• M.T

    Cole keeps winning. Congrats.

  • Chunk

    Ooooooh, I remember this song. This is the one that everybody hated, right? The one that would NEVER get any play? The straight dud that was gonna send him back to mixtapes, right? Yea this was it. Good job on that one, internet A&Rs.

  • M.T


  • Truth (The real one)

    WTF…I’m a huge Cole fan. But THAT SONG SUCKED MASSIVELY!!! A win is a win i guess?

  • JHP

    Damn, the song done went platinum, turnt out to be a big hit after all. Even I was skeptical about it, congrats to Cole!

  • Sonic354

    I can’t lie that shit did grow on me after a while

  • Word

    Cosign @Chunk. I made a post JUST like that when the song went Gold. Niggas want to hate so bad. Just accept the L yall took! Cole keep winning.

  • Money33

    Oh but if it’s Wayne or Drake numbers don’t mean nothing right ?

  • Word

    @Money33 Unexpected numbers > Expected numbers. Everybody EXPECTS Wayne and Drake to do well. Its not even that exciting when they do big numbers cuz they always do. Niggas like Cole, Wale, Mac Miller, and Tyler the Creator doing good numbers tho? Way more applause worthy cuz you dont expect that from these guys. Way to beat the system by being YOURSELVES instead of dropping tracks like “Lollipop” to get the white fanbase.

  • whoadere boi

    yea can’t even lie i wasn’t feeling it at all but it started to grow on me. Whens Ambition going to go Gold

  • Donn


    I don’t think its that, I think when its an artists that someone doesn’t like their achievements mean less cus they constantly see those successes no matter what, but for a person like JCole, he was the underdog, ppl said he wouldn’t sell, his singles weren’t commercial enough, but he pulled off a win and stayed himself. Gotta respect that. He deserves it

  • Awesome

    Work Out… some meaningless song. Hit me up when Lost One hits one million

  • M.T

    @whoadere boi
    Ambition is at around 300k right now so it wont go gold for a while.

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  • Truth (The real one)

    @word…c’mon dude. As I said I’m a Cole advocate but honestly this was completely opposite of Coles style. This was the track designed exclusively for the mainstream/radio. It did exactly what it was supposed to. So to say he was “Being himself” isn’t that accurate in my opinion. He pretty much had to pull a Lupe and make the label happy. None the less it’s a win. Congrats Cole.

  • wickwickwack

    i remember last year everybody was saying roc nation doesnt do shit for his artists
    j. cole is everywhere

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Congrats to the lil homie J. Cole. Its the ROC !

  • Cause I’m a Hater

    Platinum, I’m hatin that. Wasnt talking about anything in that song.

  • Word

    @Truth Yeah true but this is about the ONLY single he’s had that doesnt sound like him. Its the only song on the album thats not really his sound. Its still a cool track for me. Who Dat and Cant Get Enough are HIM. Nobodys Perfect is him too. You cant say Cole doesnt still give his fans what they want. It worked tho so I guess we should expect more lead singles from Cole like this but like I said, I dont hate this song.

  • Cali

    How did this song go platinum? It was garbage,

  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    Congrats its still a Cole World. I don’t see what people hated about the song so much. Yea he dumb down his lyrics on there but when has Cole ever said that all his music had to be complex and over niggas head? Shows Cole not afraid of the mainstream but is still stays true to his fans.

  • Converse


  • RC

    Congrats to J.Cole.

    Im still not wrong about this song suckin, its awful.

    I was wrong about other people not liking it that much tho.

    Again. Congrats Cole.

  • Black Shady

    Shit….I been tellin yall people on RR for yearsssss Cole will have so much success. Many of yall kept tellin me to keep dreaming bla bla (Yall know who you are LOL).

    Now look at him. COLE WORLD

  • Word

    @RC Yes you were lol

  • JDot

    Cole World!!!!!

  • Dope Boy Fresh

    I remember when everyone was hating on this track when it first came out..tables have turned.
    and whoever brought drake and wayne up in this topic…GTFO
    at least this record makes sense! has a grove to it AND more rap than r&b

  • DICKrr

    LOL this is a really PUNCH on yyall who hated on this….. !!!!! WIN WIN WIN

  • squeeze

    this shit is still played every single day on the radio in my city
    it’s crazy how much this song is played

  • A Chick

    I LOVE J Cole but never liked that song.
    Higher>>Work Out

    Never even heard it on the radio.

    I’m happy for him tho!!!

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