’11 Best Guest Verses: #4 Tyler, The Creator “Martians vs. Goblins”

Game’s no stranger to sharing the spotlight. So for his track, “Martians vs. Goblins” off The R.E.D. Album, he showcases Tyler, The Creator’s baritone front and center. Within the first couple bars, he wittily jabs Chris Brown, Bruno Mars, and Tyler Perry. But when it comes to down to it, Tyler’s rhymes ain’t no joke: “This nigga Game got Wolf Haley for this feature/ My team is running shit like we have full cleat Adidas/ Getting chased by the polices on a full bred Cheetah.” Run nigga run!

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  • oh dear… are you guys for real? it was an UNEXPECTEd decent verse but in no wayyy was it top 5.. fucking hell b. dot

  • ….

    westcoast nigga…red album was the best album of the year

  • Marsha


  • King


  • llll


  • wondering whos gonna be #1, couldnt think of a better guest verse than kendrick lamar’s on this album.

  • @poisonedkoolA

    it was a great verse, i found Game’s verses painful and “island kid” who the hell writes “oh dear” I hope you’re a grandmother

  • The Guy

    I was bumpin this a lot when it came out. Dope verse indeed.

  • First Yonkers now this RR…that wasn’t even the best guest feature on RED K.Dots verses on The City were incredible get off the bullshit


  • Get Real

    Yup this verse was a definite highlight on a solid album.

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  • Its Watever

    His verse was great IMO

  • Dr. Dre’s Ass

    It was Cooo…

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  • L.A.


  • CarreraLu

    Not like Kendrick’s verse was the best on the album or anything.. oh wait.


  • ….

    kendrick had best verse on take care and on RED haha

  • Hop on a dick

    First you suck MMGs dick, then Jeezy’s dick, now it seems like you are trying to get Tyler’s fading dick in your mouth

  • NoChildNotToday

    Hopefully they will fade away in 2012. I went to one of their shows. Horrible doesn’t describe the sound that they put out. The kids that follow them need to be on Paxil or something. The ONLY thing good that came out of that bunch is Frank Ocean and you see he has even distanced himself from them. There live show was like watching crackhead kids with ADDHD gone wild with microphones. Seriously RR why cover this nonsense?


    Tyler is fucking terrible..

  • Word

    AGREED. This verse was tough!

  • That Guy

    A mediocre verse from a mediocre artist. Little to no cleverness in his rhymes.

  • Musikal

    The verse was dope.

  • That Guy

    Oh and B. dot, by putting this verse as one of the best guest verses… you “played yourself.”

  • Protest

    Are you fucking serious? Lol This must be a shock value post or something.

  • bosse

    #1 last year was kendrick lamar on the city.

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