’11 Worst Albums: #3 Lil B I’m Gay

Lil B got the attention he wanted last spring after ceremoniously naming his album, I’m Gay. Unfortunately, his publicity stunt backfired like a double barrel 12 gauge. B’s production palette is noteworthy, but that’s where it stops. From beginning to end, I’m Gay is marred by off kilter ramblings and incoherent verbiage. Simply put: the boy can’t rap. Just goes to show that short-term decisions breed long term ramifications. Straight up.

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  • Tim Lee VA Stand Up

    Wont hate on that pick, geezus

  • there were worse albums than this and Black Friday?
    shittttt. glad I missed those…

  • Snow

    why wasnt take care in top R&b albums?

  • Gambino

    this actually wasn’t a bad album, check the reviews. Although the title was highly controversial

  • cbaggs007

    People who thinks self made vol 1 should be on this list should actually go buy that album its highly underrated

  • BiggaBooBoogieChild

    This is an outrage! I’m Gay wasn’t bad by any means.

  • King of Diamonds Stripper Pole Sanitizor


  • this album was excellent.

  • Snow

    Goblin is #2

  • Yung Silv

    one of my favorite albums of the year and u obviously need to relisten to trapped in prison and there are many other examples that show that he can rap w/ skill when he wants to

  • Man

    @young silv…its now when he wants to..its when they ghost write for him

  • Snow

    BAYTL is number 1 watch

  • Brightj

    Nigga has NO flow

  • Industry Advocate

    I actually heard tis one and I must ask…..HOW DIDN’T THIS MAKE #1??

  • RealHipHopBack

    Foh this shit was aaight

  • Money

    WTF??? RAPRADAR must be the only site on the net calling this a bad album. yeah the album title sucks but the music is great!!!

  • This wasn’t that bad..

  • Money

    #1 BAYTL

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    lil b is 10x a better rapper than lil wayne#Fact

  • dedxsad

    this wasn’t bad by any means. Welcome to the big show Clams Casino

  • clan city

    better rapper than nicki garbaj

  • Man

    Lol…thats how you know your great when a topic is not about you but your name ends up in it.just like when they boo kobe and hes only coming onto the court

  • BC da Boss

    i just lost a little respect for rap radar.. BEST ALBUM OF 2011

  • Word

    The only hot track on this album was Trapped In Prison.

  • jake

    based god forgives you, RR

  • KoldCase

    this wasnt bad

    carter 4 should be 1

  • Wow

    This was actually good

  • Pissed

    Man compared to his “based” albums I’m gay was a pretty solid effort IMO….wasn’t best of 2011 bit is sure wasn’t the worst.

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  • Dub

    This was actually a really good album, its too easy to hate on Lil b, you need to really listen!

  • MegaKnux2

    Wtf this album wasn’t even bad.

  • Oliver kloseoff

    How and why would you name an album “im gay” I thought it was a joke wen I saw it on youtube like they were making fun of him hes sooooooo weak

  • francesca woodward

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  • mja

    come on yn u must have hit the crack pipe b4 this 1. this is rare based music. its not to be judged by its raps its judged on its clear message of positivity and perseverance lil the based god the REALEST ARTIST IN THE GAME.

  • Fuck you Rap Radar. Your lists have been bullshit mainstream garbage and adding I’m Gay to the list of Worst Albums proves why. Did you hear I Hate Myself? That song is a masterpiece and the album is dope.

    Why am I not surprised B. Dot wrote this? He’s too busy gassing up Mac Miller & Justin Timberlake’s Future Sex Love Sounds. It’s obvious you didn’t listen to the album and instead decided to judge it on the title because you can’t accept your fantasies of sucking YN off. Yeah I’m pissed cause you guys don’t know shit about good music. Get it right for a change you fucking bums

  • joe nasty

    i don’t understand why RapRadar posts every new video from lil B no matter what and then names his album one of the worst of the year.

    this album wasn’t that bad.

  • Man

    @joe nasty….what do expect them to post, taylor swift? This is a hiphop blog. Its funny how everyone is actually sayin they like this clown but yet the other day everyone was hatin on soulja boy. To me both sound the same and are both wack. Hiphop is really goin down the drain because of the people who support these guys. Might as well support kreyshawn if your goin to support lil b. You guys say this album was one of the best. Wtt and section 80 were the best and this clowns album doesnt compare to them so how is it the best.


    Lil B – Neva Switch (VIDEO)

  • Once again, I disagree.

  • Kid

    Lil b can’t rap, he calls himself a pretty princess/bitch

    He rambles through his tracks and makes up words to ryhme that don’t even exist.

    He doesn’t evenmake sense on most of his songs.

  • Jimbo the Jiggolo

    Honestly this album was for his die hard fans, it was more him talking to his fan about his view on life and the world then it was him trying to rap and make niggas in paris/otis type tracks

  • CJ

    Smh RapRadar these lists have been horrible.. This is actually a solid album, ya’ll are ignorant ya’ll probably didn’t even listen to it forreal. Every song had some meaning to it unlike Lil Wayne’s garbage ass album, if anything his album should’ve been on this list now I’m Gay.

    This album showed me that there is a serious side to Lil B and that he is actually very talented and smart. Just forget the name “Lil B” and the title “I’m Gay” and just listen to it without any biases.

  • Agreed
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  • DICKrr

    WTF…. DIS is deff some corny shit did yall even listen to the fucking album the production was almost on some legendery shit lil b had good bars here and there …. this album wasnt bad at fucking all… wow…. the writers off rr startin to seem like some joke ass that dont know shit bout music… coming from a guy that dont even like LIL B at all

  • SWAG

    F U this was good…

  • Erik

    Maybe if you listened to music instead of jumping to conclusions based on what other people think, you would not be making such poor decisions on your incredibly mediocre “year end list”

    this shit makes pitchfork look like christgau

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