the hype of Yonkers that shit came and went like the Flu

  • Citylivin’

    Acapella says:
    Monday, January 09 2012 at 6:02 PM EST
    This album WAS ass, but it should be in Wiz’s spot and vice versa.

    ^^^^^THIS!…atleast i can listen all the way thru “Lasers” and rock to it a lil…i can’t get thru “Rolling Papers” at all…and i’mma Wiz fan.

  • Taheim

    The Carter 4 sold more than every rap album last year

  • M.T

    ^ and?

  • Luke

    The lyrics were still there, however the beats were too mainstream

  • I never heard the whole album, but I liked the singles.I heard a couple of club song leaks that probably got on his fan’s nerves
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  • Matt

    So nobody remembers how Atlantic treats their artists? Nobody remembers that people PROTESTED for this album and only got the “label approved” album MONTHS after Lupe said it was done?

  • disagree one of the best albums reason why he couldn’t get deep with the wordplay and the structure plus substance it because is hands was tied and he had to meet the label half way with the commercial material.

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  • dotty Mc Scotty
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