’11 Worst Albums: #4 Lil Kim Black Friday

Yeah I know this was technically a mixtape but since Kimmy was selling this crap and PayPal ganked me not once but twice, I say it counts. Y’all remember the fuckery this disaster caused early last year but how many have you have ever taken the time to listen to this 76 minute CD in full. Well I have and I still haven’t recovered. I’ll never get that time back! Whether she’s murdering herself on Minaj’s track (“Pissin On Em”), imitating Ace Hood’s cadence (“Hustle Hard”), disrespecting Rih Rih’s “Man Down” (“Cheatin”) or autotuning herself all over Kanye’s “All Of The Lights” (“Lights Camera Action”), Kim consistently sounds bad. Real bad. Michael Jackson. Face it, it’s over boo.

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  • Word

    You ppl at RR disgust me…why isnt this number 1? LMAO. Hands down the worst piece of crap ever. And then her lying about the sales was really really lame. Kim ethered herself with this one and I dont know why she did that to her self.

  • wonder what the top3 gonna be like if this is only #4 lol
    yn has some kind words for lil kim i see ha

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  • doug


  • Fat Matt

    pink friday should be #1

  • Ivy Blue Hov

    Fuck this white trout lipped bitch!!!! She a none maahfucking factor

  • cool

    this is a mixtape not an album. shouldnt be on the list…..

  • Dr. Dre’s Ass

    Lol “Real Bad…Micheal Jackson…Face It….”

    U Guys Are Crazy aha

  • ^^^^^

    I warn you don’t click it will make your ears bleed and give device a virus….Dnt quit your day job son!!!!

  • cbaggs007


  • Who you gonna call???

    As for your career dead, ghost busters!

  • doc rovers

    nobodys gonna click on your shit when you have shitty logos, covers, and the picture you take is from your flipphone camera. worst mistake by upcoming “rappers” i see over and over again

  • wickwickwack

    so u ignore the fact thats it´s a mixtape ,shit on it like a 12 year boxden poster and people are supposed to take u seriously ?

    other than that one song the mixtape wasnt good ,make a grown man review

  • Sarcastic A$$hole

    The irony of this album is that black friday was a diss for Nicki, yet she had a feature on the album! This was a career suicide for kim, not for dissing nickis fake ass but for making herself look wack…

  • francesca woodward

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  • kid2king

    this mixtape went hard!! whoever is doing the worst ratings dont know what they are talking about. nicki minajs pink friday was trash!!! Lil kim even had Lil Boosie on this mixtape plus her verse on hustle hard shits on anybody that had a verse on that song!!! redo your list cuzz you dont know the streets.

  • ranchdress

    yall stupid!!!! Lil kim is a living legend!!! Fuck nicki minaj and the people that make these wack reviews. Kim will always be the QUEEN MOTHER of FEMALE EMCEES! face it, show the bitch sum respect. she spent 15 years of her life in the rap game so show her sum love… danm…every1 is a hater now days.

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