’11 Underrated Albums: #3 Saigon The Greatest Story Never Told

They say patience is a virtue and I don’t know anyone who has more than Saigon who waited four years to release his debut album the way he intended. Sorry Atlantic, this is uncompromising boom bap rap with a message. Anchored by the amazing production of Just Blaze, GSNT is a conceptual album that is better served in one complete listen. Still there are plenty of standouts like the one-two punch of “Enemies” and “Friends”, the Marsha Ambrosius-aided “It’s Alright” and the outstanding “Oh Yeah (Our Babies)”. Without a doubt, Giddy had a story to tell and thankfully he finally got to tell it. Salute!

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  • Real Deal

    This should be #1. I’m glad it was at least recognized

  • JustMyOpinion

    I’ll keep it real for a moment: I bought this album due to Saigon’s passion about being true to HIS art form and refused to change ANY song just for a radio appeal. Don’t believe? I bought this album and NEVER listened to it (No dis-that’s just how much I wanted to support the dude). Told ya…..the man is passionate about his music and any artist (in any profession) about his/her work needs supporting.
    ^I hope that sounds right..

  • JohnBoy

    Amazing album

    Amazing artist

    Can’t wait till the next one

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  • JustMyOpinion

    @ Mind-T damn son why you so angry? Scroll down a few Jay-z made a song for YOU. SMH

  • paz
  • Able Danger

    It’s an album in every sense, not one of those collections of singles thrown together to be picked apart and sold for 99¢. Hit play and hit the gym.

    I know Pharoahe’s W.A.R. album is coming up on this list rrrrrrright?

  • Ran

    This should be number 1!

  • Spring Vallian

    Saigon or Brian, as we know him, is about as gangster as a used Tampon, and about as politically influential as Sarah Palin. This vertically challenged circus reject has been given the blessing of working with a legend and using said legend’s name to help get accepted by the Hip-Hop community. He’s ungrateful, he’s a woman abuser, and continuously clings on a jail aura which is pretty much one of the weakest ways in the world to try and prove that you’re “hard”. He shot a crack head after being peer pressured into it. Real G, right? BTW Brain, Fabien says “What Up!” Lol He’s NOT wanted in either hood in which he claims he’s from, and raps about shit our Hip-Hop greats have covered a long time ago. Shouts to Just Blaze for the dope instrumentals, but Saigon is a joke. No disrespect to Mr. Wilson. Ha!

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  • Hit me up on twitter for fresh beats

  • Completely agree on this one

  • Tucq

    This album was very good.

    It’ s probably slept on because it’s style is so 90s.

  • Your mother’s “friend”

    LMAO cosign Spring Vallian , Saigon’s music always sounded forced to me

  • M.T

    heard this album was good. might check it out.

  • CarreraLu

    @Spring Vallian
    Listen to the project before thinking you are so entitled.
    It is undoubtedly one of the better album to come out in 2011.

    Thanks for giving GSNT some cred. I can’t believe how quickly this
    album was forgot about.

  • DARN

  • Hip-Hip Fiend

    Unless yall some dumb motherfuckers Childish Gambion “Camp” better be #1.

  • abracadabra

    Good HIP HOP album ….he came with that shit niggas need to listen to

  • jordanyroc

    It’s great to see Sai get some sort of recognition, so S/O to RapRadar for that… W/ that being said tho, GSNT is by far not only the BEST album released last year but IMO the best album since The Blueprint!… It should be album of the year, the word classic gets thrown around n misused way too much now a days but this album truly is a classic, it embodies everything that Hip Hop should be, a GREAT MC n a GREAT producer teamed up to deliver an amazing album, from the amazing concept of the album being a dream of Saigon being locked up n imagining that every track on the radio as he skipped through stations was a song of his, to the impeccable sequencing on the album, to the incredible song writing n production throughout the project, to the guest on the album all delivering n actually adding a different element to each track, to the number of topics n issues that Sai addresses, the overall message of the album, even the skits added something to the album, the amazing delivery of Sai’s hard hitting/potent/heartfelt/honest/thought provocking lyrics, to the diversity of the production on each song but yet not losing the smooth vibe of the listening experience… When artist start working on ALBUMS they need to have a vibe, vision n direction, but way too often we see a collection of songs instead of a cohesive project, rarely do we get an end result where actually the artist/producer deliver on what they try to achieve n that’s exactly what we have here, a MASTERPIECE!

  • jasså

    This should be the No.1.
    This album is pure fire.

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  • @ Spring Villian

    Spring Villian U sound like he fucked your girl or your sister… Thats a long as post to be hating on a nigga.. You sound bitter.

  • Foekist


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