’11 Best R&B Albums: #3 The Weeknd House Of Balloons

The Weeknd gives new meaning to the term, “northern exposure”. There wasn’t any pomp nor circumstance when the reclusive Canadian dropped his debut, House Of Balloons. In its place, was nine wonderful tracks. He made emergency contraceptive a viable option on the sinful, “What You Need” and equally seductive, “The Morning”.  But what’s sex without drugs and rock n’ roll? He shakes things up with “The Party & The After Party” then on “Wicked Games” requests, “Bring the drugs baby, I can bring my pain.” Whoa. Lauded for its indecent proposals, it didn’t take much for this house of balloons to pop.

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  • Mark

    Should be #1…

  • M.T

    “The Morning” is my Sh*t. House of Balloons was dope. Glad it got recognition.

  • Busby

    Watch Frank Ocean be number 1

  • Word

    The Weeknd be soudinging like he crying on most of his tracks. I just cant fuck with him but whatever. At least yall gonna put the Frank Ocean joint above this. Dude is way more talented than this coke head “leaning” nigga.

  • JBreezy

    So there were two better R&B mixtapes in 2011??? Oh yea, Thursday and Echoes of Silence. Ha!

  • Shade

    OVOXO This should be number 1 the shook up the R&B scene doing something new

    @Word: Ignorant.

  • M.T

    Echoes of Silence>House of Balloon in my opinion. wouldnt be surprised if it made the list too.

  • Random

    Nostalgia/Ultra will be number 1 cuz Frank was on WTT, and Elliot is a Jay-Z Stan.

    HOB was the best R&B album by a mile. Clearly. No debating.

  • Shivbitch

    If the dream and his man tits get the no1 album. Smh

  • JBreezy

    I’m just saying, plenty of outher media outlets listed this as the best ALBUM of 2011, even if it was a mixtape. Kinda the same way Drake broke out on the scene with So Far Gone. I’m not even an OVO dick rider, but this shit was so much better than Frank’s work, and I like his stuff too. Dude has changed the game

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  • Steve

    Dream & Frank are 1 & 2. Watch.

  • Vacra

    The Weeknd is much better than Frank Ocean. House of ballons, thursday and echoes of silence should be the top 3.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Drake is going to be #1. YN knows his music hold on he hangs out William my bad.

  • Word

    @Shade How so? Dude be leaning, right? Hes said it before. Hes a drug addict basically. Its been said. I dont like that he sounds like hes crying when he sings. Crew Love was an example of that. Frank Ocean is better IMO. Where was there ignorance in my comment?

  • 1luv

    “Nostalgia/Ultra will be number 1 cuz Frank was on WTT, and Elliot is a Jay-Z Stan.

    HOB was the best R&B album by a mile. Clearly. No debating.”

    so much truth in this. and Frank was in RESPECT.
    no disrespect but YN can dickride like a ho…

  • Converse

    #1 The Light of the Sun?Jill Scott

  • Citylivin’

    Converse says:
    Wednesday, January 11 2012 at 5:59 PM EST
    #1 The Light of the Sun?Jill Scott

    ^^^^that’s what i was thinking but i don’t think they fucking with that type of music….i was surprised Marsha got a spot..

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  • RC

    House of Ballons is the shit man.

    Wicked Games was that stand out for me. Coming Down goes as well.

    But Thursday is his best mixtape this comes in at a close second.

    His best song to date is Monteal tho.

  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    Bobby Brown ain’t make the list? lmfao… Naw but Frank Ocean deseves #1 tho. Rap Radar with R&B list. “Get back to rap you t-paing too much”.

  • sr

    Frank Ocean’s shit was better then this and im not ridin Kanye and Jay you idiots just love to hate on them

  • jjevafrass

    Should have been #1


  • Mr. 3-Times

    Yeah somebody dropped the ball on this one unless his other two albums are 1 and 2. I just can’t see anybody including Frank and Terius having a better album than The Weeknd. I love his shit, my bitch loves it, white bitches love it. Frank is dope but The Weeknd is from another planet.

  • Tim Lee VA Stand Up

    Coming Down is one of the REALEST SONGS EVER.

    U know when your coming down from blow and all u want is ur chic???


    but, yea. The Weeknd is it.

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  • DC Sharpshooter

    All 3 The Weeknd Mixtapes should be top 3, its not even fucking close. This dude has turned down 7 million dollar offers and you think that’s for no reason? His talent is up there with the Marvin Gaye’s and Prince’s of the game. Who shook up the R&B game more?

    @1luv and @Random I agree with yall completely. YN is letting the Jay-Z co sign cloud his judgement, you can’t deny the undeniable and that is that the R&B game hasn’t had a buzz like this with this kid in years

  • itsMe

    Clearly the artist of the year got jerked…..not one but a trilogy that was undeniably classic…..franks project and the dreams are OK at best….not even close…Smh

  • listened to this yesterday for the first time and its my favorite of the three mixtapes from the weeknd.

  • TheyKnow

    This is way better than Frank Ocean’s. Shouldve been #1!

  • The Pearl Robber

    You could definitely argue nostalgia, ULTRA. as the best R&B tape…if it was any other year, House of Balloons was not only the best r&b tape of the year…it was the ALBUM of the year, period. And its not even really close, the fact that 1977 was ranked above it is nothing but a travesty…and not because I dislike The-Dream, on the contrary, I love T.Nash, but Mr. Tesfaye owned…OWNED 2011.

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  • XO Gang Lu

    @Word real talk MAD IGNORANT + your a hypocrite no offense but you just said how The Weeknd is a coke addict yet him and Frank Ocean come out with a first music video right? Who’s the one on drugs in those videos. Im a fan of Frankie but my dude Abel does it better (Opinion)
    OVOXO>OFWGKTA (Reality/*CLEAR* Majority) look at any forum on anywebsite “even this one” lol