New Video: Lil Twist x Busta Rhymes “Turnt Up”

PETA is gonna have a field day with Twist’s pink mink. Nonetheless, he and labelmate Bussa-Bus, crank up the volume for their new video. Directed by Hype Williams. Don’t Get It Twisted on March 20.


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  • wickwickwack

    U made it Busta !


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  • Pingback: New Video: Lil Twist x Busta Rhymes “Turnt Up”()

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    I’ve come to the conclusion that Busta is trying to ruin his legacy.

  • PAP

    damn, I wonder how much Baby pay him to do this feature

  • ALEX

    @PAP, Busta is YMCMB, probably paid him $0

  • PAP

    “bosses up like a CEO at Time Warner”….no buss no lol

  • abracadabra

    Busta killed his career long time ago …..this is no shock

  • UGH. Two-Thousand Twelve mark the death of Busta’s legacy. What took years to build, will take mere months to destroy.

  • i love busta……but lil twist *shrugs shoulders*

  • TheBuck

    i dont understand most of your hating..
    This is Busta helping a youngin’!
    ignorant lames! 😀

  • Hip-Hop Fiend


  • BlackAnastasia

    Busta is the same nigga a few years back that was talking shit about the South in his song”NewYork Shit”,but now you’re signed to the South.I thought you were a Boss?What happened to FlipMode Records and Chauncey Black?Didn’t you supposedly,sign him to Interscope?Theirs many UpNorth niggas(No Pun)that smiles in South niggas faces,but really dislike them.Busta and Fabolous are South dickriders who’s careers have been over!

  • Ivy Blue Hov

    This was painful to watch. How the mighty have fallen,,,

  • PAP



    I’m not really mad tho, when I see artist like Busta or Jadakiss doin features with everybody, I think of an old boxer who’s well past their prime(Hopkins, Mosely) still fighting for a check

  • BlackAnastasia

    @Pap:Shalom brother.I just have to make sure these Imposters are not forgotten.I agree.Good Luck.

  • the void

    busta a clown. fuckin joke! kinda sad really.