’11 Best R&B Albums: #2 Terius Nash 1977

After his very public break-up with Ms. Milian, The-Dream had a change of heart. Dropping the stage name and going with the government instead, Terius decided to release an album independently for free 99 and it was beyond well-received. Def Jam mad? With his swag back, Mr. Nash finally shed his last tear and got back to doing what he does best—make hits. The emotional roller coaster ride begins on his melancholy opener “Wake Me When It’s Over”. He later learns to live with regrets on “Wedding Crasher” and gets straight to the point during “Used To Be”. Hi Christina! But not everything is 808s and heartbreak here. Terius turns this mutha out on “Rolex”, bounces with Pharrell fo’ “Real” and chops and screws his way with Big Sean on “Ghetto”. 1977 was a home run. Word to Reggie Jax.

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