New Music: Red Cafe “Can You Hear Me”

Red Cafe is dropping his new mixtape, Hell’s Kitchen tomorrow and before that here is one more record off the project. Tracklist after the cut.

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  • JustMyOpinion

    “Can You Hear Me”
    Nope……..I can’t. I haven’t even heard an album from you.

  • BK James


  • clan city

    i guess rappers dont drop albums no mo

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  • clan city

    lol nigga straining in the studio trying to sound like jadakiss and styles


    Red Cafe my dude but that nigga need to HANG IT UP! SMH.

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  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Dude been in the rap game for over 10 years and NEVER dropped a album…Thats got be a record.

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    The song was aight until that weak ass hook came in.

  • del

    What happen to that nigga tito he was a beast he was down with cafe back in the days

  • Ghetto Techno

    Now this is music with a substance and meaning.

  • NY4Life

    another mixtape? where’s the feb 14th album?? french & mgk will drop first

  • NY4Life

    fake substance. this is what cafe is really about now

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  • JustMyOpinion

    ^ You made NO sense.

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  • SmokingAlot

    Another mixtape. It’s over. 3 yrs on Bad Boy, no album, and French & MG Kelly got the top 2 slots

  • tllyode

    Red Cafe “Can You Hear Me”

  • francesca woodward

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  • My nigga Fat Trel is featured on the tape. #dcornothing

  • Red Cafe still got it, dont know why people have to hate so often, this track is good and give respect where its due

  • Sarah_Underwood

    I can’t remember anyone recently besides OF using upside-down crosses. Old-ass.

  • Yall hating on Red Cafe, but dude is a hustler.You never hear him complain about money.He’s getting money from somewhere.Major players always fuck w/ him.Red cool w/ me
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  • iHustle

    this song is dope

  • iHustle

    even if he dropped an album, yall actin like you’ll go out to a store and buy that shit…but steady complainin bout mixtapes he drop so that the show money’ll keep rollin in..fckin bloggers i swear

  • SmokeAlot

    Oh I didn’t know it was about show money and never dropping an album. Artists should progress especially if every year they are giving you a debut album release date for 7 years.

  • huh?

    nice odd future art work…..real original

  • CoolRunz

    Yeah odd future artwork. red is known for copying artists. dressing like 50 cent, snowman=arm and hammer man, yeahs like jeezy too, singing like drake, rappin like gucci mane now rick ross. copying wayne (money money money). No ideas original is part of the reason he don’t connect.

  • How do you become a writer in the music buz. I know I could write better than this. We need a artist with something to say.

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