Birdman On Drake & Common Beef

Birdman recently took a stop by Power 106 in LA to speak with Big Boy. During their conversation, he was asked about the beef between Drake and Common. You heard it from Beatrice, it’s Drake or nothing.


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  • Baby shut up with your Dragonball Z head

  • get bucks

    Stunna just made mad sense. I think Common is dope, but he h8tin right now. Common selling the selling amount of records that Young Gambino is selling which are good numbers, but he not outdoin Drake right now. I don’t even like a lot Drake music either…

  • Baby Williams is over 40 years old, and he knows that diss records are apart of the hiphop culture. It has been that way since the beginning of this 34 to 35 year old genre of music.

    And you wonder why the culture is a cesspool as of late.

  • @ Get Bucks Common is not hating at all. This is apart of the culuture of hiphop. Battling is what started hiphop. Its a sad day when people want to change what made our art form in the first place.

  • Word

    Can someone summarize what he said? I dont got no audio right now. Is he taking the “Its drakes business” route, or maybe the “remain oblivious to the situation” route? These guys are textbook when it comes to addressing beef…they never really fully acknowledge it.

  • ric

    They not bout dat? Lol what was Lil Kim n. Jayz about yall just trying to save drake image but common not gona end his career 1bit even tho common better lyrically

  • Word

    I wouldnt call Common a hater. Hes just making it known that nobody is untouchable and some ppl need to be called out. Ppl are so scared these days to say what they truly feel about somebody because everybody wants to yell “hater” at every chance they get. Its sad. I applaud Common for doing this. Not everyone is bold enough to take on the hottest dude in the game right now among others. Good shit

  • Michelle

    It’s a good thing Drake doesn’t want to leave Young Money. If he did I think Birdman would squeeze his neck til his head popped off.


    Oh yeah, Lil’ Wayne doesn’t make diss records right?

  • Kemosabi

    “I just feel like the throne is for the taking, watch me take it” can’t say that and expect to get there untouched common is right in a sense.

  • kill zone

    birdman a real gangsta… spoken like a boss

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    @OMGBASEDGOD…Exactly. Wayne diss Jay-Z talking he going to kidnap Bey. Drake just ids Common on that William song, Nicki Diss Lil Kim. Plus Drake Diss Uncle Luke as well. Birdman is stuff of shit.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis


  • Numbers

    Lil Wayne replied a diss just like Drake did, they never started it though cause they dont need to haha they go platinum regardless

  • Mauriceswag

    its about the people. we do our money for the people???
    cmon man. you know damn well that Common is for the people.

  • Common Minded


    You wish you could spit shit with wit.
    From singer to rapper? Naw, just quit.
    I’m hear to lend a lil Common Sense.
    Condense the nonsense or get burrrrnt like incense. 
    Dissin Com now Drake? Look cupcake, give it a brake, call it a mistake or feel the shake of a 10.8 lyrical earthquake. 
    Go back to drawing board, plot and scheme.
    No sack having, making lil girls scream. 
    You want beef with a microphone fiend?
    He gonna leave you numb, verbal morphine. 

  • Geez

    ^ Lame
    Yeah. Drake is just trynna make money and music. If Common wants to get detail
    And personal throw a shot at Wayne, the person who put Drake on. We know Common doesn’t want that real g shit. So he comes at Drake. Fucking pussy. Wayne wouldn’t play that shit. Haha

  • Mo.Jey

    @GetBucks: When did real hip-hop become who sells the most albums though? I mean…KRS-ONE never sold as many albums as Drake or Wayne, but does that mean they’re better MCs becuz they sold more than him? Naaaah…I don’t think Common’s hating. I kinda feel him…cats who rap can STOP singing. The jig is up…

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    [email protected]”We know Common doesn’t want that real g shit.”…So your telling us that YMCMB are real G’s? lmao. This lil dude name Geez should open up for Kevin Hart your funny.

  • Mo.Jey

    I’m sorry man…I mean, I dig summa Wayne shit. But….he ain’t exactly in the catagory of “IMPOSING”…not at 5’1” bruh…

  • Triple

    Screw this wack ass Jewish rapper. Triple is the truth!!!

  • get bucks

    @ Track King Cole

    You’re right, but I look at what motivates a diss too. KRS and 50 used disses to get into the rap game and I feel that strategy. Common has been around since the 90’s I’ve never heard of him lyrically attacking another artist. His Westside Connection beef was him defending himself against Cube and them, because they thought he dissed them first when he really didn’t. I like how he handled that situation. From the outside looking in it looks like Common is going at Drake, because Drake and YMCMB has been on top for a few years.

    @ Word

    I definitely agree that any artist can get challenged and they should defend their position, but Common is kinda going backwards with this one. I got mad respect for Common, but he is devaluing himself going at Drake. To the average fan Common is Hall of Fame and Drake is a super talented cornball rapper/singer. To the kids Common looking like Ice-T going at Soulja Boy.

    @ Mo.Jey

    Album sales don’t equate dopeness/wackness, but if an artist who’s selling less records starts dissing an artist that’s more commercially successful then I question the motives. illmatic, Reasonable Doubt, and many other dope albums weren’t commercial smashes; but they serve as the template for modern rap…

    Bottom line Com Sense gotta make a SMASH hit or fall back…

  • Cali

    Common’s career is going to end…

  • Sarcastic A$$hole

    Cash money artist don’t put out diss records cause they know they’ll get murder!

  • mane

    drake = nelly they just make pop popular music music that people will like, young white people that buy album but common make music for the content= hip hop, at the end of the day drake is making more money off music and common really killed drake but drake fame give him credibility so drake WINS

  • HR

    Lol at Birdman. Why the fuck do you bring money in?
    Do you think other people make money on diss records?
    It’s only a song where you show how good you disses are, not about making money.
    Smh at this faggot. Always talking about money

  • abracadabra

    Lyrical battle is part of the art form ….is about who got the illest verses …back in the day if your shit was Wack you got call out …..common call this crying over bitch nigga out …fuck record sell and all that other bullshit …..lets go

  • What this nigga really meant to say was, they “not bout that” cause they don’t feel Common is in position for them to benefit off of it. When it’s Jay-z, Baby was the first nigga hyping it up in interviews, then allowed his “son” to make subliminal disses on his record, a diss that if you remember, leaked like a week before the album dropped.

    So keep it raw nigga, ain’t nothin for Drake to gain from this, but a whole lot for that nigga to lose. Simple.

  • mikey c

    50 cent and kanye started a beef to sell albums and if your sellin a lot of albums someone has to like u

  • Handy

    Drake is too cocky if you ask me

  • M.T

    Drake needs to respond. Lately hes been sticking up for himself and he needs to continue doing that. Both these artist are good lyricist so it makes up for a good beef.

  • pedro


    birdman said shit in a interview about Jay-Z’s money and heard the truth in H.A.M. Wayne took the pains and answered.

  • Trav1

    @mane you got it perfectly, its kinda sad but thats really how it is

  • Jaymalls

    Lmao… birdman does it for the “PEOPLE” now?? The irony. Sucka a at dick you pedophile as nigga! **Ques up the “What Happen To That Boy” intro** <- PRICELESS (No pun intended)

  • Uallhategetalife

    Some of you don’t even know wtf our talking about you just look dumb. Common is making money off a diss record…… It’s the his new cd. Common just trying to some buzz around his name so he goes at the biggest fraud in the game. Some tuff guy huh? They both loose in this situation. And they both look dumb, everyone knows neither one of them is hard. I like there music buy stupid stuff like this makes me want to put down both of they’re CDs .

  • @bklynsdjsmoove

    Hip hop is really taking “L’s” right now…those of you who think common is throwing shade for a come up or because he’s hating, please kill yourself and do everyone else a favor. Common has every right to G check drizzle…that sing songy mp3 struggle that he puts out is corrupting you newniggas minds. Common did it for the love of hip hop…he love the culture, same reason why he wrote I used to love H.E.R….no he doesn’t own hip hop but as someone who studied the culture he is passionate about it.

    That cash money coon got you new niggas fucked up when it comes to hip hop…I’m sure common doesn’t hurt for money bcuz he’s cashing Hollywood checks, he noticed his fellow light skinned brethren getting outta pocket with the tough talk and decided to check him bcuz everyone know Aubrey isn’t built like that. If the “beef” has something to do with Serena and Marvin’s room was a dart thrown at common I say take it to the streets and turn off the mic’s…if not keep it on wax and let the best man win.

    Drake is the 2012 Barry Manilow, I don’t support that trash nor do I play it…I don’t play common either but I respect dude. I don’t respect Drake with his kanye/weezy flow and the jarule/Sammy Davis crooning. He has fan tho so it is what it is

  • Real talk

    Birdman wont beef for one reason, he can quickly get a nigga touched and end up in jail.. he said it before. This is a goon with a lot of money. Stop play

  • Slim

    Common Minded


  • KoldCase

    i like drizzy better than common

    but… drake dont want it with common in any way, shape, or form.

  • hip hop

    Sales mean nothing, little girls and boys like drake, commons music is more hip hop, and people of this generation dont understand that no more, drake attracts the little ones with his pop music that he makes, common sticking to the same music he been doing for years, drake needs to sit down and hug a cactus or some shit

  • Real talk

    @Slim is that you again ZoomZoomDad lol my stalker

  • meh

    This nigga birdman said absolutely nothing except that they dont make diss records for profit. So What? I guess the whole music business has nothing to do with respect and everything to do about money. I want this beef to escalate into something big only cuz the hip hop game is too friendly nowadays. Does that mean we shouldnt expect drake to come back with anything? *thumbs down*

  • RC

    Somebody said it in the other forum

    Drake is like the LL Cool J of the new school.

    But we all know LL Cool J would battle any muthafuckin body that came his way and fuck they girl with the same mic he just murdered you with.

    Drake is soft if all he got is subs for niggas.

  • spiffy

    evrybody talkkin bout how drake gon get murdered but wat if da dude actually murders common remember dude is talented if u go bak and listen too his previous disses like goodnight and goodluck its good yall shouldnt doubt him just like evryone did with takecare i have faith in drizzy drake lets go crush dat nigga and be a mthfuking legend.

  • spiffy

    And also if go bak and listen to drake mixtapes like room for improovement and come backseason he was killing he just happened to have to adjust so people kan listen to him … so he still got dem reall flows and considering da fact drake probably wrote for alot of people like jayz due to the checks jay was givin him i wouldnt doubt drake common better be careful .. people always gon wanna hear drake and dis could be da end of common period and he gon be disrespected in hip hop so i think he made a hge mistake fuking with drizzy .

  • Ivy blue Hov

    To paraphrase 2pac “FUCK DRAKE! FUCK LIL WAYNE! FUCK BIRDMAN! FUCK CASH MONEY as a staff, record label and a motherfucking crew! If you wanna be down with cash money then fuck you too”

  • brooklynraw

    @numbers and others the little way thing with Jay z birdman started that he said Jay aint got no money then jay cam back on his verse Jay z will chew them up. Common went in on Sweet and Drake thought it was bout him an dopen his mouth thats why Common took it right to him.

  • Precious Royal

    I love drake the whole young money gang thay hot what ever wit common lame As i respect birdman on his comments i mean we all bout money

  • ishhh

    Old ass nigga go to retirement

  • Brittany

    Wow this whole beef thing is crazy. To me I feel like common is bein immature bout this whole thing. If it was just bout singing then common would of came at lil Wayne jcole and Rick Ross since he sang on stay scheming so wtf every1 knew who common was coming at in the single sweet and it’s weird that he chose to put out that song within a couple of weeks before his album dropped. To me he is another lil Kim yes I give props to common he is a legend in hip hop but the game has switched up drake is a triple threat to people he acts sings and raps. Ever since drake came out all rappers stepped there game up. If u was drake u would b pissed off for being judged that if u sing Ur a bitch…no1 says shit bout Wayne singing cuz he not soft he has that thug stereo type but Wayne put out how to love n no1 called him soft n that song was not thug….Drake is a ladies man. Common needs to stop the bullshit it’s 2012 b bout making money n putting out number 1 hits for the fans n being noticed not just cuz u shout at drake on a diss track b noticed, cuz to b honest I haven’t heard shit bout common until that sweet shit…common did it to sell his record since that sweet record he been on radios n shit. Common responded to stay scheming within 48 hours he knew wtf he was doin wen he put out sweet it’s bulshit* It’s team drake*team ymcmb!

  • TK

    “What this nigga really meant to say was, they “not bout that” cause they don’t feel Common is in position for them to benefit off of it. When it’s Jay-z, Baby was the first nigga hyping it up in interviews, then allowed his “son” to make subliminal disses on his record, a diss that if you remember, leaked like a week before the album dropped.

    So keep it raw nigga, ain’t nothin for Drake to gain from this, but a whole lot for that nigga to lose. Simple.”
    @sway-z – yours was the realest post here. true talk!!!

  • uhh Canada Dry is dope

    Common just mad cuz Serena be bumpin Drake’s shit all day lol… i hope Drake sings his reply just to piss Com off even more haha