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  • maya angelou chastised common on bet… now he wanna play hard and diss niggaz? him and luda gotta stop… just stop.

  • r54

    Drake need to give it up. Sweet boy

  • Damn

    You guys really need to put up an mp3 because this shit isn’t available outside of the US

  • David


  • MegaMegaMan

    Only hip hop can a hip hop legend with classic hip hop tracks and albums get into a problem with a lil rich jew child actor from the suburbs and the young kids say drake is better OH MY GOD

  • Berklee


  • Micah

    yo this shit 2 hard

  • Berklee

    damn. no sense common


    seriously, stop supporting drake. he is not good. this isn’t an opinion, its a fact.

  • Rashid has done better. I hope this ain’t hurt feelings over a broad that can bench press these cats.

  • Dom

    Drake >>>>

    Common is a legend, but Drake killed him over this shit. I’ll always have respect for Common, but you need to come harder than that…

  • ay

    Thats the best Common can do?

    As easy of a target Drake is, thats the best you can do?

    “You Canada dry” is corny.

    Fuck outta here.

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  • FTW

    This is just the warm up never the less that beyonce shit at the end was so unnecessary.


  • M

    Common >>>>>>>Drake be serious man

  • David

    In all seriousness..That “Canada Dry” line was corny ..but he did say some shit on here..but it was more or less lite weight..u could tell.

  • r54

    Drake stans always defend that dude like he’s their b*tch lol

    Common >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


    drake got make-up artists and ghost writers. lets be real, everyone knows that dude is a sugary fake popstar.


    Drake dont want none of Common… Ask Ice Cube

  • da bul

    Common didn’t come with it smh

  • Sense

    Common won this and only a Drake Stan, non-hip hop listening bitch can say anything different. Nice tight verse that rubbished everything Drake is about. Dead.

  • ninobrown

    damn common merked d ish out of it

  • Get Real

    Wack, cmon Lonnie. Don’t take this L laying down on the job. #drakestillwinning

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  • thisisfdr

    Com hit him with some light ether, trust Drake will notice some light burning of his soul off of this. Com touching on the subjects that many people been thinking, but few been saying, even if he’s coming off slightly like a hater, I know a lot of niccas that will love the fact Com saying these things.

  • Here’s the download link for the mp3 http://wp.me/p1LSCB-yS

  • Lil Majer The Cartune

    LMAO!! Common going in! Hahahaha

  • thisisfdr

    and you could already tell some people be judging rap battles off rhyme schemes and cadences and flows and shit. when going at drake, a dude could come with the most basic flow of all time, if he touching on certain subjects, the soul will begin to burn slow

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  • Here’s the actual download link for the mp3 version http://wp.me/p1LSCB-yV

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  • Crew Love

    It’s on!
    out of all the battles we could have imagined this isn’t one but I gotta say it’s interesting.
    This could be actually a nice Hip Hop battle.
    If Drizzy don’t hold back he can eat Common alive let’s see if he got it in him.
    If winning this could be a great longevity push for his career not that I think he necessarily needed one.
    It’s also good to finally hear rappers calling out names and not hiding behind subliminals

  • matt


  • Summit

    Come on people
    Common ain’t going 100% yet. Why would he when its only the first round..
    Common is O.G, legend, and a great lyricist. He even battled all of west coast connection back in the old days. G.O.O.D music !! finally someone rip them YMCMB people off the map..common all day

  • vhingrhamesonyo’momma

    common baitin this nigga and drake so stupid he fall for it each time….He put out “sweet” to get that nigga attention..drake being the egotistical moron he is responds….Com sends out a more direct diss thus garneshing more attention…now watch drake respond and thats when Com puts the finishing touches on the boy ehter style unless drakes response is just that superb. This is good for hio-hop…it’s gon sharpen niggas skills and you know nobody finna get bodied for it unless you got some trigga happy bitches on ya’ team.

  • Sounds like Common just wanted to be on a track with Drake. Props to Common, not being lame and labeling this a freestyle. Think the beyonce thing, “Say my name” was to tell drake to call him out if he’s dissing him.

  • Shade

    Drake is winning….come on common you said nothing remotely clever….canada dry?…..

  • PAP

    cmon Com, enough with the light taps n chop this nigga’s head off! lol this is Hip Hop, drake cant claim this culture until he steps up to the plate!

  • pax

    This verse doesn’t make any sense after Drake’s reply, Is like throwing snowballs to a giant Common you played yourself…Claiming Chicago like you still live in the hood we don’t believe you nigg# you be in chillin in hollywood with them white folks and you are talking about Drake being half-white…

    On top you claim Serena as your wife I have news for you your Wife is a HOE she gave up the goodies to Drake faster than saying TENNIS! Stop all this bullshit common’ with rhymes like canada dry maaaaaaan! that was the line of 2012 and it will be hard to do worst…From the start you layed yaself MAD cause your Wife is a SLUT next time you choose a bitch i mean WIFE use you common sense!

    Real TALK.

  • Word

    YES! Kicking 2012 off with some real ass beef. Good shit. I liked Drakes verse better but Common came correct too. That Canada Dry line wasn’t THAT corny even still loom at wat he saying. Drake been doing a lot of tough acting recently but is he really bout it? You never know but I’m leaning towards “no”.

  • wickwickwack

    how is drake winning when he´s shadow boxing himself in the mirror … Common called him out ,lets see if he comes out to play !

  • Yeah

    Damn was hoping Common would tear this up…weak attempt

  • Citylivin’

    such a great start of the week, thank you Common….the bad part is this is probably the end of this beef atleast on records, becuase we all know this ain’t the life Drake tryna be bout.


  • Hip Hop Delegation

    Once again it’s on!

  • no name

    i can´t believe that people actually take drakes side!the fuck?FUCK Drake!

  • Fuck Ya Life

    Common did what he was suppose to do, drake jab him so he jabbed back but in a full out diss song theres no comp common would cut drakes head off. I like where this shit is heading tho none of that waiting 8 months to respond shit like wayne/jay-z.

  • Cant say drakes winning because French Montana said after talking to Drake on the phone, Drake denied saying his verse was about anybody. Let the games being.

  • Word

    Fact of the matter is, Drake ain’t bout it. He got too much to lose to really “reach for the weapon” Or make someone “catch a body round here” real talk. Commom album flopped so trust he don’t even give a fuck no more..

    And y’all talking bout Serena a slut but you would still smash that phat ass if yu had a chance tho so don’t play. As if every celebrity female ain’t some sort of slut to y’all just cuz they in the spot light and have open relationships.

  • recordpusher

    I’m sipping on some Ginger Ale right now.

  • savionthegee

    Im just reading yall comments……really, lets lyrically look at it….common(beast) drake(soso) drake did his thing, but to take down a champ you have to knock him out, so ask yourself, did drake knock him out….Furthermore, common aint messing with Serena know more Pax, and cuz he making movies don’t mean he aint still hood, who you know that got money and still in the hood (REAL TALK) YOU DUMB IF YOU DO !!!
    drake has to go in for 4 songs total on common for me to say he killing common…

  • Chris

    Yo Common said “you gone make me catch a body like that” hahaha. Real talk Drake is dope but Common is a veteran does anyone think Drake can body him lyrically.

  • Addonis


  • Name (required)

    You so black & white trying to live a nigga’s life. lmao, there were some nice jabs in there if you listen.

  • Shade

    @no name: Is it that hard to believe that people would take the winning side?

    This shit was mediocre and so was Sweet. And you guys just cover for common saying “oh he ain’t even trying” fuck outta here Drake lyrically bodied Common in Stay Schemin. Common hasn’t come out with anything better

  • teeks

    Drake > Common. Common had a few good lines, but drake is on top… for now at least. Gotta come harder than that, Common. smdh.

  • Friz

    This is a weak diss. Drake should not respond. His verse murked Common in one line.

    “It bothers me when the Gods get to acting like the broads”

    Paid homage then smacked him in one line. Common has plenty in the tank but he’s saving it, he knows the routine.

  • I hope they keep going lol

  • Naw

    Drake gone kill common


    lol @ shade^^^ this is the kind of person who supports a popstar in a rap beef.

  • Chris617

    Common will slaughter Degrassi drake!!!!

  • Sense

    I seriously don’t think drake stans like hip hop lol! You’re man was shitted on, deal with it.

  • krow132

    anybody who is acting like this is tough is being a dickrider. Sorry. Common is one of the greatest to ever do it, and Drake is nice , but this is not about who is the greater rapper, this is a track for track battle. And this verse had two decent lines in it. Calling someone a bitch over and over doesn’t make a hot diss track.

    And someone said how this is just a warm up u dont go hard on the first round. Thats stupid to me, this is a war, you should not go half ass at all. No one knows if this kid Drake can actually battle, so you come with a half ass first battle track than what if he completely wipes the floor with you on the response. Then your already at a disadvantage. ask Saigon when he dropped that weak ass first diss against Joe Budden how that worked out.

    and stop acting like Common is LL Cool J or some shit. Nigga got into one big battle and won it. He doesn’t have that big of a battling resume

  • Common Diss Lyrics

    Full lyrics to Common’s Drake diss via Page31.com: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Page-31/187614147941685

  • Word

    Man that Drake “Finsih line” line wasnt that great either..the Canada dry shit coulda been better if he dlivered it better but imean, Drakes verse wasnt FLAWLESS. Only thing is, Drake had the better flow I dont really like Commons flow like that but he did his thing

  • Toronto

    Im from Toronto so I would like to inform the hiphop world that Drake has no weight in his own city Toronto!
    He Is not liked or welcomed in any hood ( Regent , Jane and Finch, Malvern ,Etc) He be paying dudes for protection and claims he grew up with them (Repsup) Which we know is a lie because he grew up in Forest Hill and them dudes from the hood. He going to get run out of this city real soon watch!

    Ps did he forget Common bodied the whole WestsideConnection with the “Bitch in you” !

  • Crewz Controll

    ” You Prolly be overseas in Europe and get yo shit took ” … LMFAO

  • NoChildNotToday

    Damn.. Serena must have that bomb ass snappin’ turtle.


    People dissing Common for that Canada Dry line (which was creative not hard), but what did Drake say that deserves praise? Nothing. This is light weight work. Common probably wrote this in 2 mins. Drake better get his pen game tight. Chi-town let’s go.


  • c’mon son

    ppl need to read between the lines when drake says “u gon make me catch a body like that” he ain’t talkin’ murder in life, he talkin’ murder on the track!!! read the lines previous it’s clear and sets up that joint. simpletons!!! and we don’t believe u common, u gettin’ gully is like drake gettin’ gully, so what really is the pt to all this lol

  • JC3

    Common is only rapping because he has an album out.

    if people like Common why dont you go by his album

    Common is smart he knows what hes doing its all about money and marketing

    Dont let this nigga fool u because he lightskinned. (common)

    Compare verses; and who wins its your opinion.

    at the end of the day its about sells and money and Drake’s a cash cow

  • BlackAnastasia

    Common tapped dude something light to gear up for drake’s Final Judgement if he keeps going.The Canada Dry line wasn’t the best,but it was a Metaphor to say that Canada is soft.

  • Tru Gs will diss a nigga on their own track and leave that hoe ass nigga’s verse on it. Plus calls a nigga name out on it too.

    You aint wetting nobody, Hoe Ass Nigga.

  • The Prophet

    C’mon son,

    You do know that Lonnie was affiliated with the GDs when he was younger right? He may portray a clean cut image now, but he has to because he is a grown man, but to say he’s like Drake getting gully is SO far off.

  • Veronica

    Man Common SONNED Drake! We don’t play them type of games in Chicago. Believe that.


    Common smacked em with a mutherfucking bottle

  • Jumbo

    “Don’t get it confused, I’m talking to Drake.”

    And with that, the subliminal era is dead.

  • Ha ha ha ok Common “make no mistake I am talking to Drake” lmao

  • FiestaDelSoul

    The “Canada dry” line is in there because Drake is a punch-line rapper so Common is actually dissing Drakes style and for those of you saying Drake is winning this…you’re not considering that fact. Drake is CONSTANTLY using punch-lines. Common will mind fuck the shit out of you. He uses his mind and not his emotional ass booty hurt.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Common don’t hurt him !!! Chi Town stand up. Common Thank you homie seriously.

  • Tucq

    This was a good diss back by Common.
    I knew it was over a female, tho!

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    I bet Drake is crying in Wayne’s arms after hearing this.

  • the fact that Common let Drake’s verse on this is cool, but it woulda been G if he just murdered that beat. But that ”Say My Name” sample leaves me thinking he’s got ”The Bitch In Yoo Pt. 2” on deck.
    Wouldn’t be surprised if Drake didn’t respond though.

  • Real Life

    Nomatter which angle you take this front, Common is playing himself out. You cant be 40+ and go back and forth with a 25 year old rockie, then claim to be a legend. Legends ethers rappers. This will give Drake one up against rappers of his size, now people instead of weighing him against J Cole and them, niggas will put him against Common hence bigging Drake’s rap career up.


    about time…. i hate them cash money fags

  • Mike

    Common killed drake and that’s just a warm up !
    Common is a legend ! Drake is a pop artist that is played on the radio ! That’s all !

  • abracadabra

    Common kill this nigga

  • Han Solo

    Well, its on now. Pick your sides, people- I’m ridin’ with Common.

  • recordpusher

    Canada Dry is a trending topic on twitter right now

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    “You cant be 40+ and go back and forth with a 25 year old rockie”…2 things here learn how to spell & What the hell does Age have to do with this? SMH. Common would run circles around little aubrey.

  • I heard you said wuddnt/wasn’t a bi*ch cause you a sing/
    you a bi*ch cause you cling like a bi*ch that’s 18/
    Can’t say my name, but rap about a nigga’s wife/
    You so black and white, tryna live a niggas life/
    I’m taking too long with this amateur guy/
    You aint wetting nobody nigga, you Canada Dry / – Common PEEP IT HERE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=646asf6-nws&feature=email&email=comment_received

  • Common/Drake It’s just battle. They used to do this all day in the 90’s. People aren’t accustom to it in the 00’s. Good battle.
    But Common was reaching with the Destiny’s Child sample.

  • Jungle

    This is Drakes first rap battle he gotta know how to approach this Common just showed em u gotta come out swinging

  • Real Life

    @ZoomZoomDad-Otis you are back on my dick my Cabernet stalker? I know my facts be knocking your weak comments but fall back lol…

  • i thought common’s diss was okay but the only thing that bothers me is that if drake had spit the exact same verse dissin common y’all would have said its wack as fuck.
    i bet half of the people sayin common went in are just sayin that cause they hate drake

  • Money33

    Common represents love and shit, so the most this can do for him is discredit him, he sounds out of place with this beef shit

  • that shit that make ya soul burn slow

  • C’mon.. These lil teens in here need to do their research..
    Common is just invinting Drake to the battle, he aint gon’ deliver the knockout just now.
    this is Chess not Checkers homie..
    Common been here before, Drakes subliminals are catchin up to him.
    Common will murder this boy.. ive seen it before.

  • c’mon son

    the prophet,

    common can’t decide what side he’s on. he is affiliated wit GD, then goes the backpack route, then the conscious trend, then steps outta character wit ice cube, then back to the conscious, then movies, then no longer relevant (not to be confused with talent or his history- stay on topic we talkin’ right now), then on some humanitarian tip (see his cnn trip to Haiti), then on the same trip he films sweet in the rougher parts where he jus acted like a marshmellow in wit cnn, then his album is droppin’ and he “randomly” does a diss track aimed at the hottest (like it or not) rapper in the game the last coupe yrs, not to mention the public decided he was goin’ at drake when he coulda been goin’ at kanye jus as well. i’m digressin’. pt is he can’t figure out which lane he wants to exploit. funny how all the conscious rappers have either faded, gotten hard when it was quite the opp of their mo, changed their names, or teamed up to make a new group! jus goes to show it’s a trend (gangsta, backpack, conscious etc) and if it poppin’ mainstream for some reason rappers associated wit either fall back or switch it up (ie try to stay relevant). i touched on some many pt in this diatribe i can’t even keep up! bottom line keep it real and common ain’t doin’ so wit all these antics! Fif & Kanye already ruined ur record sale publicity stunt gimmick! funny thing is i’m sure his album sales didn’t move one iota lol FAILblogdotorg

  • Real Life

    @honest words, Half of the comments here are from ZoomZoomDad so dont get confused.. he trolls on this site day and night against YMCMB.. its pathetic, he even replies himself.

  • Call An Ambulance

    I have a 6 foot tall lightly-toasted Canadian marshmallow in critical condition! Someone call 911!

  • c’mon son


  • Biggar

    I think people are giving Common more ratings cause of his past diss to Cube. This was a weak effort. Couldnt ride the beat as good. Didn’t say anything too tough, and his whole argument is because he’s salty over a fat ass



  • Collar Cali

    Common BODIED Drake! IDK WTF are some of y’all talking about? This was just for fun with Common. Last I checked he ALREADY has a legend stamp, Grammy & been relevant over a decade & a half. Drake verse on “Stay Schemin” was INSANE 2 & he’s a great new artist, this is just turning into something good. I can’t wait to hear Drake. 2 good rappers.

  • room2roam

    i thought this was a pretty decent diss but it’s still drake > common

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    YN call William and tell him that a murder has been committed !

  • Real Life

    @honestwords: ZoomZoomDad wrote probable half of these comments, i know he be spamming and trolling this site against YM like its a job#CallEmTrollsOut



  • The Guy


  • Why is common dissing drake again?
    I don’t get the point of dissing someone who makes loves songs….Common lost this one.

  • street fam

    you’re an ameatur guy
    you ain’t wetting nobody
    bitch you’re canada dry

    haha i like’d the line, common came correct on this joint

    drake better respond, can’t wait for the yolo mixtape

  • dgtheenigma

    No horse in this race, but that fact that a) Common said his name (subliminal disses are weak no matter who does it including Jay-Z, Wayne, Drake, etc.)…and b) he left Drake’s verse on makes this a clever “bait” track.

  • Dead Snoopy

    I’m Canadian and that Canada Dry [Ginger Ale] libe was funny. I damn near lost it when the the Destiny’s Child track got dropped in the mix too. Great stuff. Nice 1st round by Common.

  • Bounty

    Common mudrered that nigga without half trying.

  • Sc_R

    look at the artwork. Ugly right now for Drake this deeper than album sales. Hope it’s not over a bitch but if so oh we’ll

  • Unfriendly Game

    Ross: F*ck … mumble…. F*ck… mumble… AOOEEE…. mumble… F*ck


  • pax

    Now That’s sweet…

  • pax
  • t

    fuck drake the crazy thing is people are going to be listening to this and wont even no its a diss or that this isnt the original song

  • dgtheenigma

    I guess Marvin’s Room was about Common after all.

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  • joe nasty

    usually i think rap beef these days is boring because you hear someone make a diss right before their under promoted album is coming out and then it fades.

    but i really hope drake comes back with something. not that this beef is all that exciting but they are really different types of artists, it should be interesting.


    IF yu think drake bars can hold up against common kill yoself drake aint got shidt but hype…i spit up my juice when destiny child came on..

  • t

    last year everyone built up camps
    this year we will see those camps beefing

  • u can tell who the drake fans thats commenting. i like some of drakes music but being a real fan of hiphop anybody would know common just throwing jabs and thats a nice warm up round.

  • lil wayne

    common sucks. you aint make money enough. sell some albums and than talk.

  • AMF

    common is a legend but this was WEAK..

  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    Everybody be gasing Common up like he greatest rapper to ever pick up a mic. Common is overrated like a motherfucker, yes he got lyrics but nothing that goes over niggas heads. His delivery is wack and he trys to sound smarter than he is at time it sounds like he got down symdrome. Drake got him. Nas will destory both of them.

    • I hadnt liked common period, past or present. People give him way too much credit, just like RZA and KRS1. KRS1’s crap. Anyway, when a rapper like common, Lupe Fiasco fits the description of lyrics not being comprehendable, then that is a flaw and not a perk. Rappers can be lyrically tight and know exactly what theyre saying.

  • SKIDARoc

    This verse was just a warm up. Im quite sure Common has a full song on Ether level. He’s just laying the groundwork in this one, sort of like Nas dropped the freestyle over the Rakim beat. You know he had Ether in the chamber. Youngins sit back and watch a OG at work.

  • 305T

    you fcuk boys that was a little jab… if you niggaz think drake can even fcuk with common on his off day wake the fcuk up out your dream!!!! COMMON >>>>>>>> DRAKE any sec. minute, day of the week. Bunch young boys smfh

  • RC

    Drake fkn murdered this song. He really did. But with all the subliminals hes laying out there, he really look like a bitch now. Since Common is responding using his name and directly coming at him, it makes Drake’s Stay Schemin Verse look like a hot verse and not a hot diss.

    Drake has boxed himself in. He looks like a bitch anyway he goes. Cause he comes out firing at Common by name, he looks like he was scared of all the other rappers calling him out as well. Then if he loses to Common he looks even worse.

    Only things Drake can do is, keep rapping or unleash hell on all the niggas dissing him, starting with Common.

    As for Common’s verse he aint really go in like he should have, hes just posturing. Trying to get a serious response out of Drake. He didn’t wash him on this. But he did pull his man card.


  • CK

    you were a legend. now you’re just common..cause you make no sense.

  • Collar Cali

    The line common quoted “Say my name, say my name” is from Drakes verse on his collab with Rihanna “What’s My Name” for all the dumb f**ks saying Common dissed DESTINY’s CHILD / Beyoncé!

  • @poisonedkoolA

    “I’m taking too long with this amateur guy” All you dumb kids questioning Common should revoke your hip hop card.

    Common makes it clear with that line that he knows he could put him away but he explains why with the SIMPLE line “You ain’t wet nobody, you Canada Dry”

    You want Common to go “I See the bitch in you” in someone who raps like a bitch?

  • @cliforis

    VIDEO FOOTAGE OF DRAKE VS. COMMON — http://youtu.be/WezblD0DvgQ

  • DAstan

    let me get my popcorn!



  • Chosen One 11

    I wonder how kanye feels about this lmao

  • Numbers

    hahahahaha Common aint say Drakes name in sweet but yet he want to try Drake and he actually dissed back a newcomer to Hip Hop like he actually saw what Drake said was that important so Drakes forreal a factor in Hip Hop even to the Gods.

  • Numbers

    Common had nothing but subliminals too though, so for Common to call Drake out on his was stupid but i guess Drake shouldve called Common out about that first then

  • Kill

    Drake has been pretending to be a rapper since 2006. When exactly do you stop being a “newcomer to hip hop”?

  • YG

    SAlute. Yall young bucks need to know your rap history before you speak on matters that is above your bridges.

    I’m from St.Louis.I’ma huge Drake fan for what he does but heres the facts.Com bodied Ice Cube when Cube was one of the hardest rappers alive.He didnt take out Are We there Yet Ice Cube, he battled and bodied the real Ice Cube.Common is the midwest Nas changed niggas lives in this part of the world.Everybody nowdays wants to play rapper or play gangster.But Common is down to rap bar for bar with Drake and also box the nigga if it ever came to that(which it wont) Now Drake has been put into a situation where he can’t fake either one. Common ripped him on this track point blank when the industry decides they wanna be homo about it and protect Drake and make it seem like Com is spazzing they’re gonna bring up album sales and popularity but the fact is Com ripped drake on this track historically from this day forth if he doesnt reply (which he wont) he has been ripped by Common. It’s hiphop battles are always encouraged everybody needs to stop acting like bitches over diss records. This is the genre of music that created LL Cool J and Eminem you cant hide behind money all the time lyrics still count for something and its just a battle. Battles are what made this fucking genre to begin w/. You can not boast about running the game and being the illest niggas alive without encountering someone that disagree’s. When this happens you are expected to get busy it’s called showing and proving.This is a gr8 opportunity for Drake to step up to the plate and be a man like Com said. This is hip hop ppl need to stop changing this shit into some delicate ass ring around the rosey shit. Com’s a legend…a legend disses you ..you handle it by making a phone call and hearing him out or you just plain and simple respond with a record and the let world see what your made of. As now he’s been ripped by Common.

  • RC

    Nas aint sold nowhere near what Jay Z has.

    Jay still got Ethered.

    That sales and popularity argument is null and void.

    Luda went at this nigga Drake as well. Drake wants no part of that either I see.

  • bullfrog24

    LOL @ this “beef”

    Where this shit come from? and why is common trying to act hard.

  • Word

    COSIGN @Sc_R “This is deeper than album sales”

    This generation only sees album sales as the true winner of a battle but its way deeper than that. In that case, nobody can diss Eminem or Wayne and hope to win cuz they always gonna have better sales than the whole industry. But thats not true. You just gotta make the man look like a bitch. Easy. Thats what Nas did on Ether

  • Curtis75Black

    Well, the ball is in Drakes hands !! Either he’s gonna drive to the basket and try to dunk on the OG or pass it to a teammate to talk shit !! A fan of Drake should encourage the 1st. Right now, your sales and status don’t mean shit. This is a One on One battle. The fans will decide who blazed who cause right now the torch has been lit. As YG stated, this is nothing but a friendly competition of skills and vigor.

  • quese

    @Pax common was talking about Drake [email protected] Kobe’s wife common never married her dick head do some research before u comment

  • Word

    Salute Drake for finally sticking up for him self even though its with subliminal shots. Niggas say hes a bitch cuz ppl diss him all the time and he doesnt respond. Way to try and change ppls perception. Keep it up tho! Dont let this shit die here. PUT OUT A TRACK THAT HAS “COMMON DISS” in the title and call it “Fuck that Bitch ass Nigga Common” otherwise just stop!

  • 74×74

    He’s not mafioso, he’s a sensitive young lad who does whatever the cool kids tell him. Com is doing him a favor.
    He’s talented but he’s more justin bieber than maino.

    U can call Common old, washed up whatever, the truth is the truth.

  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    @YG So expected Drake to call Common and hear him out after he mad a whole song dedicated to him, put it on his album, and made a music video for just beacause he wanted record sales and is a so called legend? FUCK THAT, Drake had all the right to throw subliminals right back at his ass he also said at that Christmas concert if Common got a problem with him he should come see him. Some of these old heads feel threaten by some these new comers like Drake, J. Cole, Nicki Minaj, Kendrick, Meek Mill, and Freddie Gibbs because they actully making noise. This isn’t like when Soulja Boy, Plies, and Yung Joc were new artist beacause everybody knew there time was limited.

  • Sin

    if drake said canad dry u would think it was hot

  • The Truth

    How many of you bought Common last album? Nuff Said.

  • OvO

    Nigga we armed up over here in T. Dot real talk fuck Common, fuck Chicago, yall ain’t about that life. We waiting on the green light.

  • Brooklyn

    Drizzy got him first round. Lets see if he can finish that nigga now.

  • YG

    @The Truth N HIp-Hop Fiend.

    “A fan of Drake should encourage the 1st. Right now, your sales and status don’t mean shit. This is a One on One battle. The fans will decide who blazed who cause right now the torch has been lit. As YG stated, this is nothing but a friendly competition of skills and vigor.” – Curtis75Black

  • the finishline

    Make no mistake I’m talkin to Drake! My motto is Chicago bitch! Light work 4 the God, smart chess move bait him in then hook line sinker….

  • RC

    Sales is all these young kids know.

    They’ve taken that Get Money mantra used it as body armor over their lack of anything.

    This is simply Skill vs Skill.

    But these same young ass niggas talking about Sales is the same ones talking about how Nas bodied Jay with Ether. How that was a classic battle and blah blah blah. Cause everyone knows Jay over Nas if it comes down to sales.

    They love Drake, which is cool, but they know hes being a bitch as well, so they start screaming about sales. It’s his only win when it comes to this as of right now.

    Predictable hypocrites.

  • Santa


    “It bothers me when the Gods get to acting like the broads”

  • Kunta Kente

    Common should be the last nigga trying to call out somebody for being soft. The man looks like he hangs out at country clubs.

  • Too Fuct

    Drake your a fucking emotional lil bitch. Run & hiide my dude

  • Converse

    Gayest beef in hiphop? both these niggas make pussie music fuck outa here

  • Chubbs from OvO


  • Chubbs from OvO


  • Drew Who

    Drake could never beat Common lyrically, just not gonna happen, even with Drake’s ghostwriters.

  • kam

    lol @ common you sound like a child grow up

  • Diggy Simmons

    Drake not fucking around. Give it up Common.

  • L.A.

    How the fuck can anyone in there right mind think drake can come close.

  • RT

    Common is the man, and you younging’s have to know that record sales doesn’t validate you’re are the better rapper, when the fact of the matter, black folks are not the dominant buyers of this genre of music, furthermore dressing like a BUM don’t make you a G. Bad Bwoys move in silence…….. Chi-Town stay up foolz lay down.

  • mane

    truth be told common killed this fake actor he can rap though but this weak guys shuld stop rappin on a gangstar beat u guys are fake fake damn fake guyz killing the real guys ross fake killin 50 real only in rap n this world thank God ross is not a nigerian i would have killed him myself am real not faricated bullshit

  • torontokid

    yo Big Homie its “…..Canada Dry” referencing the drink

  • ninobrown

    common > drake

  • Curtis75Black

    Drake right now is the equavalent of LL Cool J back when he debuted – Hot straight out the gate and a target on his back for that specific reason !! His 1st 3 projects went Platinum or better, ladies on his dick even when he was dissing them (Dear Yvette) and cocky as a mutha !! Got called out from everyone: MC Shan, Roxanne, Steady B, Kool Moe Dee, ICE-T as well as MC Hammer. No one, let me say this again, NO ONE took up for Uncle L !! No one let his sales determine his victor !! He had no choice but to answer everyone that brought it to him. That was the era I came up in !! After “Mama Said Knock You Out” &”To Da Break Of Dawn” and everyone basically fell off, some new shit popped off with Canibus & Wyclef !! Still, no one looked at his past as a crutch. He stood his ground and whether or not you feel he lost, you can’t deny his name (GOAT). Drake for the sake of new emcees, he has to hold his ground. It is what it is. COMMON doesn’t have anything to lose in this. This is fun for him. Been there, Done That.

  • imhiphop77


  • Frades



  • ….

    It’s smart, he dissed Drakes TOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ….

    Go Common, write your name in history brotha!

  • GotMyPopcorn

    Summit says:
    Monday, January 09 2012 at 9:51 AM EST

    Come on people
    Common ain’t going 100% yet. Why would he when its only the first round..

    ^^exactly…you young bucks don’t understand how battling works, jabs are suppose to be thrown back and forth before that death blow…Com went in but he definitely didn’t come his hardest, i’m not counting drake out but should he respond i’m waiting to see how strikes back. And stop twisting shit up, there’s no actual beef, this is on wax..thats it.

  • GotMyPopcorn

    oh yeah, Serena is caught in the middle lamo

  • GotMyPopcorn


  • Illa Delph

    if u are a kid or just about album sales and mtv, u think drake wins, if u are a true hip hop fan and been around since the 80s, u know that these young cats dont respect the game and the vets that came before them. Drake and Big Sean been poppin off bout how niggas is biting they style, and they aint been around long, so i can understand Common spanking the n**** on the mic. True hip hop fans know Drake dont have a chance. 1st round TKO Common

  • M.T

    this is a good diss but i know common could have went harder. Drake’s subliminal diss is better. Some people are automatically gunna be on Common’s side just because he’s been in the game the longest and hes a legend despite deep down knowing Drake had a better verse while some people are gunna be on Drakes side and say oh he sells more records so it doesnt matter. I hope Drake actually responds and he goes hard so the person with the better diss wins. Nice way to start 2012.

  • person

    Conventional wisdom says Common would annihilate Drake lyrically, but this attempt was pretty weak in my opinion. I thought Drake’s verse was better this time, so we’ll see what happens next.

  • sadbuttrue

    Thats how its done.. to the point and factual.. dang.. thats some see me at 3oclock after school type talk right there…

  • mikey c

    drake dont need to respond, commons mad that hes a multi-talented artist. Where do they do that? common aint a hard rapper either.

  • Negrito

    Drake had a cool verse but Common just murked the kid.

    Ppl saying other wize are just delusional

    He jacked Ricks beat and murdered……lmao

  • Comm My nigga, but I gotta it keep it raw…He real hypocritical with this shit. When Mack 10 & Cube dissed him, he was feeling like it wasn’t justified.

    This is basically the same type of thing, even if you want to throw the Serena shit in there. It’s still hiphop, it’s still a part of the culture, I’m jus saying…

  • phraynkhp

    com KILLLED IT the bey shit at the end was funny

  • jesus

    drake is wack & a faggot hahaha .. common is a legend and new album is fire !!!!!






  • Common is the wrong one to diss. He just destroy drake with words.

  • Dope Boy Fresh

    Thank You Common!!!!
    finally someone has the balls to actually DISS another weakling these days!
    you faggots need to stop apologizing and take shots!
    “oohhh i dont have beef, it is what it is..” Psshhhhhh

    drake ain’t winning…you slutty ass niggas need to get drakes dick out yo mouth! riding around bumping drake is gayer than bumping nicki minaj!

  • Black Shady


    and Common came with a weak verse on purpose. people better not get it twisted. Hes playing chess now lol

  • L.A.

    How are people sayn Drake killed Common over this. What did drake say about common that was so good?… That kobe line was sick but that wasnt directed at common. In my opinion what common spit towards drake was better than what drake spit towards common…

  • Dope Boy Fresh

    @who else tho
    Thats because he wanted young faggots like you to respect him..
    and look what your doing…? ha!

    STFU with the old vs new. all this new garbage is pure singing and money talk.
    drake knows he can’t fuck with Com, thats why he’s gonna sit back and take the shots

  • D


  • Sultan Alush

    thats why common used the Destiny’s Child song LMAO : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vkoyB618n7Q

  • cisco

    @Summit 100 percent

  • @ all the OvO faggots..
    Dont start talking gangsta on your i-phones, please..
    Google; Chicago homocides, before you start talking reckless about a city you wont survive in..
    niggas catch bodies left and right here without any sort of beef to begin with. check urself.
    and Common was a 4corner hustler in the southside in the early 90’s, so although he might not dress, act or talk like a gangster, he put in work while Drake was auditioning for his next kiddie role on nickelodeon… but thats not the what we here for.
    skill for skill .. Common wins hands down.. No one picking on Drake, Drake doing too much blow if he think he can take on the gods of rap (jay, ye’, com, pusha etc).. thats not happening.
    They r gods for a reason.. theyll never die.

  • Tre

    I hate when niqqas say drake got ghost writers, cut that shit out, and if he is really that bad why did he hit platinium with Take Care and have millions and ok we fucking get it hes JEWISH he didnt decided he wanted to be jewish, the same way your parents choose your fuckin religion….so stop hatin on every fuckin mainstream artist….and common is one of my favorite RNB and Hip hop rappers so i dont want any bitch niqqa saying im on drakes side ibsupport BOTH

  • Tre

    Drake doesnt have a ghost writter so chill the fuck out….an if he sucks why does this niqqa have a record deal an have two platinuim albums….and yea hes jewish deal wit he didnt decided he wnted to be jewish, its like the same way are parents decided our religion….SHIT!!!!

  • dddddaaaaamn

  • Ha


  • Twitter – @TheVilleOwns502

    You young kids these days look real gay taking up for Drake…. Drakes bitch ass taking subliminal shots. He can eat a dick. Common = real hip hop. Drake is a Canadian Jew from the suburbs who became an R&B singer who raps. Fuck outta here.

  • SSD

    Common doesn’t need to “come hard”, he doesn’t waste his time on a bitch like Drake. I think we all know that if Common really wants to go at Drake he’ll have no problem doing it, but he’s actually doing him a favour on this track. If Drake had any sense he’d leave it at that.

  • Never thought Drake’s verse was that good.Common bodied Drake.
    Loch Drake Headlines freestyle music video Featured on http://artists.viewhiphop.com/?p=2190 @ViewHipHopBlog

  • Khester

    Common legendary yeah but he not relevant, he knocking drake cause his music jam common need too come w/ some better music instead of playin the lil kim role so he can matter. Quit hating you had yo time common. Sit yo old ass down

  • Cy Young

    Common isn’t referring to Serena as his wife. He’s referring to Drake having the balls to talk about Kobe’s wife’s situation and calling her a bitch on a national but he wont say Common’s name lol.

  • The One

    Drake killing the game right now period. Common looking for attention and sadly is getting it, his time has past. Do Right and Kill Everything

  • Maniak

    how did all this get started anyone??

  • Shipwreckdakota

    Drake just came out with a hot ass album, he signed to one of the strongest music groups right now. He’s huge.
    Common’s a living legend, but recent records haven’t been as good as his old ish.
    This though? This shit was a good dis. Let’s see if Drake is indeed “Canada dry.” ahhaha.

  • Your Life Is a Lie

    Forest Hills ass, living next door to Edgar Bronfman Jr (jewish/zionist connect, you do the math) dude just walked into a mine field about to get served, OG’s like Common got a million verses in the cut lets see what he’s really made of now with all that tough talk

  • I just want to know why some niggas keep talking about Comm needing attention? This nigga don’t need his album to sell lol, he been doing movies the past 4-5 years. Them checks don’t weigh the same bruh…

  • MKvsDC

    that line is genius…
    Canada dry is a drink from SouthEast company.
    Drake is from Canada.
    “You dont get anyone wet in ur songs… ur Canada Dry.”


    Whore music.. ouch!

    I/m for drake and canada is less dry then chicago beer by the way common sense we mature dry and your still teenage dry. HA! .

    So canada dry is more % drunk then chicago so we own your game now mister sense. HA!

    seriously common is top 5 all time

    drake is the man but common is like nas YO

    worse diss drake will ever make.

    montreal apologizes for drake but T.Oronto is T.O they already sleeping and it’s bedtime at this hour in toronto. HA!

  • Craig

    Canada Dry line was implying that Drake is basically Ginger Ale compared to Alcohol, Canada Dry is a Canadian Drink. Common won this round.

    And if I was Kobe I wouldn’t let another man who don’t know shit call the mother of my kids a bitch and get away with it, Drake was way out of line calling Kobes wife a bitch.

  • YM and that OVO

    I’m just hittin’ my pinnacle you and pussy identical You like the fuckin finishline we can’t wait to run into you.

    How the fuck is “Canada dry” fuckin with Drizzy? ^^^

  • nigggas jus need to stop hatin . Drake is HARD ! and Common is HARD ! . nobody got ghost riders stfu . they jus beefin

  • sr

    G.O.O.D music

  • Derek

    not impressed lol, if you disagree your being stubborn

  • Vin Dizzley

    Someone go tell this bitch ass nigga Common to make “Just Wright 2”, that might help his album sales (which by the way is horrible)…callin Drake sweet, what a fuckin dumb nigga, when hes the one making romantic comedies with queen latifiah, stupid peanut nigga

  • null
  • William Bell


    Common DID NOT claim Serena as his wife. He was talking about how Drake was talking about Kobe’s Wife.

    Know your facts before you say something stupid.

  • iam2smooth

    Common > Drake !!

  • Your Mom’s House

    Drake has to come back sounding straight hard….believable shit though….don’t matter the lyrics every time Drake says something where he’s trying to sound hard I twist my face up

  • Dee Tee

    drake can cum in my mouth

  • Yourstruly

    @ M Breezy what you mean common and luda should stop dissin thats apart of hip hop if hip hop didnt have rap battles than it would be soft ohhh i get it your a sweet mother fu**er haha and common been rap battling since years back he battled west side connection and won ice cube says it him self

  • Kill

    I think a lot of people have the wrong idea about “Sweet” and why it doesn’t include Drake’s name.

    “Sweet” was about an overall trend in hip hop and anyone who bought into it. When he was asked in interviews who it was about, Common would reply that it was about anybody that felt like it was about them. Drake then started tweeting and talking shit at a concert not-so-subliminally in ways that indicated that he was one of the people that took it personally. After the concert incident, when Common was asked again about the target of the song, Common said that Drake wanted the title, he could have it. Then came “Stay Scheming”, and a few days later, this reply.

    And that’s pretty much the cliff notes of the beef so far. Just wanted to clear that up.

  • smdh

    This stanning shit is getting out of hand. Its really creepy how alot of niggas are acting like they date drake lol. I have to assume you dudes are teenagers because of how emotional you are through your statements. As we know teens are very impressionable and given some of Drakes material it makes perfect sense why his stans go hard lol. Drake can spit and his verse was dope. So was Commons response though. This is a battle people let this shit play out. Only jabs are being exchanged right now.

  • smdh

    @Kill exactly, alot of people misinterpreted that song and thought that entire record was about drake and it wasn’t.

  • wave

    what font is this?

  • mark byrd

    This is not about attention seeking on Common’s behalf… the fact is Common made the song “Sweet” who was not directed @ anyone in particular he was talking about the state of hip hop which in fact has gotten soft… Drake took offense and dissed Common @ a show… so Common went on radio and said whoever the shoe fits… and by Drake saying something it obviously fit him. So then Stay Schemin comes out and Drake popped @ Common… so in turn Com popped back with a “bait” verse… he ain’t a fool. So for everyone claimin the diss record by Com is weak, it’s bait for him to jump in the water. For you younger kids thinkin that Com is soft check the facts… He went against the Westside Connection… ALONE and then performed the song in LA… he ain’t no bitch and never been don’t let his music fool you. For all of you making it a Chicago vs Canada thing it AINT! For all of those folks hyping Drake… DONT!!!! One thing you must do is pay homage to legends and in fact Drake did kick all this off… With that said, it’s about skill. Drake’s verse was slick, Com’s verse was hard… now let’s see what happens next. This is HIP HOP and this is a part of the culture GET THE FUCK OVER IT!

  • OvO 4 Life

    Toronto stand the fuck up. I been to Chicago before Westside and Southside them niggas is bitch made trust me. They dope boys is shook, hoods are overrated fuck chi-town. Come to T. Dot and we show you what we about. Of course when you have a population like Chicago you gonna have a have murder rate but Detroit run niggas overthere. You need to go to youtube and look up when Drake was performing at House Of Blues in Chicago and if he was shook or not. OvO XO.

  • pandemonium=classic

    drake should take advantage and solidify his place in this rap shit by goin hard at com.

  • JMillionaire

    This a good light Diss, Common gonna give it to him. Drake is really trying to act tuff lately, I guess that is what money and power will do to a young Dude

  • JMillionaire

    @ OvO 4Life Nego Please, We don’t believe you, you need more people (in Jay-z voice) LOL



  • Joe

    Cant fuck with Common. You think this is all he got? NAWWWWWW… you suckas just wait. IF, and only IF drake retaliates.. Common gonna merk that alien lookin motha fucka!!

  • Derrick G

    Co sign @OvO 4 Life… Toronto goes harder that Chicago.

  • DStave

    Common did a favor taking french montana’s verse out for sure hahahaha

  • Edjoodelky

    Common Call Him Canada dry- Geez
    I am sorry Drake fans (hoes) – Drake had some free passes from Emcees calling himself the greatest alive all that nonsense-
    Drake looks like a great Lyricist – what he has to lose have a little simply rap battle with old Common-

    ahahahaha not that easy – if you have to go against one of the best rapper alive lol
    until Common defy his throne

  • Every time I hear people mention Drakes name I just laugh. Silly bitches. You don’t really wanna fuck with Common. If he wanted to he could have REALLy roasted Drake’s bitch ass.

  • JReezy

    Anyone who doesn’t think Drake can diss a nigga needs to listen to Goodnight and Goodluck

  • davedude

    LOL @ these clowns.

    It’s just a jab @ Drake… no one is going to go Ether yet.

  • z-jay

    Yo drake here’s how they gon come at you/ wit silly rap feuds tryna distract you/

  • ^

    Yea, except Drake jumped into this one all by himself.

  • do right & kill everything

    common stans always be dick riding in these comments. THEY BOTH CAN ROCK THE MIC. THIS BEEF IS STUPID.

  • bof

    Peepz need to remember that the so called conscious rapper Common started the beef.
    and that the so called conscious rapper Common, is insulting drake ‘s mother.

  • Geez

    Yeah Really Common kinda went too far with the Mom shit.
    He wouldn’t spit that shit at Wayne.

  • j/y h/h

    Bottom line: Drake is bitch made, plain and simple. It’s easy to throw those subliminal jabs. Drake needs to just man up and say who he’s talking to. Jay-Z is my dude, but I blame him for all these rappers copying off him by saying little slick sh*t but never saying nobody’s name. Drake always talking about his boys and what they would do. Sounds kinda like RayJ and the Money team. Drake ain’t built like that. He needs to stick to threatening tattoo artists. Drake is a soft, sweet, baby back bitch!

  • Hip Hop

    This is foolish.. Remember what Drake said on Successful.. “Diss me and you’ll never hear a reply for it.”
    There YOU GO

  • DJ Semtex’s Prosthetic

    wow. haha common actually did a legit response

  • ishhh

    Common and Drake are both wack

  • New Music

    Here’s a funy article on this whole “beef”. I can’t say I disagree with any of it either. http://www.howflyhiphop.com/2012/01/09/real-talk-common-vs-drake-beef-comedy/

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  • Common, you’ll be 40 this year. Let these kids get their money and stop being that old a$$ nigga outside the high school trying to still act hard. You and Drake both have lyrical skills and both of yall can be emo as hell. Just know that most dudes won’t even be interested enough to download your new album illegally for free. Hang it up and focus on making movies, doing cameos, and all that other sh!t that old rappers (except Jay-Z) do. And no one believes you’re a Haitian thug from your 1st Drake diss video. Most of us can’t get that Electric Circus clown sh!t out of our minds. This whole charade is suspect given that you have an album that’s supposed to drop soon.

  • drake kiillz this shit cuhz stop hatin on that nigga

  • Richard Day

    I know what this is about… I’m gonna make sure all this is put to a stop someday. I can’t proove it.