’11 Best Beats: #1 Hit-Boy “Niggas In Paris”

It’s easy to see why Jay-Z and Kanye West performed this so many damn times. Fueled by Hit-Boy’s nimble synths and occasional drums, “Niggas In Paris” became a universal hit for soccer moms and straphangers alike. Not to mention, rappers like T.I., and Busta Rhymes got in on the fun as well. What more can we say, it got the people going.

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  • M.T

    lol this was my least fav track from Watch the Throne. The beat isnt all that in my opinion but the last minute in the song when the beat changes was dope.

  • Trapped

    Shoutout to Hit-boy. When is ‘Jay-Z Interview’ dropping????????

  • Mj

    Does anyone else find it weird how they shot the video for this NOT in paris?

  • Converse

    Im so surprise????

    ?Techno In Paris? fuck outta here with this homo shit

  • @BK James

    I kinda assumed the big static part at the end (“you are now watching the throne… don’t let me get in my zone…”) was Kanye’s addition.

  • Stunna

    @ MJ

    not really, the song has nothing to do with Paris so why bother

  • pffft

    You’re the hipster cock gargler whose name is CONVERSE. Fuck you know about some hiphop, Chauncey?

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  • damone

    No brainer song of the year…

  • KoldCase

    song is hot

    but gotta have it had a better beat in my opinion

  • Loaded

    Song makes no sense tho. Cause before jay was even born their have been Niggas in Paris. Most African american pilots had to go to Europe to get a license cause America didn’t want to license black ppl

  • jrad

    fuck you is you saying closed minded ass nigga? kanye and jay did not say they were the first niggas that went to paris.

  • Converse


    Haha no need to talk about yaself lil man? only real niggas real chucks

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  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    Had to be #1. Now lets get the best album list going.

  • wtf is wrong with yall hater’s let the boi shine rusty ass nigga’s

  • for all yall hate’n lmao at yall juss jealous lol

  • nb

    how sad all you ppl are juss upset cause u aint got wat hitboy got u stupid lame’s and i bet yall UGLY as hell too keep doing hit!!!!

  • Jaymalls

    @MJ they recorded the fucking song in Paris you dumb ass nigga. If they wanted, they could have shot a video there but they had to tour and Beyonce was almost ready to give birth. Plus Pitbull already shot his remix to this very song in Paris and we seen how that turned out!

  • so sad ppl juss cant be happy for other ppl smh at yall hater’s!!!

  • i think the song was great a young black man didn’t follow wat the other’s was n2 keep it up hitboy fuck them hater’s!!!

  • they only hate’n cause it aint them do u hitboy if u wasnt doing great they wouldn’t have nothing to say lmao stupid ppl!!!

  • kb

    shouts out to hitboyyyyy go head and do it bro!!!

  • stupid ppl are everywhere juss be happy for other’s my god congrad’s hitboy!!!!

  • IDK why these niggas ain’t drop ‘Got it have it’ first, that shit got the Otis vibe, just better IMO, but Niggas in Paris is a no brainer, some of you gotta get out the basement and hit a club or two, soon as the DJ drops it, shit gets Cra’!

  • Dope Boy Fresh

    Im actually one of the people who bought Watch The Throne (deluxe version) ;D
    but i gotta say…that record wasn’t all special. the beat was too basic..lyrics were nothing. every other track on that album was better than niggas in paris. SMH
    2011 was a slow year for hip-hop if you ask me..
    i can name a hundred beats of 2011 that were nicer than niggas in paris!!

  • i think the song gose hard the beat really good job hitboy.

  • good for u chauncey!!!! good song!!

  • opinion’s are like asshole’s everybody got one but a asshole don’t get paid but hitboy did with his opinion with the beat for nigga’s in paris wat about yall!!!!ummmmmm

  • Truthbetold


  • at least the boy doing sumthen positive with his self wat about you ppl ijs!!!

  • mac

    thank god for positive folk’s cause you negative folk’s suck… nigga’s in paris is my shit bro~~~~

  • mac

    all i want to say is for errbody not liking or hate’n who care’s hitboy got paid yall didnt!!!good beat hitboy!!!

  • King

    as usual fagradar dickriding Jay n Ye

  • Citylivin’

    New Day (song & beat) >>>> Niggas in Paris……sorry…atleast i’m still talking bout Jay & Ye tho.

  • I agree with y’all this was the best beat of the year. When I first heard this record through my Beats By Dre headphones I went insane.

  • Brahsef

    @Citylivin That beat wasn’t even that good, and it sure as hell didn’t even sound like a RZA beat.

    The Joy was my favorite beat on that cd tho. I’m a sample head tho

  • Niggas in Paris!!!! easy Button!!!

    TRUMPET. BASS. DRUMS. check out this acoustic cover: http://youtu.be/wKwWjqJXa2g
    Hit-Boy was feeling the BASS on this one!

  • it was a okay beat but the ending is what made it for a minute i thought swizz did it but i found out HIT BOY did it i mean it GET’S THE PEOPLE GOING…what more you ask for lol

  • Dujay

    they only picked this cuz the it had the most remixes doesnt mean its the best beat

  • jay

    DAMM MEL MAN IS ON TWITTER THE GREATEST https://twitter.com/#!/Mel_Man_Melvin

  • dthevillain


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  • Joshua

    Hey RR,
    Why don’t you just post the actual song.
    The instrumental hasn’t been released and this Youtube version is just some nerd taking a stab at using some pieces he chopped with no vocals.
    Give HitBoy and the beat their proper due.

  • d j

    i agree with joshua ijs

  • haq

    lame. ya’ll dellusional dickriders, nuthin’ more.

  • Fred

    I understand this website is more geared towards mainstream hip-hop, but goodness you can’t be serious with crowning this as the best beat of ’11. I know this list is based of preference in taste and style but could you please step outside the commercial scene a bit.The same goes for verse of the year though Busta Rhymes verse will ill, especially for such a radio friendly song
    What about:
    ASAP Rocky- Palace, Peso, Trilla ( or a few other tracks from ASAP)
    R4 Theme song- Big K.R.I.T. ( and others)
    Common- Blue Magic, Celebrate (Some tracks of The Dreamer/Believe)r
    Cunninlynguists- Enemies With Benefits
    Evidence- You, The Liner Notes, I Don’t Need Love, Late For The Sky
    Freddie Gibbs & Madlib- Thuggin/Deep
    The Game- Ricky/Born in the Trap
    J.Cole- Sideline Story
    Kendrick Lamar- Rigamortous, HiiiPower, Hol! Up( just to name a few)
    Nas- Nasty
    Pac Div- Greatness
    Phonte- The Life of Kings
    Pusha T- Raid
    The Roots- Stomp/Kool on
    Torae- That Raw/ For The Record
    Raekwon- Molasses/ Silver Rings
    Reks- 25th Hour

  • Fred

    Oh yeah and:
    J.Cole- Rise and Shine

  • so what


  • Musikal

    I say lord knows was better.

  • C

    I’m surprised that Bad meets Evil’s “Fastlane” wasn’t even top 5 material. Arguably one of best beats I’ve heard in 2011. I guess it’s all in musical taste

  • waloo

    Dope fucking beat! Ii hated most of the lyrics on this album..but all the beats were fuxking amazing. I think they pretty much just advertised producers and inspired nighas to freestyle over their shit.

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