’11 Underrated Albums: #2 DJ Quik The Book Of David

DJ Quik is in the muthafuckin’ house. Unfortunately, only a few took notice with his latest CD, The Book Of David. Quik stayed true to the Left Coast and repped for the hometown on “So Compton”. He kept the party popping with (“Nobody” and “Boogie Till You Conk”) and then aired out personal grievances (“Ghetto Rendezvous”, “Killer Dope”). Needless to say, The Book Of David should’ve been a bestseller.

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  • Hip-Hip Fiend

    @B. dot Childish Gambino Camp has to be #1.

  • Your mother’s “friend”

    Released in the wrong decade

  • DasVinci

    THis should be #1

  • Akward

    That Camp does go hard. Niggas be sleeping on that shit tho.

  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    Prolly gonna put Shabazz Palaces “Black Up” at #1.

  • p. dom

    No doubt @DasVinci. It should be number one. I STILL play this album on a regular basis.

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  • Dr. Dre’s Ass

    Quik Has The Rolling Threw CA On a Summer Day Sound…

  • jasså

    This album is mediocre, he`s simply overrated.
    And, yes, i bought this album.

  • Jimmy Nu

    DJ Quik is the Top 3 best Rap “Musician” that the West Coast ever gave birth to. Standing strong at #1 in my book. Keep doin your thang David

  • Bmajor

    Damn, @Jassa said Quik is over rated? hahaha, maaaaan. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but to be over rated you have to have wide mainstream acclaim which he often does not…People in the game respect him cuz they recognize the level of his talent.

    I personally love the album, it is on point both musically and lyrically. I happen to be a big fan of that sunny day ridin’ music, just like @Dr. Dre’s Ass.

  • Chan

    #1 most underrated album of the year in my opinion. Quik is a legend and this album proves he still has it. DJ QUIK is the shit. This album is amazing.

  • Chan

    For anyone doubting quiks skills please listen.

  • Chan

    Thank you for this album. Support REAL music. Quik please keep making classic albums.

  • Maniak

    Quik is the BEST.

    At least he finishes his albums….

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  • King

    Point Blank most underrated…”Killer Dope” “Ghetto Rendezvous” “Luv Of My Life” “Nobody” are all such dope tracks….fuck the sales

  • Kev

    Poppin’ knocks…

  • Foekist

    This should be #1 if u ask me. CLASSIC!! If you havent heard it already you have to check it out

  • Foekist

    Maniak says:
    Monday, January 09 2012 at 7:30 PM EST
    Quik is the BEST.

    At least he finishes his albums….

    lol real talk

  • Foekist

    It’s so muthafuckin Compton!!!! Ha, and I am from Ireland.

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  • I know Dj Quik is the beast on beats & he got some dope gangster lyrics. Book Of David is the bomb. It’s been a long time please go commercial so here in South Africa can get more of your staff. Balance And Option is still my best.

  • Red Vibes

    Dj Quik is the best musician in hip hop period.Always thought he would’ve went to that next level along time ago but never did .Alot of people outside of Cali think his music is too soft & he has nothing to talk about but this nigga always spittin game ya feel me.Real recognize real that’s why i been down with this nigga from day one and will continue to represent.Keep the p in it…. Toledo,Ohio in this bitch.

  • Loca jim

  • Garcia is the name

    QUIK is thee baddest to touch mpc3000 808’s and fly with his flows so quik keep putting out that fly shit ur hard quik and u know it……peace quik one love New Mexico Albuquerque baby i’m out