’11 Best Beats: #3 Jahlil Beats “Ima Boss”

How this wasn’t the lead single release off Self Made, we’ll never know? But what we do know is Meek Mill and Jahlil Beats are a good combination. This is audio adrenaline anchored with a cannon-like boom. Fuck keepin them instrumentals to yourself. This beat got Jah a deal with Roc Nation and he shared it with the world. Still with everyone from Childish Gambino to Tha Dogg Pound trying to grab a piece of the shine, none have touched the original. Right MC. Right producer. Right time. Magic.

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  • agree 100% nobody did it like meek

  • Should have been #1. Heard it in NY. Recorded a verse when I got back to Boston. My favorite thing about it is the drums aren’t on some Lex Luger bullshit. Those drums been played out since 2010 after Soulja Boy made some bangers on em.

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  • Truth (The real one)

    Yes this beat was sick and banged like fuck…but honestly. Give the cake to beats with at least a breakdown. I don’t believe that music is based on “complexity”…some of the best songs are the simplest. But this…It’s a catchy two bar loop for God sakes…??? But hey if its what the ppl want…

  • Big LG

    ^^ so many better beats than this one. this list has been disappointing so far

  • M.T

    aint gunna lie, this beat was dope.

  • Converse



  • Santa

    THIS BEAT WASNT THAT HOT I mean it slapped but COME ON NOW dipset was rockin these same beats in like 04 come on son.

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  • imhiphop77

    really?? that gabage as Writer shit got nothing on Ima Boss….seriously? Yes it’s a simple as loop, but it hits all the right chords and blends with that bass line so crazy! Make you wanna mush a nigga instantly!

  • Pissed

    I don’t really care for too many of this kids beats but that shit was on point

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