New Video: Yelawolf x Kid Rock “Let’s Roll”

From ‘Bama to The Bronx, Yelawolf and Kid Rock take us on a fantastic voyage for their new video. DJ Kool Herc makes one helluva tour guide. Radioactive in stores now.

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  • dakota

    i seen this before it was on great video tho.. go white dawg

  • Daniel

    ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!! All you haters can smoke some Saban sugar.


    Yeah the record sounds good.

    Saguenay quebec

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  • Let roll is fire follow me @DooDoo_Brown1

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  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Nice video. Get’em Yela ! Shady Records muthafucka !

  • joe nasty

    am i the only one who thinks yelawolf is corny?

  • Doo. Doo.

  • Carol

    I like it but the parts looking like the Bubba Sparxxx’s video Ugly tho…

  • FYI


  • Black Shady

    song is good

    but why this nigga gotta be such a hillbilly lololol

    still SHADY RECORDS!

  • NixaLee

    My opinion is that Kid is only trying to get the attention and bring up his “fan base” in the Bx. Whatever works for him.

  • Jay

    Go White Dog!

    Yelawolf the best in a long time!

  • Tical

    why is he wearing snowboarding boots?

  • dmc


  • @KingofTeez (twitter)

    this song grows on u..

  • rodipipes

    Dope song nd sick video! Radioactive is my shit

  • res1

    dope video! from BAMA TO THE BRONX!!!!!!!!!



  • BalladOfTheBlackGold

    Good vid, but it should have been released way earlier.

  • the void

    kid rock is lame. he’ll do anything to be famous. he use to dj and rap then he starting to doing rock music and now he is doing country music. wack!

  • @ the void

    Shit son Kid Rock don’t have to do shit to be famous. Mother fucker has been doing it since the 80’s. His first album was produced by Too $hort. He’s the Early Mornin’ Stoned Pimp of the mother fuckin nation. Reconize bitch! Always noddin off on that hippie crack. Ask Tommy Lee what happens when you go to Detroit and talk shit about Kid Rock. Trick Trick bitch slaps you!

  • southcakc23

    dope video…..classic having Herc as the tour guide while ridin around the Bronx in that boss hog caddy.

    LMAO @ tical……those aren’t snowboarding boots. Those are duck boots

  • Much respect to DJ Kool Herc

  • FTW

    Dope. Yeah, I said it.

    How is Wolf going to have the best video I’ve seen in a while?

    Why do I need a version with just Kid Rock?

    Kid Rock Lame? GTFOH. I swear some niggas on RR have no class.

    Respect Kool Herc.


  • Obama

    Sorry folks. It’s A WRAP for this Yelawolf character. There’s NO WAY to recuperate from a major flop with the full support of Interscope and Eminem. This dude has technical skill, swagger and a great live show. Unfortunately he just doesn’t have the type of appeal that translates to substantial sales or real cultural relevancy. There’s no chance that Interscope will clear a budget to follow this album up. For the record Yelawolf happens to be a total arrogant douche-bag and he left his wife an kids the minute he got his first rap check. Karma is a bitch!

  • FredHampton

    Oh my god I just got it. Lets Roll…Tide.

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