’11 Best Mixtapes: #10 Freddie Gibbs Cold Day In Hell

For a mixtape entitled Cold Day In Hell, Freddie Gibbs, knows how to make some smoking hot tracks. Off top, Gibbs attempts to boost the crime rate with “Rob Me A Nigga” and “187 Proof”. He unveils his art of storytelling on “My Homeboys Girlfriend” and then salutes his comrades on “My Dawgz”. How’s that for juxtaposition? Throw in features from Young Jeezy and 2 Chainz (“Twos And Fews”, “Neighborhood Hoez”) and Cold Day In Hell is nothing more than a gangsta’s paradise.

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  • dan

    dope mixtape. i think it should have been in he top 10 but its good its at least on the list.

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  • Stunna


    It is in the top 10 -_-

  • Converse


    Return Of 4eva better be #1?

  • Milli

    Hope the rest of the muxtapes are beter them this. This tape was a street album.

  • King of Diamonds Stripper Pole Sanitizor


    joints like heaven can wait and anything to survive are dope

    FRED THE GODSON’S CITY OF GOD BETTER BE ON HERE TOO, ya probably aint listen to it tho


  • deff a good mixtape follow me @DooDoo_Brown1

  • Garentea

    This was a fucking album Elliott you dumb yella-nuckkaa

  • JOHNNY305

    I’m a die hard gibbs and asap rocky fan but I heard meek millz mixtape da other day and that shit did not sound like a mixtape like mmg really do make their mixtapes sound like albums so that I won’t be surprised if dreamchasers if number 1

  • Freddie Gibbs the true definition of gangsta shit

  • thruth

    but gibbs>>>>> mmg

  • Reece

    cosign.. Meek Millz Dream Chasers was real solid. That Tony’s Story track on there was wht officially made me a Meek Mill fan not i”m a Boss

  • Mone

    BANNED is my favorite track on the tape

  • JG

    Gibbs aint commercial and never will be

    Can’t wait for the next one

  • Mario

    This is good to see, this tape was really underrated.

  • J

    #10??? I honestly cant think of 9 mixtapes that went harder. In my eyes this tape is the best mixtape of the year, but i can see Return of 4eva, Elmatic, Covert Coup, ASAP, and Dreamchasers being above it. Nothing else tho.

  • BANned

    Jeezy x Gibbs >>> Ross x Meek

  • yoboa

    yo wtf b?
    this is definitely better than that wack wale tape lol
    awful list

  • huh?

    ^^ co-sign. CDH was one of the best albums of the year! Mixtape doesnt do it justice. Rap Radar is losing credibility cuz this and Return of 4eva are the best “mixtapes” of the 2011

  • CEO

    CTE World!

  • Gangsta Gibbs

    Gangsta Gibbs did his thang, never fails to impress. Keep doin ya thang nigga.

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  • Derrt

    Im hoping for the battle between Gibbs and Meek. Its going to be like some beans and jadakiss shit.

    Gibbs already threw a shot at the entire mmg camp.

  • waloo

    Whys gibbs beefing with mmg? I think meek n gibbs would make history together. But whatever…

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